Husband is Great Black Belly Chapter 63


Finally it is the separation for Miao Miao and Kang Yu. The separation not because they stop love each other, But…The separation for the better future It not long but also not short….

Chapter 21 Part 3 (Three) Kang Yu’s dream
“Miao Miao…” he griped my hand, very tightly, and then he put in front his chest.

“En?” I encourage him through my eyesight and looked at him.

He griped my hand even tighter, took deep breathe, slowly said: “Miao Miao, I cannot join the college entrance examination!”

I turned be rigid my whole body, I looked alike white sculpture.

“Miao Miao, I am so sorry, but really I cannot give up on this opportunity, perhaps this opportunity won’t be anymore, so…”

So.. and still so…

When I gained myself, “So what, you have made your decision, still want to ask me, you better give me a reason! It was not easy for Uncle Shen to help you stay in Shanghai for the college entrance examination, why you must give up!” I free my hand, I stay far away from him, he is not Shanghainese, as the regulation he should not follow the college entrance examination in here, he must go back to his original place to have examination, lucky that Uncle Shen has so many connection, he knows many education officers, moreover he is Manchuria which cla.s.sify as minority but his study is outstanding. This is also an opportunity that not easy to get.

But now he gave it up!

I feel get provoking, I started to move in circle inside the house.

I really wanted to find feather duster to teach him alike mother teaching their son.

“Miao Miao, what is my dream?” Kang Yu sat on his bed side, his black eyes looking at me.

I still haven’t found out the feather duster, “Pilot! Your first choice is to enter Civil Aviation University of China!”

“If I have better opportunity to make me become better pilot, should I give up or not?”

“Of course not, this is your dream, but, what is the relation whether you join the college entrance or not!” I can’t stop myself to find feather duster. I really p.i.s.sed off seeing him.

Kang Yu took out two things from his shelf, he handed it over to me, “you take look and you will understand.”

I angry took it from him. I really wanted to know the reason he gave me.

He gave me a piece of poster, it written that the most famous German Airline LTU airlines have holding selection for 18-20 years old Chinese youth in Shanghai from entire China. For any degree, after the selection, go for the semi-finals, and then final. After select 10 people once again they will be interviewed and at last there will only select three most outstanding youth to join. This three young people will be under LTU senior pilot supervision, and also the most well-known senior pilot in the world, Mr. Holst Cherkinski Ryder. He will supervise them by himself for three years in strict training. Huo Er Si (Holst). Qie Er Jin Si (Cherkinski). Li Chai De (Ryder)

After the training period ended, all of them can be the first Chinese who will have internship in LTU airlines, moreover they are also a.s.sist German LTU airlines in Shanghai headquarter for the International flight. Training period is three years, for those who pa.s.s the examination they can become the official pilot for the German LTU airlines.

Holst Cherkinski Ryder? This name sound so familiar.

I take looked at the poster.

Pre-selection time : May 28

Semi-Final : June 16

Final : June 25

Interview date : July 7 – July 9

I dumbfounded for while, it seems that another piece of paper must be the final confirmation letter.

It is written Kang Yu’s name.

So that he is one from the ten people.

He will be interviewed on 7 July.

While 7 – 9 July is the college entrance examination for the ’99.

So that he cannot join the college entrance examination.

I cannot help myself to say harsh word, “TNND, I just not see you for more than one month, you have gone to join what compet.i.tion, you really think about me? You didn’t say anything to me!”

Kang Yu looked so composed, “First time when I wanted to tell you, you asked me not to disturb you, you have shouted at me, you didn’t have time, you let me to do whatever I wanted as long as I not disturb your study!”

I tried to recall the last month phone call…

I am sweating like heavy rain…

Ou Yang Miao Miao, you are idiot!


“Kang Yu, it only the final confirmation letter, it is not the last confirmation, as you see there are ten people who joined and only 3 will be selected, it only have three opportunities, there is no guarantee you will be selected, but if you join the college entrance examination, based on your performance and achievement, you must be able to enter Civil Aviation university of China, I can endure myself to have long distance relationship with you, but why you must choose this compet.i.tion! Wait until you graduated, it still same you will be pilot too!”

“That is right, but in order to enter German LTU airline, this is the only opportunity I have, once I get selected, I can be pilot, and no need to follow so many steps such as study and waiting for graduation, waiting for the airlines recruitment. As long as I got selected, I can focus and concentrate on my training as acceptable pilot. Moreover I really don’t have to worry about learning for professional study will happen, furthermore, my idol is in LTU, if I really get selected he will be my teacher, only by thinking about it I feel so excited!”

Finally I remember that Holst Cherkinski Ryder is Kang Yu’s idol.

“Pei! What idol, he only rotten old man!”

Go h.e.l.l go TMD that one the most well-known pilot! His surname is longer than his name!

“Miao Miao!” this is the first time Kang Yu roared me.

“You b.a.s.t.a.r.d, for you I am not as that rotten… not that most well-known pilot important!” I vented my anger and roared him back, “ If you really succeed it fine, but don’t you think if you failed, you don’t have right to join the college entrance examination, you still need to wait one year, when the time arrive, I have been becoming university student while you are in waiting list partic.i.p.ating the adult college entrance or self-test, although the standard still same with the self-study, but today’s not many people think that way, moreover, it only stated as training pilot, will they give you college certificate?”

“What this to do with the diploma certificate?” he frowned.

“Of course it important, you won’t pa.s.s my mom!”

College diploma is important but also not really important, although you say it not important but still it so important for him. Or else, why I must hear my mom said since I was little girl, “If you cannot graduate from college just wait sweeping the street.” She threatened me.

See, what this mean? To be honest my mom is belongs to the social group that value diploma certificate more important, this really different with the foreigner, they are value more skill or else German LTU airline wasn’t state any about four year diploma education.

Of course, if my mom knows how welfare the sanitation worker in 21 century, to enter so difficult, she definitely won’t say these things.

However this is not the important thing, the important is in the future when he meet parent, my mother must be looked down at him, he has already had one thing that my mom most dislike— he is not Shanghainese.

My mom is middle age woman who is similar with other average Shanghainese women, all of them have three sickness. First, who value city as superior, the second is stubbornness for the diploma graduation, and the third is college entrance examination result. If only have senior high certificate is looked with one eye.

This generation of the Shanghainese way of thinking is hard to change.

I really expected him to join the college entrance examination, and then study in college and then after he graduated he can find one steady job, when the time comes, he could pa.s.s my mom obstacle.

But he really did all the opposites.

When I thought until here, I started to cry.

“You are b.a.s.t.a.r.d, you never thought about me!” I run to hit him, “b.a.s.t.a.r.d… b.a.s.t.a.r.d… b.a.s.t.a.r.d.”

Kang Yu let me to hit him, he also patting my back and go along with my mood. This time I really crying too much, I have asthma.

I am tired from crying, climb to his side and get the handkerchief from his hand and continue sobbing.

“Miao Miao, are you really sure that I cannot success?”

“I know you are so outstanding, but there is something that cannot only depend on outstanding but also luck!” I tried to calm myself, take deep breathe, answered him.

“Who do you think I am?” he said so confidently.

I can’t help myself to belittle him, “you are the most black heart person in the world, you are also an alien.”


Deathly silent.

After some times, Kang Yu slowly said, “ Miao Miao, believe on me, okay, I won’t make you disappointed!”

I keep silent.

“Miao Miao?” he started to use his voice to coax me.

My ear actually is so soft, very unhappy, but still nodded.

He hugs me tightly, suddenly I realized when he had made his decision the thing that I must do is to support him.

I agree but there still problem suddenly I remember.

“Kang Yu, if you are accepted, will you go there for the training?”


I surprised, “Overseas!”

Although I have made preparation for the long distance relationship, but it only for the domestic, not as far as the other side of earth.

“Three years! It only three years, Miao Miao!” he has enchanting voice and also gentle eyes that seducing.

Not only my ears soften but also my heart, I really cannot endure his seduction.


Three years! Fine! Only three years!

I am still hug by him, while he is hugging me alike baby.

I still enjoying but suddenly remember one thing, paused and crying.

Kang Yu shocked, “What are you crying for?”

“Chest, the women in overseas they have big size of chest!” my tear is streaming down alike waterfall.


Finally when think about Kang Yu bitterness, I turned back.