Husband is Great Black Belly Chapter 61


The college entrance exam is coming nearer, all the third year students are going into sprint mode period, all the entertainment events are dismissed for while, and perhaps the time to buy stinky tofu after the school could be used to calculate by estimating and the profit of the Boss by the calculus method. All night along is used to reviewing the homework, skip sleep and meal only to do all the drill books, the book is done one and continue to other.

This one year, for all the third year students are one of the most torturing and also exhausting mental.

I even miserable, in order to be focus for the entrance examination, my mother burned all my Manhwa books which I hide for long time, those were Hai Nan photography press printed, I could not buy it anymore.

My Crest of Royal Family, my Hakushaku Reijo (Bo Jue Qian Jin), my Ranma ½, my dragon ball… all already got burn.

My heart pain, my heart pain all cannot be restored.

Not only all of those, the anime VCD which popular during ’99 which I bought by my money that I hardly save it from starving myself, it was not easy for me to ask my father to buy me one VCD player, I save money to buy the original discs which already subt.i.tled from j.a.panese to Chinese. I have nine episodes animated disc (one episode about 25 minutes) for each disc, one disc priced 35 Yuan.

My Fushi Yugi, I only watched it two times and now it already turned into pieces.

I really cannot bear it anymore, needless to endure, I am going to be crazy!

“I will go to Fu Dan University, shanghai, I want all of you kneeling and begging for forgiveness from me!”

Human ah, one they got shocked, they are able to put down strong words, in this time no matter could be done or no, the important is venting the anger, all are completely talking irresponsibly.

Since I have said it, I am type of person who has high self-pride, although I cannot fulfill it still I will put all my best to do it.

Hence, I tied headband in my forehead with motivational words, at last half month before the entrance examination, I started to study by gambling with my life, I thought, I have studied until this can be said as one of the most serious half month I have ever studied, simply to say that I am in possession mode.

Kang Yu…

During this time, I don’t care who he is!

The most important for me now is won over this thing.

“Sis, it already 2AM, don’t study anymore, you see yourself alike ghost now.”

Very early in the morning, 2 AM. I still writing at tremendous speed doing my English drill book, my face already white, my under eye already has dark circle, my hair mess, it seems that I will death soon.

“Don’t be noisy. I still have three drill books to do!” I took the Brand’s Chicken essence which bought by my mom for me and Yan Yan, drink it until left no more.

TMD, it really tastes awful! I wiped my mouth, I continuing to have my review.

“Sis, if you keep doing this way, I see you perhaps won’t able to stay until the entrance examination, that day!”

I don’t care, I put all my focus to do the English drill book.

Fu Dan! Fu Dan! Fu Dan! Fight!

Kneeling! Kneeling! Kneeling! Good Luck!

Patter sound, too focus, too much using strength, the pencil refill break by me.

Change the new ones, keep continuing!

Yan Yan has gave up, she walked out of the room and help me to close the door.

I still read and doing my drill book, I heard faint voice from the door.

“How? Still not want to sleep?” This is my father’s voice.

“No, simply to say she is crazy!” Yan Yan answered.

Father panic, “You see yourself, you take a look, I have said that being ordinary don’t do such overboard!”

“I… I really don’t know this child can be this stubborn! I just afraid she read too much miscellaneous books (refer to manhwa), it would give bad influence to the entrance examination, I panic so… so…” This is my mother’s voice.

“Your own daughter, you gave birth her, how can you not know her character, you say you as mother, it’s not like you don’t understand her health condition, if she too exhausted, her sickness relapse, I want to know what would you do?” the way of father speaking similar like nagging.

“During that time I didn’t see you have any objection!” this time mother p.i.s.sed off, her voice raised by three octave.

“Alright, don’t be noisy. I see sis quite okay, she only angry because her manhwa burn by Mom, I predicted she will be okay for during this time, let’s stop it, I want to go to sleep!” I heard Yan Yan said.

“Yan Yan, have you studied?” Mother changed the topic.

“Ugh…” I could make guess that Yan Yan face turned be dark.

“If Miao Miao not go to sleep, you also not allow to sleep, mom will help to tutor you!”

“Ah?” Yan Yan shocked.

“Your first choice is Fu Dan University, you must put all your effort! Come, come, we go to your room.”

“Don’t push me, mom!”

Outside the door there is footsteps sound, but not long after that, it becomes deathly silent again, perhaps because Yan Yan, Mom and Dad have left away.

I don’t have time to pity on her, I keep continuing do my drill book.

I play with my life and double my effort!


The last day of fact-finding test*, I feel it quite good, it really not waste all my effort, when the score announced, the math teacher said that there is one student who get full marks.

*fact-finding test similar with simulation test before the real examination.

I thought the person must be Xu Ying, she is the human-study robot.

When I got my report card, my eye is open-wide, the person who got full marks it is me!

I really use my energy to blink my eyes, carefully look it.

150 full mark of the red pen, it filled my eyes.

It really full marks!

After school, Xu Ying and I also those fellow cla.s.smate that played wifey and daughter, role-play with me, they are congratulate me.