Husband is Great Black Belly Chapter 58


In 1997, Kang Yu and I smoothly promoted to third year senior high, everything was evil for me in third year and that was also the most torturing year for me. In order to make me and Yan Yan studied in university, my mother and my father used all the ways. It was not only private tutoring but also home-tutor which made me busy and jumble. The cruelest thing deprived mine and Kang Yu dating time during weekend. When we were in our last semester in third year, even the time for him to pick me up and drop me from school to home had been cut because the outside private tutoring, it caused me often to make phone called midnight for him, only for listened his voice, to solve my bitterness yearning.
Looking at calendar, there still one more week, it would be April 18. It is Kang Yu birthday. Since the first day we are officially dating, every year it always me who celebrate Kang Yu’s birthday, it also not exception for this year. I have racked my brain to think all the ways and make an opportunity for us to spending our time.
Fortunately, I have great helper, my comradeship little sister, good in make planning, we thought to use excused to study at Xu Ying’s house, helping me and Yan Yan to escape from my father and mother eyes.
“Sis, I go to Xu Ying’s house. After you done dating with Kang Yu, remember to find me at there and go home together. Don’t be too happy and forget me. Be careful not to get exposed!” Yan Yan took my bag and book that I used as disguise to pretend to go for tutor-section.
“I know. I won’t forget! It is you, don’t go to play, I really begging Xu Ying and Da Shuang to help you study, you know yours…”
This big Missy has failed for three exams in last semester, she really thought live too long, does not want to live anymore, if not because of her, my mother and my father would not keep their eyes too strict on me.
“I know! You say too much gibberish, from we went out until now you have told me more than ten times.” She waved her hands, she showed expression as if I have early menopause.
“I say this for your goodness, moreover, you also do not want to see mom get shock right?”
I have deep memory about my mother expression when she saw her report card for the last semester examination result. That time mom looked alike traffic light, got shocked and also have difficulty in breathing, since that time, straightly lying in the floor, and now I still afraid.
“Okay! Okay! Why you are nagging endless, now it is ten o’clock, doesn’t you still have appointment with the Boss in prototype store, if you are not going, that airplane prototype will be bought by other people!”
Hurried I see my watch, it already ten fifteen, “All is your fault, talking with you is useless, I don’t want to care anymore, I am in rushed!”
Yan Yan really didn’t care, she rolled her eyes, “It is you who so noisy!”
The public bus no 57 hasn’t reach to the bus stop, I was in rushed to catch, quickly to follow the bus moving, once the bus door opened, I rushed inside. Today is, so there no much people, there is also an empty seat, and I took seat near window.
It says that more we in rushed more the obstacles we face, there are lots of red light along the way, I am so anxious and almost wanted to jump out from the bus and directly used my legs to go there. It shows almost eleven less two minutes, I have rushed until run out my breathe to the prototype store that located in Jing An Temple.
The boss who looked at me as if I have respiratory problem, laughed, “Little Sister, I have helped you to keep it, see you are running with sweat all over your body, come, have a seat, I will take some drink for you!”
I took deep breathe, “I really afraid you not wait for me!”
This type of airplane prototype was spotted by me last year, but because the price was deathly expensive, my red pocket money not enough while the Boss only stocked four items. I have been pledging the Boss deathly to help me save it for two months, give time to save up money.
The boss give me a bottle of mineral water, “That’s right, this type of prototype is limited edition one, this is the last stock, if not because you are the loyal customer, I won’t help you to keep it this long, to let you know that, last time there was someone who wanted to buy it double price from me!”
I panic, “Double price! But I don’t have that much money, it better you sell me off!”
“I just telling you, I do business with creditability and trustworthy, I will take the items, you take look, it there is no problem, I will wrap it for you, it stills same as the first time you saw it!”
I nodded.
The Boss is wrapping the thing while asking me, “Every year you come here during this time, you are buying prototype as birthday present, actually who you intend to give?”
I really not dare to say for boyfriend, I coughed, “Give it to… my brother, cousin brother!”
“Both of you, cousin brother-sister really have good relation, you give him this expensive prototype, you really generous!”
“Generous ah! Why must I not generous, he treats me very good!”
Kang Yu really good to me!
The Boss smiled at me, he takes out that 40cm prototype airplane from the display case into the box, very careful, “See, it really keep very good. It still has oil, I guarantee you, your brother cousin must be very happy!”