Husband is Great Black Belly Chapter 57


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Ou Yang Miao Miao, once again it would be better for you to admit defeat, he really not your match. Forever…forever… forever… you are not!
Again, overwhelming until tear-ing…
After this month, Christmas is coming.
On the Christmas eve Uncle Shen gave Kang Yu two tickets to watch magic show, one of the tickets is mine.
Seeing the poster, it written, the magician is coming from j.a.pan, as rumor said he is one of the best Magician performer from j.a.pan, during this time, David Copperfield is one of the foreign stars, the performance is fresh and as additional the effect of advertising makes the tickets sold well, it also expensive.
Uncle Shen got these tickets from partic.i.p.ating the Linguistic events, his j.a.panese friend gave him, he didn’t interest with it so gave it to Kang Yu, while me, thought it as get the benefit from him.
The show would take place in Hong Kou Stadium, in order to join 7 PM show, Kang Yu and I have ate dinner at 4PM, we went earlier because we must took three times bus, we must go out earlier, afraid missed the show.
At the beginning Kang Yu unwillingly, he hates j.a.panese, but because I begging him, finally he and I standing in front of Hong Kou Stadium.
Shanghai’s people like crowded, foreigner performances, no matter famous or not, everyone like to make groups and crowd place, as long as eyes sees there are human packed, vast crowd, we need to line at least 30 minutes before we can get in.
Looking place to sit, this j.a.panese fellow turned be someone who generous to give us one of the best seat place. The tickets cost 380 Yuan.
Kang Yu and I sit down, slowly to wait until the show start, seeing right and left, the time of show is getting nearer, but the magician hasn’t showed up.
Not long after, the MC appeared to explain. It seems that something coming up so the Show will be late, the show itself paused for half hour.
When heard it, Kang Yu’s face looked so black as if people borrowed thousand and million Yuan from him.
I tried to appease, said, “Peaceful world! Peaceful world!”
Kang Yu humph, he said, “If not peaceful, they dare coming to China to earn money?”
“Alright, I know you love China the most, but art is boundless, I really want to spend Christmas with you, don’t show this kind of expression, come, smile!” I like prost.i.tute that seducing him by touching his chin.
“Is it not good staying at home?” he grabbed my hand, bite it.
I feel little bit pain, answered him, “The tickets are so expensive, and it would be waste if we are not coming!”
“Who said it will waste, I can sell it!”
Big brother, these tickets are given by others, you even dare to think it sell and earn money.
So black, too black!
I am so speechless, turned—– crying.
The MC said it will take half hour, and ended longer half hour, even if like this, the single ticket is already sold out, people are already get inside, complained.
Not to mention about the performance attraction, there is time I really admire with the j.a.panese’s brain, there are lots of the j.a.panese performer with countless shows, but also they never left their uniqueness, moreover they do new and odd, I watched until my palm hurt because kept on clapping, stunned with the performance and also think it worth seeing, but… I feel hungry.
Kang Yu and I have ate our dinner at 4 PM, besides we were hurried coming here, the food were already digested, moreover the performance had delayed for half hour, now super hungry.
I glanced at Kang Yu, I realized he touching his stomach, this is signed that he is hungry, normally he eats two bowls of rice, but today because we are rushing, he only ate one bowl and already dragged by me to come here. It is strange if he is not hungry.
When arrived at the Stadium, we wanted to buy some snacks but because we saw there were so many people line up, we gave up and now really regretful.
The performance duration is about 3 hours, now it has started half, glanced at Kang Yu, his face really terrible ugly. I really understand him very well. He is someone who cannot endure hunger, my prediction he has already super hungry.
But now where to buy snacks? The door has closed when the show started.
I greeted my teeth, endure, enduring until finish.
The performance almost reach the end, in order to show their apologized, this j.a.panese magician wanted to perform two special performances, one of the performance is the recently he created, there is still no one ever showed it before, all of us can be counted as the first audience who watch this two special performances, once he said, all the audience have high expectation, the clapping sound is so loud.
After the first performance ended, I hooked with the performance, I really feel so curious, at moment I forget about my hunger.
He started the second performance by continuing the first one, he asked one of the audience to partic.i.p.ate and stand up in stage, there are many people applause included me, I give applause while glancing at Kang Yu and helped him to applause, I just expected to have more supporter, my purpose is clear.
The magician is walking in circle, when he came near at my place he excited to lift his hand higher.
I thought he glanced at me but who knows that he directly invited Kang Yu.
He didn’t choose me perhaps I not suitable to be seen by the audience.
Kang Yu acted as if he didn’t know, he ignored the magician.
I pushed him, “Get in stage la, it not easy to have this chance, go la, and don’t make Chinese shame! They perhaps thought you do not have gut!”
Perhaps Kang Yu feel same way, regarding this moment, cannot make the ancestors ashamed, stood up, confidently and at ease go to the stage.
The audience are so excited keep on giving applause, I feel little bit worry inside my heart.
I saw the magician a.s.sistant communicate with the magician and also Kang Yu, does not know what they are talking, Kang Yu nodded his head.
I relieved, I afraid he will mess up people’s show.
The magician performance is asking Kang Yu to stay still, not moved, the magician gives tall head to Kang Yu, asking him to wear it, and then he asked him to stand anywhere in the stage.
The magician will make distant about five meters from him, free four pigeons, gave the hat to him, because the pigeons are living creature, so that pigeons would fly out from the hat.
Although there is no significant changes, asking the person to wear the hat, stay long distant, but this living creature really flying out from the hat, really interesting.
Kang Yu was the one being choose, the a.s.sistant gave him the hat, asking him to check for few times, he had checked it, inside and outside, if they allowed him to use scissor to cut, perhaps he would cut it, seeing whether there is something fishy or no.
But the magician won’t let him to find out the secret, Kang Yu can’t find it. His expression not good when wearing the hat, and then he stood at one random spot of the stage, the light suddenly dim, the magician wand is moving in stage, looked so gorgeous and also chic, all people stared at that wand.
The music suddenly played in climax, the light focus on Kang Yu.
Deng! Deng! Deng!
The hat that wore by Kang Yu suddenly moving, non-stop, after the hat took off, four live pigeons flying out, flying in circle in the stage and stopped at magician’s shoulder.
Stunned! Once again the applaud echoing.
I also followed to clapping my hands.
So mysterious, how could they do it? I stunned for moment, I must ask Kang Yu later.
The performance is ended, the MC has made the closing, when Kang Yu wanted to leave He is stopped by the MC.
“This audience, may I ask you what do you feel about just now performance? If there is something you would like to say, please share it to other audience.”
What feeling!
He has showed such ugly expression until now, he not even showed he pleasant with the show and now asking him.
I was sweating lots in audience seat, he is someone who anti-j.a.panese, he might proclaimed his patriotism toward Chinese.
Kang Yu furrowed, “I feel something!”
The MC is happy, “Let share it!” he handed over Kang Yu microphone.
Kang Yu took the microphone; he turned and looked at the Magician with smiled, “If you can make trick with living pigeons, can you make it becomes roasted pigeons to let me see!”
The MC stiffened, the audience also stiffened, the magician does not understand Chinese so he smiled…
I bitterly turned over…
Even when he is hungry he not even forgets to prank other.
He has been black to some kind of unreachable level boundary.