Husband is Great Black Belly Chapter 55


“Kang Yu, how can you know to speak j.a.panese?” I am heavy fan of j.a.panese Manhwa and also anime, moreover, the Dong Bei (Northeast) people are hate j.a.panese, but I still understand little bit for simple sentences.
Kang Yu said, I am sorry, Mr.policeman, what are you saying?
“I only know little bit, recently Uncle Shen is studying j.a.panese, he said that he wanted to partic.i.p.ate in Linguistic Activity, everyday he is practicing with me, I hear few times and get used and then learn it little bit.
Okay, I understood now.
“So why did you talk in j.a.panese?” this is the most important.
Kang Yu frowned, he talked as if it is normal, “All of the accusation must be carried by the j.a.panese!”
I am sweating…
Kang Yu not only grow higher but also grow facial hair*, perhaps it was his time to grow facial hair, but it just recently growing facial hair, but little bit too thick and little bit harsh. So it makes him felt little bit uncomfortable. His skin actually quite smooth, when he grows the facial hair, he felt itchy and like to scratch it. At last he really looked like Monkey.
*facial hair = mustache + beard
Helplessly, he wanted to shave it.
Uncle Shen persuaded him, “Don’t shave it, let it grows, this time still cannot shave it, if you shave it will be more harsh and rough, you won’t want to become bear right, make your girl runaway.”
I was at beside — smiling.
Kang Yu glared at me, he also complained to Uncle Shen, “But it unbearable.”
“What you cannot endure it, we are man, grow facial hair it natural thing, just endure it. Just don’t say that I didn’t remind you when your girl running away, you won’t able to catch her back later!” Uncle Shen took the razor from Kang Yu’s hand, suddenly he glanced at me and then he looked at Kang Yu and frowned, “Besides, you see your girl, white and delicate, if the beard become harsh don’t you afraid to her.”
What…what did he mean?
What is the relation between his facial hairs grow rough with me?
Kang Yu rubbing his facial hair in his chin, his eyes looking at me, he looks like to have deep thought for while and then sighed and said: “Alright, I endure it.”
“This is right thing!” Uncle Shen is patting Kang Yu’s shoulder.
Suddenly I realized their conversation sound alike amidst the cloud and mist (puzzled).
“I will give you some of Hamamelis (Chinese witch hazel flower) water, apply it perhaps will be better little bit after while.” Said Uncle Shen who as the experience person.
“Oh!” Kang Yu replied him.
Uncle Shen kept the razor, prepare to going out, “I go out to dance, both of you play!” after he stood in front of the door, he turned around glancing at me and looked at Kang Yu direction, as if it like warning he exclaimed, “Don’t play fire!”
Why have I always sensed Uncle Shen talked has hidden meaning?
“Fine, Aunty Zhang is already waiting for you, you are the one who mustn’t play fire!”
Uncle Shen is nagging, “You smelly boy!”
After said, he left.
After he left, I could not help myself to ask, “What riddle are both of you saying? It looks so mysterious!”
Kang Yu caresses his facial hair under his chin, perhaps he felt uncomfortable, after I see it, I also can’t help myself, touch it, I never thought that it quite nice touching by hand, although it little bit rough but it feels as if touching little tooth brush, I really like to touch it.
Kang Yu hand stopped, he let me to continue caressing his chin, seems that he enjoyed it so much alike cat, “Want to know?”
I nodded my head. In my mind I thought this facial hair is much comfortable and nicer compare to Cai Xi’s fur.
I keeps on caressing it, keeps on touching it…
His eyes flashed brightly, “That… you lean closer, I secretly tell you!”
“What? Still need to secretly say!” I didn’t suspect him my face was leaning closer to him.
“Get closer little bit! The distant is too short!” I could feel his facial hair but not notice his shining and bright eyes.
So I tiptoe my feet, make myself taller little bit and looked excited alike hearing gossip, “Said la, quickly say!”
When my face is facing up, when I am not notice, Kang Yu has already pressed my back, very fast he has already kissed me.
When I realized it, his lips have already touched my lips, immediately I felt myself as if hot-burning boiling water.
After he kissed, Kang Yu has already wiped his mouth by licking his lips, “Uh… alright, I have told you!”
I open wide my eyes and glared at him, my mind felt empty.
“How? Did I you?” he used his finger to point at my lips skin area.
Suddenly my mind appeared numerous digital numbers, even numerous fonts.
“Did you hurt, didn’t it?” Kang Yu saw me stayed quiet, he looked frustrated touching his own facial hair.
Finally I gained myself, trembling and stammered, “You… You kissed…me… this… this is my first kiss!”
And then… and then it was me who sent it to him.
His eyes rolling around, “I know!”
“You knew but still kissed!” I p.i.s.sed off.
“Why? If it wasn’t me, who you expect to kiss?” he looked at me as if I am dummies.
I am speechless.
That is right, I also didn’t know for whom I kept for.
Thinking for while, it was wrong, no one kissing like that, no matter what, it was still my first kiss.
My first kiss ah!
Too not romantic, that… that…
I was surprised, I didn’t even know what it feel?
My face blushed, my heart pounding and also not satisfied.
“You kissing technique too bad!” finally I got the reason to retort.
I thought Kang Yu might go crazy after heard it, but who knows he smiles happily.
“Actually it feels good! Would…” His eyes flashing, he enticed me, “Let’s try it again!”
My face burn hot but my heart really willingly.
We have dating almost three years, if in Manhwa, the male and female leads have kissed within three days, so that we are considered slow.
So… so… kiss? Or not kiss?
Girls must have aloof character.
I glanced at Kang Yu to see his expression, why he looked that excited?
“Miao Miao, I have prepared, this time I will be careful and not scratch on you!”
It is not the matter of facial hair, okay!
The important is…Kang Yu, Kissed me, you are playing shady.
Too TM too black!
This thing, I really hard to swallow, “why you are not even asked me the problem, just kissed me, this thing, you must ask me before!”
“Understood!” he nodded, reckon for while, and then he said: “Okay, Miao Miao, I want to kiss you!”
I really never thought that he suddenly said this. I really dumbfounded being dragged by him and also made him succeed once again.
“You…” I got kissed once again by him, I p.i.s.sed off and my hand shaking, I haven’t said whether I willing or not, he has already kissed me.
He looked innocently say to me, “It was you who told me to ask, after that kissed!”
He really is not shameless by twisting my words.
“Alright, don’t be angry anymore, the kiss has happened! At worst you kissed me one more time as makeup!” he really kissed me as if eating and testing me, seeing me dumbfounded, he kissed me once again.
“This time must be satisfied! If satisfied it is good. Come and sit obediently, I will get soda for you!” he patted my head, as if he just tasted honey, he humming happily and walking enthusiastically toward kitchen.
I am so speechless asking to heaven!
Again, this time really proofing I am not his match.
I am suffering crushing defeat!
My first kiss, only by this… it gone!