Husband is Great Black Belly Chapter 43


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Seeing me keep quiet, not expected that Uncle Shen even has super rich imagination, full with many romantic things, he said to me, “Little Girl, our Kang Yu has already have someone he likes, although today generation is quite opened, but trying to s.n.a.t.c.h people’s boyfriend is still immoral, still better don’t do it. Uncle is an experienced person, seeing you looks…” he looked at me, he even spent more than one minute to find word to describe me, finally he found one, “See you grow up… as shiny rounded bead, our Little Yu is so thin, it not suitable for you, I have friend who has son, you quite compatible for him, I can introduce both of you to….”

I sweating, I know that friend’s son, I have seen him, he even ¾ times fatter than me.

Awkwardly I stood in front of the door, cannot enter and also cannot back, I only patiently listened Uncle Shen lecturing me a like rice cooker, kukuchacha, unstoppable.

Cannot bear anymore, I wanted to tell him loudly that I am Ou Yang Miao Miao, Kang Yu with bleary-eyes and still wearing his vest and short pant, walking down from upstairs. It still middle June but he not even afraid for cold.

But still he looked so handsome even with his short pant.

When he saw me, suddenly his eyes flashed, “ Miao Miao, why are you coming this early?”

In my heart, early your fart, didn’t you see I get blocked, hurried help me.

When Uncle Shen heard Kang Yu called my name, his mouth wide open, as if he got stroke, t.i.tled his head looked at Kang Yu, “Little Yu, you called… her what?”

Kang Yu does act nothing is mattered, told him naturally, “Miao Miao ah, my maiden!”

After that Uncle Shen looked as if got terrible stroke sickness, half of his body shaking.

Finally Kang Yu understood, “Oh, I forgot to tell you, Miao Miao she…” he glanced at me, perhaps he wanted to tell him that all because the hormone shot effect, but I pretending not to hear that words, once I heard it I ventilate (get in left ear out from right ear), can’t help, the words able to effect my heart, so that he tried to explain in other way: “Miao Miao this time is having her second growth so changes her hairstyle is normal.”

Second stage of growth! I haven’t done with my first stage growth how come this is the second stage!

Uncle Shen is dumbstruck.

Kang Yu looked him get ready to go out, “Didn’t say want to buy soy milk, hurried go or else it would be sold out, hurried, hurried!”

Uncle Shen finally gained himself, “Oh yeah, Soy milk…” but he still curious about me, still looked on my way, “Little Yu, it not right ah, Growing up is not that fast, last month I still saw Miao Miao as skinny as stick, but today…”

“She is not your maiden, you don’t be so busy doing, go, buying the soy milk…” Kang Yu pushed him to go outside.

“It is not, I just want to know…” Uncle Shen still turned his back.

Kang Yu does not give him a chance to ask any question, when he back he has locked the door, so he cannot see anything.

Uncle Shen felt little bit complicated to buy soy milk.

Kang Yu said to me, “I go to brush my teeth and wash my face, you wait for me.”

I nodded, obediently sitting in the living room waiting for him.

Not long after that, he looked refreshing, walking to down stairs, “Do you want to have breakfast?”

“I have ate already.” I put my bag on his the desk, take out my English drill book.

“Very good, very obediently.” He closer to me, “I will take out the drill that I have done, I thought some of the questions might appear at examination.”

“Oh yeah? Hurry up!” My English is too bad while his has good guessing for questions.

He took out some papers, pointed at the question with red mark, “This is some of them, you take a look, have preparation.”

I am so serious to see, “Grammar, I hate tenses so much.” The tenses in English simply are abnormal.

“Multiple choices and fill in the blank, the probability it comes out is bigger, you must learn it, although the point not many but one point still worth.”

I took the notes, I even used five colored pen to mark it, suddenly thought about Uncle Shen, “You later don’t speak that way to Uncle Shen, I saw he quite shocked.”

“HaHa, I rather him get shock than you!”

The truth!

Now my att.i.tude towards hormones, fat, and also my sickness, everything can harm me deeply, after I heard what he said, I feel lot better.

“Well…that, Uncle Shen is not outsider.” He is his savior, he even staying at his house.

“It is fine, he will be understood. But you, do you feel uncomfortable with your body? There still one week before the examination, you don’t exhaust yourself, take care.”

“You rest a.s.sured, my mom quite strict about this, I only review until 11 pm, moreover if I pa.s.s one of two minutes, my light still turned on, my mom would shoo me to go to bed.”

Yesterday I slept early, so that my mom did not have chance.

“The day during examination, will your mom and dad come?” suddenly his eyes gleaming with expectation.

I thought over and over, “I don’t want them to send me off, both of them must be stood on the examination entrance, waiting for me, on that way I would be more nervous.”

“That’s great! I will send you and also wait for you!” His pair of eyes looked excited.

“I don’t want! I must be so nervous!” if he really waiting for me outside, I might get distracted during exam.

“What are you nervous for, I will be your supporters, not eating you! After you done with the exam, I will sent you back to your home, also buy you desserts, strolling.” Why I feel that the most important part that he said was after the examination finished.

Could it be counted as dating, or something like using all the opportunity, it is kind of method.

After I thought for while if Dad and Mom are really sending me off, we must be directly go home after the examination done, during that time I won’t have any chances to meet him, it would be three days after then I able to meet him.

Well, it makes senses after I thought it.

I compromised.

“Okay! But we cannot go home too late!” or else I can’t explain.

“Do you think that I might be so thoughtless?” He glanced at me, but he looked extremely happy from the way he speaking.

Man, should be progressed.

Later on, we are studying seriously, Uncle Shen took few times to peek on me, but he directly chases away by Kang Yu to downstairs every time he spotted by him, when time showed three o’clock in the afternoon, Kang Yu said that time to have break1], he brought me to stroll in Garden.