Husband is Great Black Belly Chapter 34


“Today is the time to have new blackboard, chalks and pictures but all of the stuffs haven’t come, teacher asked Kang Yu to purchase all the school stationery to the nearby store .

“Oh!” I understood, today is the day of changing new blackboard.

“where is Xiao Fan? Li Liu Jun?” both of them are the people that responsible for the new blackboard.

“They said they hungry so they went to buy food, waiting for Kang Yu to come back and then they would do it together.” Xu Ying cleaned the blackboard.

Some of us, included Xiao Shuang and Da Shuang, every time we change the new blackboard we will stay, buy some food or drink, chit chat and helping Xiao Fan and Li Liu Jun to draw the map or doing the coloring.

Now Kang Yu also apart of student council committee, naturally he also stays.

Go to the stationery shop…

Pair of my eyes are fiercely glaring, turn my back and running out.

In this moment, I really don’t know what is called as “Shameless” this words, I just wanted to find him and collect the debt.

Rotten b.a.s.t.a.r.d!

One side he seems to wooing me, but another side he is flirting with another girl, you are skirt-chaser (womanizer).

I extremely angry, rushing to the street, still has not reached the stationery shop, I have spotted Kang Yu’s hands are holding with many things.

He sees me, but again acting as if he does not see me, I extremely angry—exploded, but I could not scold or cursed him, waiting until he pa.s.sed me, I am foolishly followed at his back.

Perhaps the stuffs are heavy so that he walking so slowly, naturally I also walk slowly.

Sunsets, I feel that his back really beautiful, the light orange color of the ray illuminating dye out his body, brilliant light and vibrant colors. When pa.s.sing the street, he stopped for while, looking at the cars, originally he has outstanding features alike painting that colored with gold, he looked alike knight in comics, he looked very handsome.

Looking at him, suddenly my face turned red, my heart is thumping faster.

Suddenly, he turned his back looked at me.

That pair of his shinning eyes as if dyed black-color mixed with the golden color diamond, there flames that penetrated, it makes my heart thumping even faster.

“Don’t touch MY man, wasn’t it?”

Brushed, my face is red until my ears.

How could he know it!

“You have guts to say it, but you don’t have gut to admit it!”

I feel as if my head began to smoke, and my fingers inconstantly moving.

“Didn’t you ever think about, what was this mean?”

What did it mean?

I dumbfounded, my head burning hot, my emotion suddenly stirring up, but when I start to have deep thought about what this mean.

Why every time I see Gao Ting Ting together with him, suddenly become angry, really really super angry, and also I even dare to do such scary act such as threatening others, still…before, when Yan Yan and he were talking…

Abruptly, jealous this words pop out from my head, pushing down all the moods.


I am jealous!!!

I…. jealous with Gao Ting Ting, also jealous with Yan Yan.

After all I really am jealous.

So that yesterday I did such thing like pushing down Yan Yan, today threatening Gao Ting Ting.

I am… why am I jealous…I…

I lift my head up looking at Kang Yu, just does not know since when he has been so close in front of me.

His voice is nice alike the velvet—wrapping all my moods, it also alike coaxing myself.

“Do you like me?”

An instantly being asked, I have already had the answer.


I… like him.

Suddenly my heart filled with burning hot, sour, inside the eyes flashed to understand the implicit meaning.

Kang Yu understood, he exposed thousand more beautiful smile compare to the sunsets, “It seems that you have understood!”

My face turned red and nodding, still nodding, unstopped nodding.

He stood beside me, suddenly said, “This little bit heavy…”


I see both of his hand holding heavy things.

“I… let me help you!”

I glanced at him, he rolled his eyes, “So heavy.”

“Understand! Give me one!” how can there be so many nonsense.

I thought he would share half the burden for me, but who’s know that he changes the burden from one hand to another hands, while the empty hand is holding my hand.

I dumbfounded.

“Give you, take it!” he swinging the empty hand to me.

I looked at that big hand, slender long fingers, as if the jade, my face has turned to be so red, does not know whether the effect of the sunset or the burning hot in my face which able to fry poached egg.

Slowly I stretched out my hand, holding his hand.

Lower my head, I could feel the warm hands of him that tightly holding mine.

“Listen, you are allowing to like me. But, must like me until we white-haired (Love me forever until death do separate us), you don’t have any option!”

I lift my head up, he is looking at me, his eyes are looked so serious, as if the seriousness about this is the only things that he wanted in his life.

I feel little bit shy, hm make a sound, answered him.


“Let’s go!”


Today, officially we are boy and girl friend, we are dating officially!