Husband is Great Black Belly Chapter 30


I was wrong while they were right.

What this meant, I was forcing to admit!

After we debated, everyone face was red.

What were these people did.

It was good they were there, so I stopped crying, and also forgot my ache.

But still I would not admit I was jealous even beaten to death.

Why should I jealous?

I… I… not…like…Kang Yu!

After we done with debating for the entire afternoon, the bell ringing as sign the break time ended.

Liu Li Jun angered put down her feet, walking back to her seat, she turned her head and said, “You see and wait.”

I was sweating cold bead, did it so fun to force other to admit being jealous?

When the bell rang, Kang Yu came back, as if he flied to his seat.

I was looked alike wife who has waited her husband came back to home for the entire night, with deep resentment I asked. “Where were you going?”

Kang Yu blinked his eyes, “didn’t go anywhere.”

I humphed him, “If you dare you do, if not dare you admit.”

“What?” Kang Yu sat in his seat, his face pa.s.sed mine asked me.

“Go die! Go die!” I looked at his face angrily.

Kang Yu was face darkens, perhaps he thought to act aggressively but teacher has came in, he endured.

After that on the next subjects, he and I were in cold war, none of us spoke, we even made border line, PK each other.

It was not easy to go through until the school ended, I carried my back, swayed it but not purposely swayed to his head.

I was not intended, but I didn’t make any explanation, glared him, and then I walked away.

After I walked out from cla.s.s, I saw Yan Yan flee as if she were b.u.t.terfly, I thought she was looking for me, but who knew that once she opened her mouth was, “Kang Yu, I want to eat stinky tofu!”

My face darkens.

What this mean?

Kang Yu was at my back, hurried said, “Okay!”

My face even darken than before.

What? Very soon they acted open and aboveboard, without any fear of consequences.

I just wanted to vent my anger, but Yan Yan has pulled Kang Yu to the small store that selling stinky tofu in front of school.

Kang Yu was really being dragged by her.

Suddenly I felt as if they didn’t care about me! I extremely angry followed them!

As predicted Yan Yan really could eat, after bought stinky tofu, the lamb kebab, also bought many fermented sweet, the plums, apricot, moreover all was paid by Kang Yu

Since when both of them became that close!

Well, I was boiled when I saw Yan Yan pointed many kinds of sweet syrup which paid by Kang Yu, I pulled her away, stood in front of Kang Yu, “I also want to eat!”

Kang Yu stared blankly for while, and then with stern face, “You are not allowed to eat!”

I protested, yelled, “Why? You treated both of us differently!”

He shouted at me, “you are already so skinny, still eat junk food, you better obedient, go home to have meal!”

“I don’t want to be control by you!” I yelled him back.

He was angry to the max, glared me fiercely.

I didn’t show any weakness, I glared him back even fiercer.

There were lot of students who buying things, they saw both of us glaring each other, surrounded us to see the crowded.

Yan Yan stood at beside, she felt little bit awkward, dragged me, “Sis, you stop glaring, go home.”

“I don’t want to go home!” I told her, I continued to glare Kang Yu, but kept on dragging by Yan Yan to the quiet place.

Kang Yu naturally came to follow us.

I have lost my rationality, today I wanted to make everything clear, my head was in heat, I pulled his tie, yelled, “You say, do you like or dislike me?”

Kang Yu dumfounded, and then he stopped glaring at me, I could see the flame in his bright eyes, it flashed looked at me, but he said nothing.

I was so nervous, “You rotten b.a.s.t.a.r.d, you are falling for someone else!”

“Falling for someone else?” The brilliant shine of Kang Yu’s eyes suddenly dim, he glared at me again, coldly said, “Whom?”

I shouted louder, “My younger sister!”

Yan Yan dumbfounded the junk food in her hand fell down to the ground.

I was so death brain (coward), since I have already said, I could only make unreasonable scene to conceal my embarra.s.sment, squatted on the ground crying and said, “both of you were bullied me! bought things for my younger sister but not bought for me, what this mean if this not called as bullied!”

“Sis, you don’t be like this, you are misunderstood!” Yan Yan also squatted.

“I have eyes, I can see!” I yelled at her, and then I looked at Kang Yu, but he said nothing.

It much better if he didn’t see, but once he took a look it shocked, Kang Yu stood there alike demon king.

He deathly glared at me, as if he would be exploding, finally he shouted at me.

“Foolish, didn’t you see that I was bribing the future sister in law?”


I squatted on the ground dumbfounded.

Suddenly my brain in process, this mean….

Little sister in law?

What did he mean with sister in law, was it, the wife elder or younger sister.

Yan Yan is my younger sister!

That mean…I… not…

My face dried, while my brain suddenly flashing back all the scenes.

It seems I have asked him, did he like me or dislike me.

I asked?

It was me who asked?


Suddenly my brain recalled everything.

I stood, my face red, looked at him and then I run as fast as… I just flee to go home…

Ashamed… shameless not dare to see other!