Husband is Great Black Belly Chapter 22


Bought the 5cents ticket, everyone happily went inside the Theme Park, during winter the garden wasn’t really has nice view, the yellowish lawn which mowed similar like paddy field, if not because crowded by people, this place really desolated, but fortunately there are still trees on the edge of the artificial lake and also flower bud, giving little bit colorful, without winds, the blue-green lake water reflecting the colorful dress silhouette of the crowded that pa.s.sing by and also adding this color for that place.

When everyone is considering where to play, I looked for bench and sat down, grieved myself because has wronged and befriend with.

“How about we go to the skating?” Xiao Fan gave her first idea.

“I want to play Boom Boom car.” Liu Li Jun said by pointing the red color ceiling.

“We want to see panda.” Da Shuang and Xiao Shuang said in unison.

Instead of giving her opinion, Xu Ying small beautiful face showed irritated expression because of “chirping” voice of the men that surrounded her.

It seems that, we (Miao Miao and Xu Ying) were the only victim, caused by this activity.

Everyone has their own ideas, at the moment whose idea should be listened to, in the cla.s.s Kang Yu is someone highly respected, therefore when Xiao Fan spotted him say nothing, she asked, “Kang Yu, how about you?”

Kang Yu who is leaning at tree trunk, indolent as if not really awake, being asked, he opened his eyes, everyone is trusting on him, expecting good idea from him.

Suddenly he glanced at me, his eye seems flashed bright. I have got a feel inexplicable gooseb.u.mps.

He slowly opened his mouth, “Just separate playing, everyone can play whatever they want to play, after two hours, everyone just…” he pointed at road sign, “We will gather at Food court.”

Playing in separate? I feel excited, at the moment I have forgot about that uncomfortable feeling; suddenly I feel this also one of good idea.

Xiao Fan said: “Not too good, everyone is coming together, but still playing separately….”

Xiao Shuang and Da Shuang also thought not really good, “En, how about we play rock-paper-scissors, whoever win, then we follow the winner.”

The others starting to chime, I feel…. No, stubborn, hastily I jumped from chair.

“Well, what is no good about it, I think just do as he said, we going out because we want to have fun, I am the cla.s.s leader, all of you should listen to me.”

Everyone realized what I said quite logical, everyone is nodding as sign they are agreed.

Inside my heart, secretly I delighted, extremely happy, my purpose is to make distant with Kang Yu, I made my excited fist said: “I want to go to house pet, who want to follow me.”

Inside the house pet there are many doggies, one of my most favorite place, the place that Kang Yu won’t go, he has said before that his purpose coming here for ice skating.

After I said, no one was responding on me.

Xiao Fan said, “I still better go to ice skating.” After she said, she pulled Huang Yan Yong went with her.

While Xiao Shuang and Da Shuang were dragging their own partner heading to see panda, “Well, we are going to the panda house.”

Liu Li Jun and Yu Wei who excited, heading to the Boom Boom car arena, waving at me, “Then, we met after two hours.”

Xu Ying glanced at me with guilty, I understood, she scared dog, naturally she would not follow me, being surrounded by four men, she heading to circus section.

Suddenly I felt chilly and cold wind swept all over my body… my heart thumping, chilling because Kang Yu hasn’t left, didn’t this brat say that he wanted to play ice skating, I turned to see him.

Kang Yu laughed, said: “Let’s go, let’s go to pet house.”

At the moment I felt…


Shanghai Xi Jiao park is established in 1989. It was a place that sale dogs and cats but not anything alike rare species. During that time, Shanghai did not have any pet shop, so that place could say the only place that sell animal. Those dogs can easily allowed to touch, to hug and played for people who is coming so that it similar alike mini zoo or pet house. Not alike today’s pet shop, if we don’t buy then we cannot touch the pet.


So the story goes…

Finally I went to the pet house with Kang Yu, once I arrived at the pet house, I saw many puppies and doggies. I gained my strength and soul back, very excited seeing those doggies, I came closer to them. When I stepped inside the pet house, carelessly I stepped on the Dog p.o.o.p because I fend off the cold air, the air circulation was not good so that I felt little bit stinky. Some people said that dog always shared strange smell, I admitted this point but for those people who like dogs, the natural smell of dog, no matter how stink it is, the dog lover never bothered about it.