Husband is Great Black Belly Chapter 16


The next ten days is the last week of November which also my cla.s.s patrols week, that why the cla.s.s leader of the “in charge cla.s.s” should come earlier, wearing the red sleeve badge, standing in front of the school gate, welcoming all the Juniors and Seniors student. Apart from this duty, we also volunteer to be janitor of the school, doing free labor as compulsory for school service, at the same time, trying to intimidate others who we dislike. But the most advantage of this activity is no need to join the cla.s.s.

As the rule, I wear the sleeve badge. When I was kid, I thought this kind of things was really miraculous, but when I grow up, I just realized this badge is similar with neighborhood committee used to wear. My beautiful memories suddenly changed into black and white.

Waiting until the clock showed seven forty five, it is time to close school gate. My cla.s.s is divided into several small groups so that we are able to start cleaning the school. I do the attendance check list and realized my enemy isn’t there.

“Where is Kang Yu?” I asked.

One male student with mischievous smile, answered, “In reply to Fu Jin, w.a.n.g Ye is in sports ground.”

After he done, all the students are laughing, they looked at me with adore glance.

In sudden, strangely everyone thought Kang Yu and I have become a pair. While on the teacher’s side, the cla.s.smates have very tight mouth, so the gossip only spread among the students.

Well, during that time, things happen in that way, every student meets teacher alike mice meeting cat, when there is no teacher we are make noise and playing crazily but once the teacher there, we become quiet and act as good student.

There is solidarity among student. If there is someone experience puppy love and feel for that puppy love, then it becomes everyone secret, so everyone would like to protect it. That’s why no one will make a report to teachers.

“Go to die, Fu Jin your head! I have said don’t call me Fu Jin!!” I walked to that boy in front, gritting my teeth yelling at him.

During the Junior High School, everyone likes to give nickname, for example Fan Juan is being called as Xiao La Jiao (little chili), Liu Li Jun as Niu Lao Lao (grand ma cow), Yu Wen Jing as Da Shuang (big pair), Li Wen Yi as Xiao Shuang (Little pair) but sometimes they also called Xiao Li Zi (small plum) whatever it is parable, to make it textual criticism. Whatever if you being called by one person and follow by another person so, everyone would start to call you same.

I don’t have any nickname, but afraid since there is rumor between Kang Yu and me, everything has changed.

All because of the drama which is root of the evil, especially the drama made by Qiong Yao Ah Yi (Taiwanese novelist, producers, Qiong Yao who wrote pearl princess AKA huan zhu ge ge). The drama t.i.tled Wan Jun, most of it pictured the beauty of nature, dynasty genre types and then Mei Hua Luo, during that time the average drama genre were alike those, very melodramatic. At beginning we would not watch this kind of dramas, usually only the adults would watch it. We are belonging to the group that watch the 6pm animation series but the adult were very enthusiastically and even cried vigorously during watching. We are so curious that why we are also followed them to watch.

It gives more understanding after watching the drama, so that the wife of w.a.n.g Ye is called as Fu Jin while the second wife or mistress is called as Ce Fu Jin.

First time they called me Fu Jin because those male students who are close to Kang Yu, purely influenced by those melodramatic series, they thought by called me Fu Jin is something fun so every time they see me they would call me Fu Jin Fu Jin. The entire cla.s.s is so enthusiast and following to call me for the next days. Everyone is called me Fu Jin, this stuff really gets into my head and there is no chance for me to make denial and refuse.

The most evil is Kang Yu. Every day I try to clarify our relationship with our cla.s.smates but none of them believe. It better for me to start from him, I asked him to step in and clarified.

But he replied me, “you have told them many times, does it really work?”

Naturally I shake my head, “my lips already worn out, none of them believe.”

He said to me, “See, there is things more you touch up it only become worse, why don’t you let it be.”

What he means by more touch thing up worse it becomes, the current situation without any touch up it has worse enough.

The moment I try to persuade him, he has already waving his hand and happily goes out to play football with his fellow friends.

Hence, I could not control myself, I catch up him and kick on his b.u.t.t.

His face darkening and chasing me, while I running for avoiding him.

Unexpectedly, the gossip goes bigger.

The gossip runs wild not only about simple liking but it has reached to the stage of flirting each other (teasing a woman by pretending to be displeased with her).

This…what kind of world is this, why should take other life to play.

I cried.