Husband is Great Black Belly Chapter 14


Anyone miss Kang Yu and Miao Miao?
Here is new chap and still filled with many funnies and mishap. Ah ya, I should correct the t.i.tle for this chap, it should be the beginning of scandal
Chapter 4 The Beginning of Scandal
I feel so anxious and my face deflated to “Pig Liver” color, hurried I said, “I don’t like him, dislike him, not even slightly, Kang Yu that b.a.s.t.a.r.d, who will….likes him.”

After I done bad mouthing him, I nodded my head as approval for my standpoint.

But who knows after I done, I spotted Kang Yu had already stood at back of my fellow sisters and glared to me.


Desperate, he seems to hear what I said.

I have not forgotten that my weakness still in his hands, I starting to be worried, I just done with bad mouthing him and called him as b.a.s.t.a.r.d that he might hear it.

My heart feels as if stopped to beat, I tried to recall in my mind perhaps, that recently, I haven’t done anything which p.i.s.sed him off or offended him.

Perhaps things will be alright, when I was having lunch, I deliberately shaking my chicken wings so that oil splashing to all over his body, during the cla.s.s I made line on purpose so he won’t able to write comfortable, during the running exercise, I drank all the mineral water on purpose….

More I thought more I feel black, as it turned during “my enslaved” time, I was able to do many things.

At last I still made him to hear my cursed for him.

I thought, this time I am dead meat.

He was silently standing there, while my fellow sisters none of them knew he was there, and me…I able sense how bad mood he is.

Nonsense, if there is someone cursed and badmouthing me, said how that person dislike me, will I still smile and act nicely with that person? Of course I would feel humiliated.

I thought he might extremely angry, perhaps he would try to embarra.s.s me by telling everyone about my “awkward incident”.

I sweating cold sweat, I tried to think hard how to save my life, at least, Kang Yu deliberate and unhurried steps, walking in front of my fellow sisters and I said something, “Annoying, move aside.”

Xiao Fan completely not sense my fear when seeing him, but firmly asked him, “Kang Yu, what had you talked to Miao Miao during literature cla.s.s last time?”

Not far from Kang Yu there are some boys, some of them are normally having good term with Kang Yu, after they heard Xiao Fan questioned, they became curious and turn their body to listen, they wanted to know what was happen (more to investigate).

When I heard it, my stomach feels hurt.

Does G.o.d want to perish me? This is one of good opportunity to let Kang Yu speak up.

First reaction of Kang Yu, he startled and then he started to murmur something not clearly but his eyes keeps on looking at me, it makes ambiguity between us.

This…what this means?

Does he try to torture me?

It’s my sin! My karma!

Nothing sadder than a withered heart (nothing is more wretched than apathy), my entire body numb.

It feels so ambiguity moreover when that cunning Kang Yu answered, “oh, that, nothing…”

“what is nothing?” Xiao Fan still keeps on asking.

When he sat on his seat, calm and composed took out his book, there is no slightly interest to give an answer.

I feel it strange and amiss.

Does he think to spare me this time?

No matter how I thought about it, Kang Yu isn’t look alike want to conceal thing from Xiao Fan and others fellow sister who keeps on asking, “ that is the secret between cla.s.s leader and I, I can’t say it. really cannot say it.” he especially come near to me and said, “isn’t it? Cla.s.s leader!”

That kind of manner and the way of speaking as if there is really something happen between both of us!

That light and simple answered are able to make Xiao Fan and others and also some boys looked at me.

Why should they look at me, I didn’t do anything!

At the time I really don’t know how to act, the bell is ringing and cla.s.s is starting.

To be honest, there is no way for someone like me who is really expecting the bell ring this fast and the cla.s.s starting, I shed tears of grat.i.tude when it ringing.

Once the bell is ringing, everyone is scattering alike birds and beast (flee in all direction).

Finally, I able to breathe relieved.

When the cla.s.s is starting, I am waiting for Kang Yu to ask me the reason why I badmouthing him, but he did not ask, he is calm and quiet which really strange for me, he seems to be so focus during the cla.s.s, but for me, I even feel more anxious and not even dare to make any move, my focus isn’t in study but aware what he would do later on.

This is literature cla.s.s, Teacher Sun since the last time incident is especially pay attention toward Kang Yu and I, particularly, loves to make me answer question or just to read and recite something.

This time exactly similar, for the sake of good and bad, this time my name is being called, he lets me to recite some section in literature.

But just now all my focus is spent in Kang Yu, I didn’t know which section he meant.

Teacher Sun sees me dawdling, he asked me to come out.

My heart feel more anxious and panic, I hurried flipping my literature book.

Teacher Sun unhappily looking at me, “what are you reciting?”

I feel headache and also cold sweat.

Kang Yu with good intention, pointing one section of the literature book, showing it to me.

At this moment I do really thankful to him, hurried read that section which pointed by him, reciting it for Teacher Sun.

After teacher Sun listened, he hurried pointing at us, he said “both of you really have good relationship moreover it is not the an ordinary good.”

All of the cla.s.smates are looking at me after they heard what Teacher Sun said.

My face turned red and does not know how to answer or act.

At this moment, Kang Yu added, “Teacher, every success women there is success men who support at their back, this is something that I should do. We are work together so that we will progress together.”

Teacher Sun then laughing happily, “you are right, speaks very well. Both of you keep on continuing work hard, keep on progressing.” After he done, he laughed happier.

The whole cla.s.s is followed to laugh.

I can’t laugh, what and what…