Husband is Great Black Belly Chapter 13


I think I am being enslaved by Kang Yu, I company him during the cla.s.s (since we are sharing same table), on the afternoon I company him exercising (this is my karma because kicked him), I company him during lunch (my weakness is in his hand, I not dare to ask him moves, and also not dare to allow him having lunch with others because I afraid once he having lunch with others, they will have chat and just afraid the secret being spilled and revealed)

So where my freedom as human is, where is it?

Don’t say that I should spend my junior high in such way?

No, I don’t want and absolutely no!!!!

Or should I also go to peek him when he pee….


This idea is too nasty, it not handle well, once people know about it, they might think I am as pervert.

Every day I am thinking how can I get back my freedom as human and the most important is reviving my glory.

But there is no opportunity because I could not find any. From Kang Yu’s head to his toe there is no weakness that I able to shake him up, he good at his study, he is well educate, he quite popular among people and the most important and could not be forgiven, he is so handsome.

Beat chest, arghhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!

During the break, I love to have chat with my fellow sisters, but recently I don’t have times to chat, lying at my table, I feel my tears flowing.

What are they chatting, I don’t join them, but every time we have chat, most of time the topic will be about me.

“Miao Miao, recently you have very good relation with Kang Yu!” Xiao Fan said among other fellow sisters.

“Ng, Miao Miao who never remembered names of the boys in our cla.s.s even when all of us have same cla.s.s since our first year but only Kang Yu, she remembers it very well,” Xu Ying said.

Xiao Shuang (Little Pair) said, “That’s right, that’s right, furthermore she even have chit chat during the cla.s.s, chat until both of them got standing punishment, simply unprecedented.”

“When afternoon they also lunch together.” Liu Li Jun said.

“Even in the afternoon both of them are practicing 400m running.” Da Shuang (Big Pair) said.

After all of them done talking and then they are keep silent for moment.

The quietness remaining for seconds, suddenly I sensed there are excitement atmosphere and also the exhausted sound, and the other moment I even sense a burning sight.

I don’t understand so I looked at them.

Kao (Cursing word)! What kind of expression!

Sparkling eyes filled with ambiguous, piercing into my eyes, hard to open.

I sweat cold sweat but trying to cover it, “you guys… what…what do you want to do?” their eyes sight too strong, I feel burn and stammered.

All of them in unison said, “You and Kang Yu!”

“Kang Yu?”

All of them are nodding, very serious.

“What is good to talk about Kang Yu and me?” He and I, we are not same path people.

Suddenly Xiao Fan’s big hand claps and it is excited slap onto the surface of table, forcing asked, “Said, what is your relation with Kang Yu?”

Relation? What kind of relation you have expected.

If there is relation then it is nemesis.

But, I am not daring to say any word because I afraid all of them will keep on asking me why.

“Alright, said it, faster.” Some of them are exposure their curiosity and racket me.

“What should I say, he and I are ordinary cla.s.smate, seat-mate, what are you guys expecting, asking me such boring question, as if he and I are having….”said till here, suddenly quick-witted with their means.

Once I see their disbelief expression, suddenly I understood.

“You guys… don’t indulge flight of fancy, there is nothing like that.” My face turned beet red, panicky swinging my hand.

There is old saying about——–more you wipe more black it is, every explanation just turned be excuses.

It is so obvious that every words I have said to them, seems to be excuses in their ears.

None of them believe on me, moreover each of them is throwing strange smiles.

I become panic, “not like that, there is anything like that.”

“So you say, last time during English cla.s.s, what did you chat with Kang Yu, both of you were so enthusiastically, even when the English teacher is standing near to you, both of you were not realized?”

Xiao Fan is insisting on asking, only by one sentence, it hit to the point.

What is called as aggressive, finally I knew it. This is called as aggressiveness.

I have been speechless.

Xiao Fan using her nose to make “snorting” sound, her small face is showing unstoppable laughing, “See, see, this is what we called fishy.”

Inside my heart, I feel so melancholy, there is nothing fishy la.

I am being accused wrongly.

To say during my junior high school, that time, this kind of topic was not so open like today. But there still have possibility of puppy love, and most of time it only “admiration love” which not long lasting and will ended soon after graduation.

During that time, we never mentioned about love but only called it as like.

A naïve and innocent liking of each other, the interest that build because both of the girl and boy get attraction each other as opposite s.e.x, the simple pleasure to take sweet and sour taste of ambiguity of love.

That thing is able to say more “white” (pure) than snow, so that this kind of topic somewhat taboo for us to talk about.

Even it something called taboo but it makes us even want to know more, this kind of temptation and excitement, we are not dare to touch but at same time we have also thought of it.

Especially when there is someone b.u.mps into this taboo thing, we are becoming so excited, even study become something dreary for us.

This is so obvious; my fellow cla.s.smate sisters are getting more excited about this matter.

“Do you like him or not!” Xu Ying winked her eyes, asking me.

While Da Shuang and Xiao Shuang are also give me burning sight.

Aiyaaa, Oh my goodness! This mishap goes further.