Hunting for a Delicious Wife (Before) Chapter 7


Chapter 7

“I didn’t say I wanted to be your father.”

The little boy was stumped for words because he didn’t expect that answer, so he didn’t know how to retort.

Zhong Zhen Dong bent down, moving his face closer to the little boy’s. His deep and bottomless eyes stared at the little boy as he said each word carefully – –

“I’m only here to be your mother’s husband.”

The first day arriving, Zhong Zhen Dong was very satisfied. The little white rabbit’s cooking skills were very good. Before he even had the chance to taste her, tasting her cooking was enough to capture his stomach.

Not only were her cooking skills exceptional, her housekeeping was also pleasing. Although the apartment was old, she arranged it to be neat and cozy. The apartment had 3 rooms and she cleared one out for him. The room was comfortable and well kept.

The little rascal was stubborn and very amusing. The first time they met, the little rascal had rejected him as his father. Moreover, he knew how to be two-faced. In front of his mom, he was an obedient son who was polite and well behaved. This was completely different than the arrogant manner he showed when he opened the door. Once his mother turned around and couldn’t see, the little rascal would expose an expression full of disdain towards him.

Zhong Zhen Dong thought that the little rascal was really gifted in being two-faced. An extremely docile child was boring, while a naughty child was fun. Additionally, a child of his age sticking close to their mother wasn’t strange. However, Zhong Zhen Dong could see with one glance, that the young boy’s enmity stemmed from being afraid that he was going to s.n.a.t.c.h away his mother.

Regrettably, he was indeed here to steal the little boy’s mother away.

“Xin Lian, since we’re going to be pretending to be a married couple, then we’ll have to make it look the part and practice often.”

“I see, okay.”

Tang Xin Lian agreed but didn’t do anything else, only continued to gaze at him.

Zhong Zhen Dong waited a long time and she still didn’t have a reaction, so he smiled and asked, “Have you ever had a boyfriend before?”


“Then how do you usually act spoiled in front of your boyfriend?”

“I have never act spoiled.”

“Then, have you lived together with a man before?”

“No, I’m not used to living with a man before marriage.”

“I see…” Zhong Zhen Dong saw that she looked serious, so that meant he was the first male to live with her. He glanced at the little rascal.

Maybe because his glance was too weird, the boy had a bad premonition. The boy secretly gave Zhen Dong a furious glare, asking him through his eyes: what are you planning?

Zhen Dong suddenly told Tang Xin Lian, “Feed me.”


“When I eat with my boyfriend, we’d feed each other to show intimacy. You should try it too.”

“Oh, so it was like that. Okay.”

Tang Xin Lian immediately cooperated, using her chopsticks to pick up a piece of tofu and placing it inside his mouth.

“En, your tofu is very delicious.” He simultaneously chewed the tofu while he finished this phrase that contained a double entendre, causing her to giggle and smile.

En = sound of agreement or approval.
His pun was on tofu, the physical kind you eat and a metaphorical one. “Eating someone’s tofu,” means taking advantage of someone within a s.e.xual context.

“I’m being serious, the food you cook is really tasty, especially this plate of soft tofu.”

He purposely a.s.sumed an air of extreme sincerity, making her laugh without restraint. His humor and easygoing manner caused her to relax and be at ease. This lessened the awkwardness of living together, warming the atmosphere in an instant

The little rascal felt anxious seeing the two getting along so well.

“I want it too. Mom, feed me.”

“Okay, come, open your mouth. Ah~“

The little boy complied and opened his mouth wide, letting his mother place a piece of soft tofu inside. He smiled with satisfaction, and while his mother wasn’t paying attention, he gave Zhong Zhen Dong an expression that showed he was pleased with himself.

Zhong Zhen Dong shot him a quick glance. He lifted the corner of his mouth, and while remaining calm and collected, he put a quail egg in front of Xin Lian’s mouth.

“Here, open your mouth and eat one.”

Tang Xin Lian obeyed, opening her mouth so he could place the quail egg inside.

“You should say, thank you husband.”

“Yes, thank you husband.” She followed along with his instructions because she felt comfortable with him.

“Not bad, it looks like we’ll collaborate well, wife.”

Two people like this, where the husband comes and the wife follows, looked very similar to a married couple. This made the little boy jealous and worried.

Losing a battle but not the war, he’ll also compete!

“Mommy, eat an egg!” The little boy hurriedly picked up a quail egg to give to his mother, but because he clasped it too tightly with his chopsticks and was also unsteady, before he reached his mother, the egg fell onto the table and rolled off.

“Ai (Sigh/sound of disapproval), look at you. We’re having a nice meal, so don’t play around.”

Tang Xin Lian reprimanded him and busily knelt on the ground to search for the egg. Using this opportunity, Zhong Zhen Dong gave the little rascal an infuriating smile as he gave a thumbs-down gesture.

Angry, the little boy used both his hands to give Zhen Dong the middle finger. Unfortunately, just as Xin Lian stood up, she caught him in the act.

Uh oh… someone’s in big trouble! ε=ε=(っ*´□`)っ Run!!
I feel bad for the little guy…