Hunting for a Delicious Wife (Before) Chapter 12


Chapter 12

There were many causes for things like leaking pipes, but this was a trivial matter for Zhen Dong. After some inspections, he was able to determine what was the root cause.

“If the pipe was blocked, then it wouldn’t be leaking water here. The reason should be because there’s a crack in the water pipe.” He lifted the corner of his mouth and turned towards Xin Lian. “It’s okay, I’ll – -“

“Can you help me collect the water first? If it overfills, then just empty it. I’ll be right back.” She interrupted his speech and immediately handed him a bucket. Afterwards, she stood up and quickly walked to the kitchen.

Zhong Zhen Dong stared blankly at first, but then placed the bucket underneath the leak and followed her into the kitchen. He saw that she was hastily getting her wallet, about to head out.

“Where are you going?”

“I’m going to go close the valve and then go buy a water pipe. Remember, if the water is about overflow, empty it.” With that said, she grabbed the keys and left the house, leaving Zhong Zhen Dong standing in the kitchen by himself.

When the pipe breaks, wouldn’t most women request help from the male beside them? Then he would proceed to tell her to relax, and to not find a plumber, because he could fix it easily.

The result was that, not only did she not ask for help, she also gave him the easiest task while she went out to buy the water pipe by herself.

A small hand tugged on the corner of his jacket. He lowered his head and saw the little rascal standing beside him.

Looking up with his small face, he used his little grownup voice to tell him, “The water is already filled to the brim.”

He raised his eyebrows and glanced at the little rascal, then turned around to deal with the water-filled bucket, and afterwards, placed the bucket under the leak again. Not long after, the water stopped leaking; indicating that she already turned off the water switch.

Curiously, he waited, and after 15 minutes, she really did bring back a new water pipe. Bringing out a fully equipped toolbox, she crouched below the sink to change the pipes.

Before long, she agilely finished replacing the pipes, opened the valve, and found that the pipe wasn’t leaking anymore.

From start to finish, he didn’t get to show his skills, and could only spectate from the side, watching her quickly clean up the wet floors and soaked objects.

“Okay, it’s fixed.” She wiped the sweat from her forehead and smiled at him. “The previous pipes rusted and broke, but rest a.s.sured, there shouldn’t be any more leaks after replacing it with a new one.”

That should have originally been his line, but it came from her mouth to placate him instead.

He looked over at her. Her hair was rolled up and clipped to the back of her head. She wore a white blouse that was wet and sticking to her body, outlining her curves. She was holding tools in her hands, and coupled with a happy smile, she looked beautiful and very s.e.xy.

Zhong Zhen Dong had difficulty swallowing, and felt his lower half ache. He quickly walked away, lest she discovered his “tent.”

His seduction didn’t work on her, but her s.e.x appeal made him fall in love.

This was the first time he couldn’t control his desires. She almost saw his reaction.

When she went to the bathroom to take a bathe, he asked the little rascal, “Is your mother really good at fixing things?”

“Yep. She replaces all of the broken light bulbs and fixes the water heater when there’s no hot water. Once, the uncle from next-door’s air conditioner broke down and said he wanted to replace it with a new one. Mom went to help uncle examine it, and told him that he didn’t need to buy a new air conditioner; he only needed to buy a new inductor. My mom is very awesome,” Cheng Cheng loudly exclaimed, full of pride.

Zhong Zhen Dong looked at the little boy’s intensely proud expression and smiled.

“Yeah. Not only is your mom very awesome, she looks pretty, is independent, and has great cooking skills. She’s a very attractive woman.”

When he said those words, he was extremely sincere. In the past, he felt that there were two kinds of situations where women were beautiful; one was when they were naked, and the other was when they were exquisitely dressed up. But these two conditions didn’t apply to the little white rabbit. He felt that her beauty caused people to become breathless, and so his view of her started to change. Apart from initially wanting to possess her body, he now appreciated her personality.

This feeling was very fresh. The more the little white rabbit ignored or remained unaffected by his charm, the more he was interested in her; so much so that he was also quite delighted.

Men loved challenges and confronting a woman who didn’t accept money or get tempted by handsome appearances, made him want to conquer the challenge.

He still had many chances to show off. Since the little white rabbit looked for him, wasn’t the ultimate goal to prevent other men from hara.s.sing her? But what he wanted to do didn’t stop there.

At night, after dinner, he led the little white rabbit to take a walk in the neighborhood park while holding her hand. She was getting more accustomed to his touch.

“h.e.l.lo everyone, I’m her husband.” Zhong Zhen Dong’s arm circled around the little white rabbit’s shoulder as he brought her soft body into his embrace. He smiled politely while he introduced himself to the neighbors. He told them that they were newly weds, and asked for their guidance.

Numerous grandmothers, mothers, wives, and young females, all without exception, were stunned, and stared blankly at the handsome guy.

This old community was very big. There were many inhabitants, so people tended to talk a lot. Zhong Zhen Dong chose a place where lots of people interacted. His handsomeness was on a celebrity level, even more outstanding than Korean flower boys. He had elegance, a great physique, and was just standing there, enchanting everyone. It seemed as if they lost their souls.

If Zhong Zhen Dong wanted to deliberately seduce people, he would use his eyes. His deep stare went straight to the depth of your soul, making you feel as if you were the only one in his eyes.

Ordinarily, when would these old and young females meet a star-ranked handsome guy? His gaze made everyone blush and heart pound, even the older generation.

Xin Lian is so capable! She also unintentionally dodged one of Zhen Dong’s schemes (•̀o•́)ง