Hunting for a Delicious Wife (Before) Chapter 1


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Chapter 1

Under dim lighting amidst stylish décor, accompanied with jazz music produced from a saxophone, the ambience enveloped people with a type of imposing charm in which one wished to succ.u.mb to the impulse of falling from grace.

This described the well-known bar, hidden in an alley in Taipei’s eastern district. Nearly all of the bar’s visitors came out in pairs; even if a person arrived alone, one hoped to find a companion at the bar. The person would dress nicely, waiting to hit on or be hit on by someone.

Most people who came to the bar were frequent visitors, but of course, there were also occasionally new guests who joined. For example, sitting on a sofa in the middle of the bar was Zhong Zhen Dong. He had an oriental appearance, but his facial features were more solid than the typical eastern person. A handsome figure coupled with the grace of an aristocratic bearing, made him become the center of attention in the bar.

The loitering gazes on his body all came from men, because this was a h.o.m.os.e.xual bar. Since it was a gay bar, the women only looked at women, while the men also naturally only looked at other men.

Under the burning gazes of numerous men, Zhong Zhen Dong’s line of sight actually fell on a woman’s body.

Not long after entering the bar, he only paid attention to this one woman. She was the same as him, she also came alone. She sat in the farthest corner in the bar, intentionally making herself appear invisible and ordinary.

The people who came to the bar all went through the process of intentionally dressing up, but this woman didn’t. Among the many people around her, she wasn’t the same as the women with thick powder and heavy makeup. She had a simple face with no make up, not even lipstick, hair was in a ponytail, and body was clothed in an average T-shirt and jeans; just like the girl next door type.

Although she wasn’t extravagantly dressed up, Zhong Zhen Dong nevertheless took note of her.

Regarding women, his judgment was always accurate. That woman possessed a perfectly proportioned figure; her legs very slender, b.u.t.t very round, and position of her chest just right. Even in her casual clothes, her curves showed.

Zhong Zhen Dong continued to make a visual a.s.sessment of her, and right away knew that she was very impressive.

A seemingly very beautiful woman who didn’t need to depend on makeup, after applying makeup would be absolutely ethereal, divine. On the other hand, a woman who after applying makeup was stunning and breathtaking, the truth after the removal of makeup was often enough to scare a person to death.

This world was full of false appearances and lies, the modern woman’s ability to change her appearance was far superior compared to ancient times.

Able to change single eyelid into double eyelid, able to momentarily enlarge small eyes with fake eyelashes, able to change from B cup to D cup bras, and able to cover up blemishes and pores with the use of foundation. Furthermore, with plastic surgery, fake face, fake chest, fake b.u.t.t.

Zhong Zhen Dong possessed the innate tendency and nature of every man; he liked beautiful women. But what he really loved, were natural beautiful women. Towards artificial beautiful women, he extremely loathed and felt disgusted with.

He was an arms dealer. The weapons and ammunition business followed power and influence, benefits and interests; a world made up of struggles and battles. This world never lacked falsehood and lies, that’s why, when he looked at matters, he never believed the surface. Towards women, he never looked at faces with makeup, which was also the reason why he noticed this woman with a clean face that was like fresh and clear water.

The people who entered the bar all hoped to cause others to pay attention to them, but she was the opposite. While carefully observing her every movement and expression, it showed that she put in a lot of effort to reduce her existence inside the bar.

She looked a little nervous, and also somewhat cautious, sitting upright above a high chair, both legs closed very tightly together, and both hands tightly clutching a cup of milk.

Yes, that’s right, milk. Arriving at the bar, she unexpectedly ordered milk, and not an alcoholic beverage. She also had no one beside her, almost as if … this was her first time.

Zhong Zhen Dong pondered while he observed her. That pair of clear eyes, pure and perfect, watched with high alert the surrounding people; seemingly like a little white rabbit that mistakenly rushed into the jungle.

Yes, the feeling she gave him was just like a little white rabbit; an innocent and delicious little white rabbit that could always manage to arouse a wolf’s appet.i.te, and unfortunately, he just so happened to be one.

Zhong Zhen Dong had been living for 35 years, and had experienced countless women. What kind of attractive woman hasn’t he seen? Yet, he was very interested in this little white rabbit. Her manner was incompatible to the other people in the bar, but against expectations, she showed up here. Furthermore, she felt very real to him.

Ordinarily, he would have already picked her up, and not just sit here gazing at her, measuring her up. But he didn’t take any action, not because he didn’t want to, but because this was a gay bar.

Tsk tsk tsk, truly a pity. This little white rabbit’s qualifications were so good, but she actually liked women. Truly a waste of natural resources… He was extremely full of regret in his heart and mind.

“h.e.l.lo, are you by yourself? Is it possible for me to have the privilege to invite you to a drink?” A male with stepped forward to strike up a conversation. In regards to appearance, although the male with was unremarkable, he believed in his occupation, which made other people treat him with a new level of respect.

Zhong Zhen Dong raised his eyes. His eyes, that were deep and charming, concentrated on the male with Although he wasn’t h.o.m.os.e.xual, he still plastered on a captivating smile, causing the male with to stupidly stare and his heart to beat wildly.

“Thanks, I have company.” Zhong Zhen Dong courteously declined, his body emitted a n.o.ble, gentleman’s bearing, but those pair of eyes held a lazy, easy-going gaze that was very alluring and enticing. In his eyes, there existed a type of s.e.x appeal that sought to resist yet welcome, which caused people who even though were rejected, to also produce the impulse to become more brave after being repressed.

The man with swallowed his saliva. His qualifications were very good, so he wasn’t willing to give up.

“In any case, right now you are by yourself. How about everyone become friends and drink a gla.s.s.” The man with straightforwardly, and shamelessly, sat down. Not allowing room for any explanation, he handed over a business card and began introducing himself.

Zhong Zhen Dong looked at the man with pa.s.s over a business card. The job t.i.tle above was of a doctor from a major hospital.

“Oh? You’re a doctor?” Zhong Zhen Dong’s pretty eyebrows rose for a moment, appearing to be very interested.

The man with, due to Zhong Zhen Dong having a somewhat slightly interested tone, received a boost of morale. To show others the ident.i.ty of a doctor was as expected, effective. This society spoke realistically; occupation and status sometimes beat appearances.