Holy Ancestor Manga


♥ Status Holy Ancestor Manga : Ongoing

♠ Genres: Action, Adventure, Fantasy.

Summary :
+ This is a brand new upgraded divine world. There are King Zhou, Jiang Ziya, Su Yuji and Yang Lan. All of them are peak figures here. Also, there are Kings and Three Emperors of Huoyun Cave here. There are Saints and Daoist sects here. Ancient Gods and Devils, Chi You and Xing Tian are here too. Last but not least, we also have a youth named Luo Lie. He will open up a new divine era where “he is not a hero but he is unmatched in the world”!

♣ Read more :
+ Strongest Anti M.E.T.A
+ Everlasting God of Sword
+ Goblin Slayer
+ Master of Legendary Realms

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