Gu Fang Bu Zi Shang Chapter 52


Gu Fang Bu Zi Shang Vol02 Ch52

It was very warm.

After enduring the wind and snow of the Songsen Mountains, as well nights under rocks and snow, this thick cotton blanket was very warm.

The broken bone remained painful, and it was enough to jolt a person in coma.

She opened her eyes and couldn’t help reach out to touch her wound at her leg. Someone had clumsily bandaged it for her, and she could smell the fragrance of the herbs from inside it.

However, she kept on thinking something was wrong. Her eyebrows remained clenched as she reached into the blankets, but all she felt on her fingertips was smooth, naked skin.

“Ah…” Zuiju was surprised and quickly retracted her hand.

“Ah,” mocked a man standing in the shadows of a dark corner in the room.

Zuiju widened her eyes, “Where are my clothes?”

“In the snow.”

That’s right, snow, Yangfeng, get help…


d.a.m.n, Pingting!

She hurriedly touched her hair, but it was empty.

“Where is my luminous jade hairpin?” Zuiju anxiously asked.

“In the snow. I even painstakingly went on to find a woman’s corpse and put it with that. But, maybe more than a half has already entered a wolf’s stomach.”

“How long has it been?”

“How long has what been?”

Zuiju was very worried about Pingting. She hurriedly asked, “How long has it been since you cornered me into a wolf pack? Half a day? A day? You left my clothes and hairpin in the snow? How can I get it back? I have to get it back.”

“Half a month.”

“What?” Zuiju looked at the corner in disbelief.

Fanlu stepped out from the corner, his exquisite light crossbow still in his hands. The corners of his mouth lifted, “The snow on the streets have already melted. You’ve been sleeping for half a month.”

It felt as if Zuiju’s chest had been smashed with a hammer. She was almost unable to breathe. She shook her head, “Impossible, that’s impossible.”

Three days, Pingting had said, she would wait for three days.

She was waiting in a rocky area of the Songsen Mountains and her pulse was not steady.

“I’ve had enough of your shouting. How could I take you around if you weren’t conscious?”


He stopped her, asking, “I saved your life, why are you not thanking me?”

Zuiju fiercely glared at him. She was silent for a while before she shouting through clenched teeth, “You b.a.s.t.a.r.d! d.a.m.n you! d.a.m.n you to h.e.l.l! Why did you harm me? Why did you save me? I am going to kill you! Kill you!”

She cursed him for a little under half an hour, until she panted, exhausted. Her wound on her leg began to sting again, so she could only stop. She hugged the blanket on the bed as she gasped for breath.

Who knew what that Fanlu’s thick skin was made of. No matter how terrible her insults were, he just stood there, listening, with an indifferent expression. After hearing Zuiju cease, he immediately asked, “Had enough?”

“No!” There was no way Zuiju’s anger had calmed. She suddenly raised her head, gritting her teeth to continue, “You sc.u.mbag, you six year-old toothless brute who only eats eggs…”

She had always been sharp tongued, and she even brought out all sorts of curses from the various four countries.

Fanlu listened and listened until a smile gradually formed on his face. He even insolently dared to lean against the wall as he watched her. Zuiju hated him even more. She took a deep breath and cursed even louder. He listened cheerfully for a while, and suddenly retrieved his smile. His face became serious, “That’s enough. If you yell any more, I’ll pull your blanket.”

“You…” Zuiju hesitated and actually stopped.

She wasn’t afraid of death, but she was completely naked underneath the blanket right now. If he pulled her blanket, he would see everything. It was so shameful, she couldn’t even face death. There weren’t many women under the world who were not afraid of such a threat.

Fanlu watched her and couldn’t help but smirk evilly again.

Zuiju was silent for a long time. She seemed to soften. Her voice was harsh, “I don’t appreciate you saving my life, just go ahead and kill me.” Her anger had gone, and her sadness had enveloped her heart. She shrank back in the bed and turned away.

Pingting had been in the mountains for half a month. Perhaps she was no longer in the world. Zuiju couldn’t stop the tears from pouring out of her eyes, though she held some hope in her heart. She thought of how this enemy thought of herself as Bai Pingting, meaning there was one less person in the Songsen Mountains trying to harm Pingting. Perhaps the sky had pity, letting Pingting survive. Thinking that much, she dearly wanted to fly to the Songsen Mountains to look. But like this, how could she go?

This secret was something she mustn’t tell this wicked man.

Her tears rolled down her cheeks like a broken string of pearls.

Fanlu watched her huddled, seeming even more pet.i.te on the bed. Her shoulders constantly shook. It appeared she was crying, yet he didn’t care. He turned to walk out of the room, returning soon after with a plate of food.

“Eat something.”

Zuiju didn’t have the appet.i.te and bitterly detested Fanlu. She gritted her teeth and remained silent.

Fanlu saw that she didn’t move and knew what she was thinking. He coldly said, “I am not begging you, I am ordering you. Obediently eat, or don’t blame me if I show no pity.”

Zuiju felt the blanket that covered her body fall slightly. She hurriedly flipped and sat up, clutching tightly to the blanket. She was both scared and angry, “You…what do you want?”

The corners of Fanlu’s mouth rose to a smile, yet his eyes were unusually cruel. “I painstakingly saved you, fed you rice porridge everyday on the road. I don’t know how much effort I spent. If you’ve really made up your mind to die, then you might as well pay me back a bit.”

Zuiju saw him reach out his hand and hurriedly scooted further into the bed. Her eyes were full of fear.

Fanlu only intended to frighten her and only stretched out a little before stopping, returning his hand to his chest. He continued to lazily lean against the wall. He beckoned to the meal by the bed with his chin. “Eat it all.”

Zuiju’s distinct black and white eyes became slightly bloodshot. She glared fiercely at him until he seemed to move again. She reluctantly gave up and picked up the bowl, eating the food in tiny mouthfuls.

In the snowy mountains, she had been more hungry than not, and when she was out, all she had was rice porridge. Although she was very worried and angry, just after two mouthfuls, her entire stomach began to growl again. The more she ate, the better it tasted. In the end, she had not only finished the entire bowl of rice but also the other two dishes.

As she put down the plate, she raised her head, only to realise that hateful guy had been watching her eat all along. She scowled at him. She was afraid that Fanlu would really take away her blanket and didn’t dare yell any more apart from giving him a fierce glare.

“Do you glare at the Duke of Zhen-Bei like that?” Fanlu suddenly asked.

Zuiju hesitated for a while and remembered he thought she was Bai Pingting. She pursed her lips, knowing that she would never clearly explain to Fanlu. “It’s none of your business.”

Fanlu didn’t say anything, just quietly a.s.sessed Zuiju.

His gaze was both impolite and bold. Even though Zuiju clutched tightly to her blankets, she still had the wrong impression that he was trying to see her naked body underneath. She endured it for a while, until she couldn’t stand it any longer. She returned Fanlu’s gaze and challenged, “What are you looking at?”

Fanlu didn’t reply, just stared at her for another while. He then said, “Rumours has it that you’re not beautiful, but I think you’re not too bad.”

Zuiju’s heart jolted at this. She looked at him warily, her ten fingers grasping the blanket even tighter.

The two did not speak. The air began to thicken, causing it to be more difficult to breathe than usual.

Fanlu didn’t walk away. He just continued to a.s.sess Zuiju in silence.

Zuiju thought his gaze was even scarier than a wolf’s, causing all of her hairs to rise. She suddenly felt something hard hit her backbone, only to realise that she had unwittingly retreated to the other side of the bed. She was now against the wall.

“Where is this?” Zuiju opened her mouth to ask.

Fanlu’s mouth twitched, but he didn’t answer.

Zuiju secretly fumed. “What are you smiling for?”

Fanlu replied, “I am betting with myself whether you would talk to me within the burning of one stick of incense. As expected, you did.” His evil smirk revealed his white teeth. “Are you afraid of me?”

“Hmph, dream on.”

Her words had yet to fall when Fanlu suddenly rushed forwards like a wild beast.

“Ah!” Zuiju exclaimed, but she was crushed by the wall and could not move any further.

When she opened her eyes, Fanlu’s face had popped into her sight, about a foot away.

“What…what are you doing?”

“Judging by your expression, it seems you don’t know yet.” Fanlu mercilessly pinched her chin, “Has Chu Beijie never touched you, even though you’ve been with him for so long?”

Zuiju had always accompanied and been spoiled by her Teacher. Wherever she went, the t.i.tle of the genius doctor’s disciple had followed, so even the Royal House of Dong Lin had treated her with respect. There was no way she had ever been threatened by a man so close before.

Fanlu’s warm breath brushed over her face. He was indeed much scarier than the pack of wolves. Zuiju was terrified and embarra.s.sed, she hurriedly said, “Go away, just go away!”

“Who are you?”

“Bai Pingting, I’m Bai Pingting!”

“Bai Pingting?” Fanlu harrumphed once, let her go and got off the bed.

Zuiju felt like she had just survived the clutches of death and she was somewhat relieved. She pressed even tighter against the wall.

Fanlu was born a spy. He was clever, understood how to read expressions, gaining the most important information from the enemy. How could he possibly not understand?

This woman was not Bai Pingting.

Whatever reason she had for having the luminous jade hairpin, she was not Bai Pingting.

When the Senior Official learned that Bai Pingting had died, he immediately raised Fanlu’s rank in joy, letting him become the governor of Qierou City.

He risked the death penalty for committing fraud, falsely reporting Pingting’s death. He thought that he had gotten a valuable commodity in return.

In the end, it was all a downright joke.

All sorts of different outcomes flipped around in Fanlu’s mind. From the corner of his eye, he monitored Zuiju who looked at him warily.

This woman wasn’t Bai Pingting. She wasn’t worth anything at all.

Not to mention, if the Senior Official knew what he had done, then death was sure to follow.

Kill her?

His hand slowly reached out towards the crossbow placed on the table.

However, he stopped when he touched the familiar handle made of twisted tendons.

What use was killing her? If Bai Pingting appeared before the eyes of the world’s people again, then even if he killed this woman, his lies will still be uncovered.

Fanlu turned his head, studying at the hostile woman on the bed.

She had big, raven black eyes, bushy black hair and stubborn lips.

That day, why did he seem possessed and end up saving her?

Apart from being a valuable commodity, what on earth was it about her that made him so fearless, risking his life to steal her from the mouths of the wolves?

He stared at her and stared for a long time, finally saying, “This is a place called Qierou, a small town in Yun Chang.” He studied Zuji, the corners of his mouth lifting into that evil smirk that only belonged to himself. “I have just been appointed the city governor here and am the highest ranking official here. If you want to run, I’ll hunt you back like a rabbit.” He hesitated before adding, “Then, I will peel you like a rabbit and display you, naked, on the walls.”

Yangfeng drank the medicine on her bed before lying down. Her body felt freshened but her heart was worried about Pingting. She beckoned to summon a maid.

The maid timidly said, “Madam, the Main General has said that Bai Pingting is in the guest room at the end of the corridor. Main General will immediately see Madam after the doctor has taken your pulse and set a description. Miss Bai also has attendants looking after her, so Madam only has to properly rest.”

Yangfeng sat up from the bed and swivelled her legs to put on shoes. “Don’t worry about the Main General; there’s me. I won’t force myself. Just one peek and then I will lay back down. I haven’t seen Pingting’s appearance clearly yet. That encounter wasn’t long ago. What are you standing there for? Help support me.”

The maid was terribly afraid that Ze Yin would be angry, but seeing Yangfeng’s expression, she was also terribly afraid of Yangfeng. She was torn by this dilemma for a breath moment, and in the end, she came forwards to support Yangfeng. She called someone else to help, and the two supported her.

The maid confirmed, “Really just a peek? If the Main General decides to blame us, Madam must put in a few kind words for us.”

“Understood.” Yangfeng chuckled, “You two are just too clever. Why are you so afraid of the Main General, are you not afraid of me?”

She leaned on the shoulders of the two maids, slowly stepping out of the room.

They had managed to step onto the corridor, but happened to see Ze Yin and the doctor come out of the guest room. His face darkened as he strode towards them. He wrapped his arms around Yangfeng and held her up, helplessly reprimanding, “Did I not tell you to lay down properly? Why are you out of bed again? Now that Pingting’s here, isn’t she here for you to see at any time?”

He coldly glared at the two maids who were so scared the jumped right back.

Yangfeng was in his arms, feeling comfortable and cozy. She raised her head to look at her beloved man and smiled sweetly, “Don’t blame them. How could they not obey an order from the dignified Main General’s wife? Husband, how is Pingting? Is she very sick?”

“Her body is too weak. It certainly wasn’t easy to last such a rough journey.” Ze Yin carried her back to her room, while whispering, “She’s pregnant.”

Yangfeng was stunned, her face full of surprise.

“It must be Chu Beijie’s child,” she whispered back.

“That’s right.” Ze Yin sighed, “From Ruohan’s letter, received yesterday, it seems the King of Dong Lin’s illness has gotten worse. His two princes are both murdered in the hands of our King and He Xia…” He bent down to put Yangfeng into bed before tucking her in.

“The blood of the Royal House is in Pingting’s belly.” Yangfeng slowly spat out this phrase and asked, “Then where is Chu Beijie? Where is he now?”

“No one knows of his whereabouts. Ever since hearing about Pingting’s death, it seems he has disappeared. Our King is delighted about this and held a three day banquet in the Royal Residence. If he knew that Pingting did not die and has his child, he would immediately rush back.” Ze Yin’s voice trailed off and looked at Yangfeng.

Yangfeng was also very hesitant. She carefully thought for a long time, sighing. “Although he is pitiful, he is also hateful. Even though he seems utterly heartbroken about Pingting today, perhaps if his country were to be in crisis tomorrow, he would immediately offer up Pingting. From what I see, the world under the skies already believes that Pingting is gone, so why don’t we take advantage of the wrongs? Let Pingting lead a peaceful life.”


“This of course has to be what Pingting herself wants. I’ll talk to her about it. She will understand.” Yangfeng paused again for a while, “After such chaos, I will never let Pingting leave my line of sight again. Whether I am rich or impoverished, no matter what the outcome, we sisters will always be together. That way we can protect each other.”

Ze Yin knew that in Yangfeng’s heart, she still deeply regretted what had happened in the battle of Kanbu. This was a guilt she could never compensate Pingting in her lifetime.

But as long as Yangfeng was fine, what else mattered? Ze Yin never hesitated when he acted, and he rapidly nodded his head. “Fine. If Pingting decides to live with us in seclusion, then we will immediately pack up our belongings and move to somewhere else. This place is no longer safe. Ruohan knows, the King knows and even Chu Beijie knows. There is no way of knowing whether there will be someone else who stumbles here in the future.”

“This time, let’s not have any more connections with Bei Mo. Even if it’s Ruohan or the King, let’s stop all correspondence.”

Ze Yin studied her and lowered his voice, “Okay.”

“Husband…” A wave of grat.i.tude whelmed up in Yangfeng.

The snow was melting, and the wind of spring was already on its way.

Pingting, do you still remember how we sang for fun, folded willow leaves, laughed at wave patterns at Prince He Su’s Residence? Do you remember playing qin and celebrating your birthday at the Jing-An Ducal Residence?

Today, He Su has become the sole master of his nation, and the House of Jing-An was in ashes.

He Xia travelled a thousand miles in one go, entered Yun Chang and became its Prince Consort.

The metamorphosis of life, without experience, is truly difficult to predict.

But it’s still nice. You and I are still here.

Because Ze Yin really wanted Yangfeng’s illness to get better soon, he strictly ordered Yangfeng was not to leave her bed. He sent other people to attend to Pingting and naturally covered everything. He didn’t feel pained at all and poured all sorts of precious herbs into her care like flowing water.

Yangfeng couldn’t help it, she could only endure the seven or eight days. She obediently listened to the doctor and drank her medicine everyday at the right time. Now that she almost recovered, Ze Yin would occasionally bring their son to see his mother. She happily held onto her son, smelling and kissing him. She cooed, “Dear Qing’er, go see Aunt Pingting on behalf of your mother. There’s a tiny younger brother in her belly, and he’ll play with you in the future.”

Ze Qing was barely a year old, so it was impossible for him to understand Yangfeng’s words. His shiny black eyes looked left and right. He randomly opened his mouth to grin and laugh at her.

Ze Yin stood at one side, watching mother and son. He found this funny, “How do you know Pingting has a tiny younger brother in her belly?”

“Guessed, obviously. Is Pingting any better?”

Ze Yin’s expression darkened slightly. He shook his head, “She doesn’t say much and seems very upset. Is Zuiju her maid?”

Yangfeng shook her head. “No such person existed in the Jing-An Ducal Residence. If she is a maid, it must be someone Chu Beijie gave her.”  Although she had never seen Zuiju before, she pitied her fate from being torn by the wolves but was not as distraught like Pingting. Changing the topic, she asked Ze Yin, “Judging by her looks, does she still want to be with Chu Beijie? Chu Beijie has done terrible wrong to her, but she has his flesh and blood. I’m just afraid that Pingting’s heart will soften.”

Ze Yin hesitated at this. He led troops in a clear and logical formation, but this was a subject he didn’t know much about at all. He scratched his head and said, “A woman’s heart is much too hard to guess. How could I possibly tell?”

Yangfeng charmingly looked at him under her eyelashes, smiling, “I can tell. Main General, someone here has recovered long ago. Can’t you just have pity on me and take back the strict order so I may get off this bed? It’s not as impossible as rotting water or door hinges never being eaten by woodlice. Sick people need to walk a bit to get better soon too.”

Ze Yin saw her smile as happy as blooming flowers. His body and mind were intoxicated. Thinking about Yangfeng trapped in bed for several days, he couldn’t help soften his heart. He stroked the loosened strands on her silky black hair and said, “Don’t push yourself and walk so soon after getting a little bit better. The winter snow has only just melted; it’s still very cold. If you want to see Pingting, I’ll carry you there.” He then stood and picked Yangfeng in his arms.

Little Ze Qing was left on the bed. He cried and yelled as if unsatisfied.

Ze Yin smiled as he watched him. “Good son, you’re still young. When you grow older, you can hold your own woman like this.”

Yangfeng watched her husband teach their son and hurriedly shook her head, both amused and angry.

The guest room was very silent. The two entered, like honey and sugar, but their sunny mood was whipped back down.


Pingting was awake. She too received Ze Yin’s strict order to not get out of bed. She was currently sitting on the bed, her upper body leaning against a pillow at the head of the bed. Her lower half was covered by the blanket. Hearing Yangfeng’s voice, she seemed to be somewhat surprised. She turned towards them, her long black hair flickering past her shoulders. “Yangfeng?”

There was still some of her merry old self, but her cheeks had completely flattened down, creating a chilling feeling.

“Pingting, Pingting…” Yangfeng’s eyes became red, and she suddenly began to cry.

Ze Yin put Yangfeng down, arranging it so that she and Pingting were sitting side by side on the bed.

“Why are you crying?” Pingting lightly grabbed onto Yangfeng, softly chuckling, “I heard you were sick. Are you finally fine to see me now?” She raised her head and studied her.

Ze Yin stood like a steel tower at one side, watching over his wife protectively.

“Hm, much better.” Yangfeng then asked, “What about you?”

Pingting gratefully replied, “I’m much better too, thanks to Main General.”

“Have you had fetal medicine at the right times?

“Yes.” Pingting lowered her head, gently stroking her slightly protruding stomach. “The child is very obedient and hasn’t kicked or messed around today.”

Yangfeng sighed. “You know how important your child is, so don’t bottle all your sadness up. Pingting, don’t blame yourself any more. That Zuiju is already dead. You can’t ruin your own life. What can it do to bring her back? Since you two are so close, she will definitely disapprove of your actions up in heaven.”

Ze Yin frowned, thinking that he had heard this before.

When Pingting heard the name “Zuiju”, her smile completely flew away. She sighed and raised her eyes, “I understand that idea, but my heart hurts. When I think  of her, it’s like my heart is being stabbed by needles. I asked her to go down the mountain because I wanted to save her. Having one survive was better than both dying from hunger or cold. I never thought that she’d…”

Yangfeng saw she was unhappy again and quickly changed the topic. “I came here to discuss something else with you today. First of all, I have already decided that I won’t let you float around the four countries any more, causing me all this excess worry. Why don’t we move to somewhere else and live in seclusion together? Now it’s come to this, even if it’s not for you, at least think for your child. Don’t just grieve, plan out your future too.”

Pingting knew her words were right. She didn’t want Yangfeng to worry again. She cheered up and nodded her head thoughtfully. “Living in seclusion doesn’t sound too bad, but your Main General is far too famous and has a whole h.o.a.rd of servants as well as great wealth. Where could you start living in seclusion? Even if you changed to another place, maybe in just three days, another general of Bei Mo will find you. I don’t want to let anyone know that I’m still alive, so I think I’ll just find another peaceful place to live with my child.”

Yangfeng realised that she hadn’t mentioned that hateful man, Chu Beijie. She did seem much more energetic than before. She had been dearly excited, but as she heard more, she found out that Pingting had other plans. She hurriedly asked, “So what? We can dismiss our manservants and maids. Since we plan to live in seclusion, then what need is there for the luxury of the Main General Residence?”

Pingting studied her and shook her head. “You’re not the same as me. I’ve gone through all sorts of bitter experiences. I’ve had officials steal my bags, climbed a snowy mountain and suffered hunger. I know what poverty is like. From a young age, you were sheltered in the Prince’s Residence, and when you came to Bei Mo, you became the Main General’s wife. How could you possibly last through such bitter world experiences?”

Yangfeng straightened on the bed, solemnly replying, “Pingting, I’m not joking here. After I learned you left the Bei Mo Main General Residence to head for Dong Lin to see Chu Beijie, my regret almost broke my intestines. You were sheltered in the Jing-An Ducal Residence too and treated like the only daughter of a rich family. How could I not be able to experience the bitter things you did?” She suddenly thought of something and dismissed her maids. Then she remembered that it was not out of her own decision. She stopped to turn to look at Ze Yin.

Ze Yin lowered his voice, “Don’t worry, I’ll arrange it.”

When he had asked Yangfeng to marry him back then, he had long wanted to leave the battlefield and live in seclusion, wholeheartedly wanting to peacefully live out his life with her.

What did manservants or maids mean to him?

Yangfeng knew his kindness and was both touched and grateful.

Pingting watched the two and suddenly thought of Chu Beijie. The corners of her heart stung, but she refused to let it overwhelm her. She feared Yangfeng would see its traces, so she turned away from them, wiping the corners of her watery eyes on the pillow.

Ze Yin did as he said. That night, he summoned all of the maids and manservants into the hall, saying, “I have already promised Yangfeng to live in seclusion, this time never coming out again. Since we will be living in a very rural area, we will not need so many manservants. You are all young determined to serve this country  hence you can all go back to the capital. I will write you a testimonial letter so the Main General Ruohan can organise you to go elsewhere. As for maids, all those who have homes can go home. Those who don’t have one are free to leave as well and find another home. All of the furniture, furnishings in this room are mostly earned through rewards from my military achievements. All of them are treasures of the Royal Residence. Divide them all amongst yourselves, whether you use the money you gain to invest, or dowry or pension, anything is fine.”

When his words came out, everyone cried out.

Ze Yin’s expression did not change as he lowered his voice, “You all know my temper. Even three army troops must immediately listen to just a simple scolding, not to mention you all. Don’t drag this on. No feast can forever continue under the skies. To scatter, happily and freely, is the true nature of my Bei Mo’s sons and daughters. Also, there is an extra person here who you have all more or less guessed her ident.i.ty. The world under the skies believes that she is dead. Not a word about the fact that she is still alive is to be spread outside. You all have accompanied me for many years, so I believe in you. However, I still would like you to swear here that you will never tell anyone.”

When he finished, everyone understood that Ze Yin had already decided.

The servants accompanied Ze Yin’s extensive travels and each were hot-blooded men. They had indeed hoped that Ze Yin would one day return to the capital to help with national affairs like last time. Hearing Ze Yin’s words, they immediately swore they would never speak one word about Bai Pingting’s survival.

The maids served the Main General Residence since young. Each were loyal to Ze Yin, and although they did not understand military or national affairs, they knew Bai Pingting was the Main General’s wife’s good friend and also left their promise.

Ze Yin worked orderly. He immediately called for brush and ink, swiftly writing the testimonial letters for the manservants. He then handed out the various treasures to each of the maids, so that they would not have to worry about the hunger and cold in the future. He was busy until late at night, until finally everything had been arranged, yet a difficult problem surfaced.

Guard Weiting was the only one who refused to leave. His eyes were bloodshot as he said, “I’ve been with Main General for so long, where else is there for me to go? Main General knows I have a foul temper, and if other generals order me around, I won’t listen. Main General at least needs someone to help carry water or herd cattle, even in the mountains right? If you refuse to take me along, then I shall die here today.” He pulled out his sword and placed it on his neck.

His main problem was that he couldn’t read expressions, resulting in conflict between a great number of generals, including Ruohan. However, when he fought, he was not afraid of death, and his power was commendable. Because of this, Ze Yin valued him and had always kept him by his side.

Ze Yin knew his temper and perhaps if he did shake his head, perhaps he would really slice his neck. He suddenly remembered Weiting offended many important generals of Bei Mo. Even if he were recommended back, he would be bullied or worse. He could only nod, “Oh well, you can stay then.”

Apart from Weiting, there was also Ze Yin’s nurse and Uncle Xu who had watched him grow up. The two of them were both very old, so naturally Ze Yin had kept them by his side to repay his debts until their dying breath.

“All has been done. All that remains is to find a good place to live in seclusion.”

Pingting considered this for a while, replying, “I know of a good place. There’s a quiet little village on the foot of the other side of the Songsen Mountains. There’s land that can be cultivated, as well as a gra.s.sland that can be grazed. Although it’s a little poor, all of the people there are kind-hearted.”

“If even you praise this place, it must be good.” Yangfeng always trusted in Pingting’s opinions. She asked Ze Yin, “Then there, okay?”

Ze Yin lovingly looked at her. “If you like it, then there is fine.”

“There’s something else,” said Pingting, “I would like to move Zuiju’s grave too. I don’t want her to be left alone here.”

Yangfeng replied, “That’s easy. We’ll take out her remains and take it on the road.”

“Zuiju’s Teacher is Dong Lin’s genius doctor Huo Yunan.” Pingting took out a letter from her sleeves, “I heard Zuiju is his only disciple and beloved, star pupil. I have written a letter. Please find someone to pa.s.s it on for me, Main General. If he asks who wrote it, just say it was from one of Zuiju’s friends.”

Ze Yin took it, “Rest a.s.sured, I will definitely get it sent.”

When they returned to the room, however, Ze Yin asked Yangfeng, “Do you think this letter should really be sent?”

Yangfeng stiffened, “Why not?”

“Huo Yunan is Dong Lin’s genius doctor and often enters the Royal Residence. He has a deep friendship with the Royal House of Dong Lin. If this letter is sent and Huo Yunan gets suspicious that it was Zuiju who died, what would happen to Pingting? I’m afraid he might make the connection.”

Only then did Yangfeng understand. Her expression changed, “Pingting has Chu Beijie’s flesh and blood in her belly. Royal House wars are terrifying as well, not to mention Chu Beijie has disappeared. If she were swept into the wars for the throne…will they send someone to kill Pingting?”

Ze Yin nodded, “I’m worried about that.”

“Having said that, this letter must not be sent.” Yangfeng only cared about Pingting’s safety, nothing for a random Dong Lin genius doctor. She thought a little, set a plan, and reached out. “Give it to me.” When she got the letter, she pa.s.sed it straight into the flame of the candle. She watched the flame rise and whispered slowly, “Pingting, I know you’re good-hearted and can’t bear the thought of Zuiju’s teacher looking for his discipe. However, your safety is very important, so let me decide for you this time.”

Everyone in the secluded residence was used to Ze Yin’s vigorous and resolute style of living. Although they were all reluctant to leave, no one cried.

In just a few days, everyone scattered in groups. The various antiques inside the room were also removed.

Only Ze Yin’s family of three, Pingting, Uncle Xu, the nurse and Weiting were left behind, a total of seven. They took the remaining money Ze Yin had and set off on their journey, this time, really leaving the national affairs of Bei Mo behind.