Gu Fang Bu Zi Shang Chapter 15


Gu Fang Bu Zi Shang Vol01 Ch15

Evening came; the soft breeze left. A frosty dawn.

As the red sun rose from the east, bright colours were casted onto Bei Mo King’s Royal Residence. The Bei Mo King was already awake. He hadn’t slept well and had insomnia for the last couple of days. Ever since the Dong Lin troops had arrived, he slept less and less every pa.s.sing day just like how the Dong Lin army pressed closer towards the capital. According to yesterday’s report, Chu Beijie had begun a siege, and many Bei Mo soldiers were wounded or dead. Thanks to Ze Yin’s efforts, Dong Lin soldiers haven’t reached the capital yet, but the current army population certainly wasn’t big enough to last another siege.

Losing Kanbu was only a matter of time.

When the Dong Lin army captured Kanbu, it would be like an expressway to capture the capital of Bei Mo. Bei Mo was in grave danger.

Yangfeng came to see him early in the morning.

“I want to tell you about someone, King.” She bowed before speaking and wore a dress given to her by the King himself.

The Bei Mo King always had a good impression of Ze Yin’s favourite woman, and now that Ze Yin was gone, he was even happier to see her. He smiled kindly at Yangfeng. “Oh? Who’s important enough that needs you to personally introduce to me?”

Yangfeng replied softly. “King, you really are clever. This person is extremely skillful and could perhaps change the course of the war.”

Yangfeng came with Ze Yin when he returned to the capital, but she was already the prettiest woman in the Royal Residence. She was born with delicate bone shapes, those that leave a lasting impression on others. He had heard about her personality from Ze Yin and knew that she did not like empty promises. She would never say something unless she was at least seventy or eighty percent sure. The King was surprised. “Who? Bring him in.”

But Yangfeng wasn’t so urgent. She fell onto her knees and said, “Sir, this person’s surname is Bai and is named Pingting. We’ve been good friends since childhood. Pingting didn’t want to do this at the start, but Yangfeng begged. My friend finally agreed but on three conditions.”


“Yes,” Yangfeng responded. “Firstly, help will only be given when Bei Mo is in trouble. If Dong Lin ever retreats, my friend will leave and never be involved with Bei Mo again.”

The Bei Mo King couldn’t care less. After all, there was no secure frontier. He nodded gladly and said, “I will not force anyone to do what they don’t want to.”

“Secondly, no person in Bei Mo shall identify or research Bai Pingting’s past.”

“This…” Ever since the four countries started fighting, each country had their own spies.  If Kings need people, they would need to research their history intensively.  If they didn’t, wouldn’t that lead to the ruin of their own country? Why was this Pingting, so secretive? The Bei Mo King was annoyed but didn’t show it as Yangfeng was personally introducing this person.

Yangfeng saw his expression and quietly added, “King doesn’t have to worry. My friend has had many painful moments thus doesn’t want anyone to know. There won’t be betrayal; I’ll put my life on the line to prove that.”

From this, the Bei Mo King immediately relaxed. The sides of his mouth twitched into a laugh. “Employment depends on the King himself. I’ll decide whether this person is trustworthy or not. So what’s the point of putting your life on the line to prove loyalty? What’s the third condition?”

Yangfeng answered, “If the King doesn’t want Bei Mo to be conquered, you must listen to every word. Nothing can be changed.”

This was the same as giving governorship of Bei Mo to a stranger. Bei Mo’s smile instantly evaporated. He coldly said, “If your friend wants Bei Mo military power, shouldn’t he just ask to be an army general?”

Unexpectedly Yangfeng replied, “Military power is one of the things she wants. Yangfeng begs King to give her all commanding rights to Pingting. She’ll definitely drive away the Dong Lin army.”

The Bei Mo King’s face changed. He forced himself to smile while thinking of saving Ze Yin from shame. “Your friend really likes to brag. Even your husband doesn’t dare to underestimate the mighty general of Dong Lin, Chu Beijie, yet your friend…” Suddenly his heart jumped, and in astonishment he cried, “She?”


The Bei Mo King looked even more unamused. He leaned forward. “How can a woman have such skill? Fine, give her some money and send her home.” How ridiculous. The enemy had arrived in their country, so many of the army generals needed his expertise whereas he listened to the rubbish chatter of an idiotic woman.

Yangfeng bowed, wondering whether to clarify things, but she hadn’t expected his support in the first place. Without the help of Pingting, wouldn’t her husband die? She bit her lip. “Please listen to me one last time, King.”

The Bei Mo King couldn’t bring himself to embarra.s.s her so he generously nodded. “You may speak.”

Yangfeng hesitated before walking towards him. She whispered in his ear. “I promised Pingting not to tell anyone, but as the lives of the Bei Mo people are at stake, Yangfeng must tell you. King mustn’t underestimate Pingting. Ze Yin may not be Chu Beijie’s opponent but Pingting definitely is.”

“What do you mean?”

“Because Pingting forced Chu Beijie into a truce for five years before this.”

The Bei Mo King was startled. He turned around and stared at Yangfeng.

Yangfeng didn’t waver under the Bei Mo King’s attention. She nodded slowly and whispered, “Chu Beijie has feelings for Pingting. If he knows that she is in Bei Mo, he won’t attack so hard, and Ze Yin will have a greater chance of victory.”

“But what if…”

“If Chu Beijie can’t forgive her, then…” Yangfeng felt a lump in her throat and her face looked sad. “Why would King ask Yangfeng such a cruel question?” Thinking of Pingting outside the room made her heart twist. Fighting back her tears, the beauty said, “Please King, summon Pingting immediately.”

“Call for Pingting.”

“Call for Pingting!” Voices overtook one another until it reached the waiting Pingting. She settled down her teacup, checked over her clothes, and sighed deeply before stepping into the room, walking calmly towards the Bei Mo King.

Where in the world is a place you can escape from everything? She was now being swept in the Bei Mo’s world of politics and military.