Futoku no Guild


Status Futoku no Guild : Ongoing
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+ Chapter 11
+ Chapter 10

? Summary :
+ Kikuru Madan, a monster hunter with excellent performance because of his particular job in the forest, decides to quit his job because he doesn’t want to waste his youth. The reason he wants to quit was that one of his friends got married. One day there is a new recruit. Enome the Guild Receptionist asks him to accompany Hitamu Kyan the Lolipai Martial Artist to watch her back and teach her how to work. He accepts the request, half because he was worried about her and half because he wanted her to become his successor before he retires completely. Sadly, his plan to retire is derailed by Hitamu being useless and always attracting some monster. Can Kikuru Madan retire peacefully, despite being saddled with a useless newbie?

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Warning: this comic contains mature content not suitable for minors. Please only continue if you are a legal adult where you live. Continue.

# Futoku no Guild Chapters List

+ Chapter 11       + Chapter 10
+ Chapter 9         + Chapter 8         + Chapter 7
+ Chapter 6         + Chapter 5         + Chapter 4
+ Chapter 3         + Chapter 2         + Chapter 1

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