For You, I Will Follow Obediently


♥ Status : Ongoing

♠ Genres : Romance, School life.

♦ Summary :
+ Xia Yu Xiang was born in a family devoted to raising butlers and was trained from a young age to dedicate his life to protecting his master. Finally, Xia Yu Xiang is presented with an opportunity to make use of his skills when he is recruited by the Zong Zheng family to be a butler. Zong Zheng Tong is a young, petite, genius girl with cold, distant blue eyes, and a stern, rigid personality. How will Xia Yu Xiang react to his new master?

♣ Reference :
+ What An Average Way Koiko Goes!
+ Yugami-kun ni wa Tomodachi ga Inai
+ Her Appetite’s Too Big for Me Alone
+ Shinmai Shimai no Futari Gohan

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