Fated Marriage Chapter 13


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Qin Yun had to stay in the hospital for one month and he didn’t feel safe leaving Zhang Yu at home by herself. Qin Yun asked Qin Song to let Zhang Yu stay with Qin Song and Han Ting Ting whilst Qin Yun was in the hospital. After Qin Song arrived home from the hospital, he let Han Ting Ting know Zhang Yu was staying with them.

Han Ting Ting tensed. ‘Staying here?’

‘Um,’ Qin Song said whilst looking at doc.u.ments and didn’t bother to lift his head or answer properly.

‘Will… will… will… will we be staying in the same room?’ Han Ting Ting stuttered.

Qin Song lifted his head from the complex doc.u.mentation that gave him a headache and vented on Han Ting Ting. ‘Do you think I want to stay in the same room as you?’

Han Ting Ting heard the annoyance in Qin Song’s tone and was too scared to say anything else in case it made him angry.

Since that day outside the hospital and Qin Song was drunk and asked Han Ting Ting if she wanted to try being together with him, he distanced himself from her. Before, when they were home together, he used to tease her and boss her around… at least back then he’d talked and teased her, not like recently, he stopped bothering to make eye contact with her and if it wasn’t necessary he rarely talked to her anymore.

The more Han Ting Ting thought about the distance between her and Qin Song the more depressed she felt.

Zhang Yu on the other hand was obliviously happy. Zhang Yu loved gossiping with Han Ting Ting and wanted to sleep with Han Ting Ting to talk through the night. But Qin Song adamantly refused. ‘She has to sleep with me!’

Zhang Yu’s eyes became teary. She pulled Qin Song’s shirt and sulked. ‘But I have trouble sleeping on my own.’

‘You can take this to help you sleep,’ Qin Song said. He grabbed Putt Putt from Han Ting Ting’s arms and gave it to Zhang Yu. ‘It’s called Putt Putt.’

Zhang Yu hated it and pushed it away. It was an old teddy with a blue sweater. ‘It’s ugly. I don’t want it.’

Han Ting Ting quietly turned away, hugged Putt Putt and went back to stand beside Qin Song. Qin Song saw Zhang Yu’s pitiful teary eyes and deliberately took Han Ting Ting upstairs to tease Zhang Yu. In Qin Song’s room he’d temporary forgot to retrieve his gentle expression. Then he saw Han Ting Ting b.u.t.tering him up with smiles, he pursed his lips and vented. ‘What are you happy about? You’re such a dummy. I was scared you’ll crumble under my mum’s questioning and your loose lips will confess everything to her. Do you think I really want to sleep with you?’

Han Ting Ting gently slapped her sore cheeks from laughing and smiling too much. Qin Song was paying attention to her. It didn’t matter if he was moody as long as he acknowledged she existed made her happy.

Qin Song saw ‘little country bun’s’ good mood wasn’t affected. He pushed her onto the bed then went to the bathroom to shower.

Sleeping on the same bed… neither Qin Song nor Han Ting Ting felt comfortable.

Qin Song and Han Ting Ting laid shoulder to shoulder under the bed sheet, they both crossed their arms over their chest and their legs were straightened. It was obvious the night was quiet but neither of them could sleep.

Qin Song and Han Ting Ting tried to control their heart beats to no avail. Their hearts kept pounding to the same rhythm as each other’s breathing. If he took in a deep breath then her heart would beat faster. A short time later, both of them had trouble breathing. She rolled over to turn away from him and he sat up on the bed.

‘Han Ting Ting!’ Qin Song called out in the middle of the night. ‘Get rid of that molting teddy!’

Qin Song was allergic to dust and that old teddy made his nose itchy.

Han Ting Ting was on the verge of entering the realm of dreams when Qin Song’s outburst shattered the room’s silence.

‘Putt Putt doesn’t molt… I’m used to hugging Putt Putt to sleep,’ Han Ting Ting said softly.

‘What’s so great about that bald and old teddy?’ Qin Song asked.

Qin Song couldn’t accept it, it was a raggy teddy and Han Ting Ting made clothes for it, hugged it each night to sleep and treated it better than she treated him!

Han Ting Ting sat up on the bed. ‘I know you’re angry with me but don’t take it out on Putt Putt.’

Qin Song snorted and his heart cursed Han Ting Ting – So you did know I’m angry with you!

‘I’ve thought it through… Qin Song, we’ve lived together for a long period now. Sometimes you can be unreasonable. But you treat me and my parents well. You’ve helped me a lot. I’m grateful toward you,’ Han Ting Ting said and paused.

Han Ting Ting needed a moment… not right, she needed a lot of courage to continue.

Qin Song heard enough. His heart sobbed. He was a healthy young man, handsome, smart, generous and very appealing. In his life he’d confessed his love twice and both times he was rejected. Worst was receiving the constellation prize of ‘you’re a good person’ plaque.

‘Don’t say anything else!’ Qin Song said. His depressed heart couldn’t take it if Han Ting Ting continued on. ‘That day I was drunk. It was rambling of a drunk person. Don’t go thinking it was the truth!’

It was Han Ting Ting’s turn to be tensed. She didn’t get to finish… it was lucky… she didn’t finish…

‘I’m sleepy. Go to sleep!’ Qin Song said.

Qin Song didn’t care whether Putt Putt was molting or not, he collapsed on the bed, pulled the bed sheet over his head and closed his eyes.

Qin Song felt it hurt too much! His heart was bleeding… he bit the bed sheet to stop himself from sobbing.

At Liang’s company building, before a morning meeting.

Big boss and Li Wei Ran haven’t arrived. Rong Yan, Chen Yu Bai and Ji Nan were eating breakfast. Qin Song’s head was buried into his paperwork. Ji Nan gauged Qin Song’s mood for a while.

‘Sixth brother… your complexion isn’t good,’ Ji Nan said whilst chewing a piece of pineapple.

Rong Yan glanced at Qin Song. ‘It’s normal to be like that when you have an active and happy married life.’

Chen Yu Bai put his cup of coffee down. He pushed up the bridge of his gla.s.ses. ‘Are you certain that Qin Song got to eat enough to satisfy his hunger?’

‘Nope!’ Rong Yan opened the newspaper in his hands. ‘I reckon Qin Song hasn’t eaten yet and he’s starving like crazy.’

The three people who were on the same wavelength turned to each other and laughed.

Qin Song lost it and tossed his pen. ‘Are you guys gunning for a fight this early in the morning?’

Chen Yu Bai flexed his wrist in a ‘no problem’ manner, he was happy to oblige. Ji Nan cracked her knuckles… Rong Yan wanted to wipe away the bad vibes in the room and pulled Qin Song into another room to settle with words instead with fists.

The sworn brothers have always unified to face adversaries together. The situation between Qin Song and Han Ting Ting, Rong Yan knew a bit about it. Qin Song let go his image and recounted his marriage from the start to the heartbreaking ‘you’re a good person’ constellation prize.

At the mention of females there was no one more clear about females than second brother Rong Yan who was an infamous former player. After Rong Yan heard about Qin Song’s pretend act turning into real love, Rong Yan became serious, rubbed his chin and thought deeply.

‘What should I do now?’ Qin Song asked.

Rong Yan grinned, lifted his handsome chin at Qin Song’s watch. Rong Yan coveted Qin Song’s watch since he’d seen Qin Song wore it. Rong Yan didn’t know what brand or who the seller of that watch was. Rong Yan had searched for it everywhere and didn’t find a single clue about the origins of that watch. Qin Song wore it every day and never parted with it made Rong Yan more curious about it.

Qin Song saw Rong Yan l.u.s.ting after his watch and became unusually stingy and covered his watch away from the critter’s sight. ‘You can’t have this! Change it to something else.’

‘Is it that expensive?’ Rong Yan asked. ‘More expensive than your new car?’

‘I’ll give you my new car!’ Qin Song said. ‘Hurry up and help me!’

Rong Yan narrowed his former player’s eyes and smiled deviously.

‘What about that one… or do you prefer that one? Quickly choose. I like that one, oh, I like that one too! Two of that, ah, make it three,’ Zhang Yu said.

Zhang Yu clapped her hands joyfully. After Zhang Yu almost seen all the items listed then turned to Han Ting Ting. ‘Ting Ting, have we chosen enough to get free shipping?’

A stunned Han Ting Ting clicked on the order b.u.t.ton. ‘Mum, we’ve gone beyond the free shipping condition. We only need to spend two hundred dollars for free shipping.’

‘Ah, what a good incentive,’ Zhang Yu said.

It was Zhang Yu’s first online shopping experience and she was beyond excited.

Han Ting Ting was speechless. She couldn’t believe for free shipping Zhang Yu bought over one thousand dollars worth of merchandise… she didn’t know what to say.

‘Let’s buy pyjamas for Song Song!’ Zhang Yu said and looked through the pyjamas listing. ‘What colour looks good? Ting Ting, what colour do you think suits Song Song?’

Han Ting Ting clicked on the coral pink pyjamas. ‘Mum, what do you think about this colour?’

‘That’s pink,’ Zhang Yu said. ‘Song Song wearing… will he want to wear it?’

Han Ting Ting nodded convincingly.

Zhang Yu felt it was strange. She remembered since Qin Song was little he hated pink the most. Why did he hide his secret love of pink from her?

‘Ding dong,’ the doorbell rang.

Han Ting Ting was helping Zhang Yu cooking in the kitchen. So an a.s.sistant chef ran to the door and returned to the kitchen with a large bouquet of red roses that were beautiful fresh blooms and would deeply move hearts.

Zhang Yu shyly stretched her arms to receive the bouquet. ‘Is it for me?’

The a.s.sistant chef smiled and shook their head. ‘It’s from the young master. He sent someone to deliver the roses to his wife and there’s an invitation too.’

Han Ting Ting was speechless. She received the roses in front of Zhang Yu who was obviously envious. Han Ting Ting’s eyes were misty. She opened the invitation. Qin Song scribbled on the invitation with his careless handwriting – ‘Eight, tonight.’

After ‘tonight’ there was a shape that suspiciously looked like a love heart.

‘What did he write?’ Zhang Yu asked.

Zhang Yu was more curious than envious.

Han Ting Ting gave the invitation to Zhang Yu. ‘Mum, does it mean that Song Song is coming home at eight and wants us to prepare a late dinner for him?’

Zhang Yu felt triumphant. She’d found a way to get back at her ungrateful son, who only gave roses to his wife but didn’t give roses to his mother the one that gave him life!

Zhang Yu smiled slyly and firmly nodded. ‘Ting Ting, tonight make a delicious meal for Song Song. He gave you such a beautiful bouquet of red roses!’

‘Thanks mum!’ Han Ting Ting said. ‘Later I’ll go to the shops to buy food.’

At half past seven at night, Qin Song’s driver went to escort Han Ting Ting to the reserved restaurant to meet Qin Song. But when Han Ting Ting opened the door it shocked the driver. The driver saw her wore a T-shirt, track suit pants and slippers.

The driver’s phone rang and the caller was Qin Song. The driver pa.s.sed the phone to Han Ting Ting.

Han Ting Ting heard Qin Song’s ‘h.e.l.lo’ and it sounded unusual like he was holding back and was in a hurry to confess something.

‘Are you ready?’ Qin Song said. ‘I’m waiting for you.’

‘I’m ready! I’m waiting for you too,’ Han Ting Ting said. ‘Where are you?’

‘Didn’t you receive the roses and invitation?’ Qin Song asked.

‘They were delivered. I prepared dinner to eat at eight. Mum and I are waiting for you to eat together,’ Han Ting Ting said.

Qin Song gritted his teeth. ‘Han-Ting-Ting! You wait there for me!’

The driver immediately left without the young master’s wife.

Han Ting Ting in a confused state walked back into the kitchen and looked helplessly at Zhang Yu who was happily sampling vegetable soup.

‘Mum, I think Song Song isn’t happy,’ Han Ting Ting said.

Zhang Yu bit a cuc.u.mber dish. In front of the delicious meal, Zhang Yu was able to deceive her innocent daughter-in-law. Zhang Yu smiled happily.

Qin Song returned home in a darkened mood. He bypa.s.sed his mother and grabbed ‘little country bun’ upstairs into his room.

‘How dare you stand me up?’ Qin Song asked.

Qin Song waited since seven at the restaurant. After he called Han Ting Ting the restaurant owner asked what time the food should be brought out. He didn’t say anything and bolted. He was humiliated!

‘It was written clearly on the invitation!’ Qin Song said.

‘You only wrote eight, tonight… I thought you’ll be back at eight for dinner…’ Han Ting Ting said softly.

‘You… you… can you be any more of a dummy?’ Qin Song asked. He was angry enough that his hand trembled, the hand that held onto Han Ting Ting. ‘I’m angry to death!’

Han Ting Ting cringed. She looked at Qin Song and didn’t know what to say. All these years if her dad or Tu Tu were angry, she only needed to avoid them until their anger pa.s.sed. If her mum was angry, her mum never vented on her. Qin Song was the first person she met that she caused him to be angry over every little thing she did.

Having someone whose mood swings depended on another person’s behaviour was a heavy burden, especially a timid person like Han Ting Ting. She was always scared Qin Song would be unhappy but because of her, he was always unhappy. Living with him, she always had to be cautious and thought deeply.

Han Ting Ting didn’t say anything. She looked like she didn’t want to be at tug of war with him anymore. His initial feeling when he got home was anger. Then he saw her eyes that looked like she wanted to be far away from him as possible made him frustrated. He’d been overworked to take care of business at both Liang’s company and Qin’s company. He also had to deal with those vultures at Qin’s company. In order to go out to eat dinner with her, he was busy all day and didn’t have time to eat lunch. He didn’t expect her to change her mind after one dinner date but he thought she’d at least appreciate all the efforts he went to plan their dinner date!

Ah! That b.a.s.t.a.r.d Rong Yan! What was that dribble about being deeply moved? What was that about it being a sure winner? What was that about how women couldn’t resist? Rong Yan, give back my car! Ah, Rong Yan that cheater!

Qin Song frowned and walked out of his room. Following behind him was Han Ting Ting who was framed by Zhang Yu. The betrayer Zhang Yu had stood with her ear glued to Qin Song’s door. To not be caught, she’d to run like crazy to return to the sofa in the living room and pretend she’d been surfing online on the laptop the whole time.

A depressed Qin Song greeted his mum and was about to go back upstairs but suddenly he turned around and couldn’t believe what he saw. ‘Mum are you surfing online?’

‘Um,’ Zhang Yu said and pointed at Han Ting Ting. ‘Ting Ting taught me. We spent the afternoon shopping online. We even bought you a gift!’

Qin Song stiffened and looked at Han Ting Ting. ‘Is our home internet fixed?’

Han Ting Ting didn’t turn around to look at him and only silently nodded her head.

Zhang Yu quickly took the credit. ‘It was me who called someone to fix the home internet. It only needed a bit of adjusting.’

Qin Song was speechless. His whole body felt cold. He was busted!

‘Ah, Song Song,’ Zhang Yu said and smiled. ‘While your dad’s at the hospital, I’ll be renovating our home as a surprise for your dad. I’ve ordered pink wallpaper for your old room. But when did you start liking the colour pink? Was it after you got married?’

Qin Song’s heart was already shattered. The mention of pink wallpaper added another cold layer over his heart… he was never going to have a moment of peace for the rest of his life!

Qin Song quietly took his soulless body upstairs.

‘Are you two fighting?’ Zhang Yu asked.

‘No, we’re not fighting,’ Han Ting Ting said.

Han Ting Ting smiled weakly and wrung her wrist.

‘Was it because you didn’t go on the date?’ Zhang Yu asked.

‘I… I didn’t know he meant to eat at a restaurant at eight,’ Han Ting Ting said and lowered her head.

‘Ah, it’s my fault. I knew what he meant but didn’t tell you,’ Zhang Yu said. She felt ashamed of herself. ‘It was his fault too. He got you roses and invited you out to eat dinner. I was jealous…’

‘Mum…’ Han Ting Ting said softly. ‘It’s nothing. I’ll explain it to him.’

‘Um,’ Zhang Yu agreed. She pushed Han Ting Ting upstairs. ‘Quickly go reconcile with him. The two of you go outside and eat. Don’t come back tonight and have a romantic night!’

Han Ting Ting was pushed all the way upstairs. After she knocked on Qin Song’s door, Zhang Yu made an escape and left her to face him alone inside his room.

Qin Song was inside the walk in wardrobe changing his clothes. He took off his jacket and tie. His shirt collar was opened.

‘What are you doing here?’ Qin Song asked coldly.

‘Let’s eat dinner… I made chicken soup,’ Han Ting Ting said.

‘I don’t want to eat,’ Qin Song said. He pulled out a draw. ‘Go outside, I’m taking a shower.’

Han Ting Ting took out Qin Song’s clothes for him. ‘After you shower come downstairs and eat. I’ll be waiting for you.’

Qin Song was startled to hear Han Ting Ting gently saying she’d be waiting for him. He turned around to face her.

‘Qin Song… don’t be angry anymore. I didn’t not go on purpose,’ Han Ting Ting said and lowered her head. ‘It was because… there’s never been anyone who’d given me roses before and no one invited me out on a date before either. That’s why I didn’t know you wanted to go out at eight for dinner. I thought you meant you’d be home at eight and I wanted to make dinner ready for you when you got home.’

Han Ting Ting took each task seriously, especially when clearing a misunderstanding between her and Qin Song. Suddenly he felt deeply moved.

‘Ahem…’ Qin Song coughed and turned away. He pretended he needed something else from another draw. ‘What if you knew?’

‘If I knew… I would go,’ Han Ting Ting said and blushed red.

The s.p.a.cious walk in wardrobe suddenly felt cramped and made it hard to breathe in air. Qin Song kept pulling draws. Han Ting Ting stood frozen and embarra.s.sed.

Qin Song and Han Ting Ting both awkwardly enjoyed the uncomfortable feeling in their hearts.

‘I’ll put your clothes here,’ Han Ting Ting said and broke the sweet silence.

Han Ting Ting saw he kept putting his head into different draws, particularly she noticed that his nape flushed red. She didn’t have the heart to let him choke inside a draw. ‘Go shower, I’ll go downstairs first.’

‘Ah, wait…’ Qin Song said. At the critical moment, his animal instinct kicked in and he quickly lifted his head out of the suffocating draw. He grabbed Han Ting Ting’s hand. ‘Let’s… go downstairs together. I’m hungry.’

Han Ting Ting’s hand became hot but Qin Song didn’t let go.

Han Ting Ting’s face turned brighter red and she kept her head facing the front. Qin Song took a deep breath in then exhaled lightly. He was flooded with joy. ‘Little country bun’s’ hand turned pink.

Qin Song promised himself that from that moment onward, he’d convert to become a fanatic fan of the colour pink.

Zhang Yu saw Qin Song coming downstairs before he showered and was worried that he was still angry. ‘Song Song, don’t be angry anymore. It was my fault. I made Ting Ting believed that you wanted her to make dinner and wait for you. It was your fault too for only buying roses for your wife.’

‘Um, it’s nothing,’ Qin Song said in an easy going way and smiled. ‘Mum, I’ll send you roses another day.’

Zhang Yu was shocked at the sight of Qin Song well behaved at the dining table. His eyes were drawn to Han Ting Ting. He smiled after receiving a bowl of rice from Han Ting Ting and the two of them exchanged secret glances with each other… Zhang Yu had a revelation… Qin Song liked the colour pink that matched Han Ting Ting’s embarra.s.sed complexion!

‘Ting Ting, Tu Tu said she shipped our purchases already,’ Zhang Yu said. She closed the laptop and stood. ‘Tu Tu also said she sent us a small gift.’

Qin Song the lover of pink heard about a mystery gift from Tu Tu and his hand that held the bowl trembled.

‘Um, mum, let’s eat dinner,’ Han Ting Ting said.

‘I’m not eating at home. I’m going to go to the hospital to eat with your dad,’ Zhang Yu said.

‘Ok, let me go find containers,’ Han Ting Ting said and stood.

‘I asked the a.s.sistant chef to pack the food already. Ting Ting sit down and eat dinner,’ Zhang Yu said. She patted Han Ting Ting’s shoulder then patted Qin Song’s shoulder. ‘I’m sorry for spoiling your date together. I’ll give you two your privacy back. Enjoy your night together!’

Zhang Yu and the a.s.sistant chef left the shy newlyweds at the dining table.

Han Ting Ting felt more uncomfortable. She thought if Qin Song’s mood improved than her mood would improve. But after clearing their misunderstanding she felt more awkward around him.

‘Ahem…’ Qin Song coughed. He sat shoulder to shoulder with Han Ting Ting so she could still hear him if he stared in front of him. ‘Your old phone… I threw it out the window.’

Han Ting Ting slowly put her chopsticks down.

‘I saw the texts between you and Tu Tu. I couldn’t control myself and sent a text to her… I was scared you’d find out and impulsively threw it out the window. The home internet and home phone wasn’t broken, I tampered with it,’ Qin Song said and turned a little to face Han Ting Ting. ‘I’m sorry.’

‘A few days ago I already knew… the phone you gave me has internet data, I got into contact with Tu Tu online,’ Han Ting Ting said and smiled.

The phone Qin Song gave Han Ting Ting had internet data… he was speechless. He buried his head into his bowl and cursed himself for forgetting about the features of the phone he gave her.

‘I was wrong too. I shouldn’t have gossiped with Tu Tu about… you,’ Han Ting Ting said.

‘Let’s eat dinner,’ Qin Song said.

Han Ting Ting picked up a chicken wing that Qin Song liked eating and held it to his mouth. ‘Eat the chicken wing.’

Han Ting Ting’s shaky hand accidently dropped the chicken wing into his bowl of soup and water splashed onto Qin Song’s handsome face.

Han Ting Ting rushed to pa.s.s a tissue to Qin Song.

‘It’s nothing,’ Qin Song said.

Qin Song held onto Han Ting Ting’s wrist whilst she wiped his face. His eyes were closed and he could feel how gentle she wiped his face. He wished that it would take a long time for the grease to come off his face. He didn’t mind if it didn’t come off as long she was the one wiping.

The following day during a morning meeting at Liang’s company, a certain somebody who was a lover of pink, wore a satisfied smile and greeted everyone happily.

Ji Nan chewed a piece of pineapple in her mouth and couldn’t believe her own eyes and grilled Li Wei Ran. ‘That fast… sixth brother got to eat that fast?’

Li Wei Ran bit a piece of toast and didn’t believe what he saw either. ‘How is it possible for someone after getting love advice from Rong Yan can seduce an innocent girl?’

Big boss who had experience of failing to score after getting love advice from Rong Yan, knew it wasn’t true. ‘Impossible!’

Rong Yan shook his new car keys in front of them. It was the best evidence to turning non-believers into believers.

Chen Yu Bai pushed the bridge of his gla.s.ses up and faced the prime witness. ‘You scored?’

‘Don’t speak crudely. Do you guys understand respect?’ Qin Song said.

Chen Yu Bai laughed coldly and lifted his cup of coffee. ‘I knew it. Those two heads joined together, how could it go smoothly?’

Everyone laughed and returned to their work, except the lover of pink and the new car owner. They silently acknowledged they needed a round two strategy to silence the smug laughter.

A disappointed Rong Yan pulled Qin Song aside. ‘Did you fail?’

Qin Song shook his head but his delirious smile didn’t disappear. It gave Rong Yan the shivers and he knocked on the love sick Qin Song’s head.

‘Was your confession successful or not?’ Rong Yan asked.

Qin Song laughed happily. ‘Not yet… but it can be considered as sealed deal too.’

Qin Song tugged on Rong Yan’s shirt and Rong Yan couldn’t stand looking at Qin Song’s puppy eyes anymore. ‘What are you doing?’

‘Second brother, show some more of your tricks,’ Qin Song pleaded.

That day Han Ting Ting was at the hospital.

Qin Yun and Zhang Yu were reading and talking to one another in the hospital room. Outside the hospital room Han Ting Ting guarded the door to prevent vultures sneaking into the room and disturbing Qin Yun’s recovery. Han Ting Ting didn’t need to have supernatural strength to guard the door. All she needed to do was stand at the door, because no one dared to hurt Qin Song’s wife.

At the end of the day, Qin Yun saw Han Ting Ting’s forced smile.

‘Ting Ting, are you tired?’ Qin Yun asked.

Han Ting Ting nodded her head. ‘No wonder Song Song is always tired.’

‘Serves him right!’ Qin Yun said. ‘In the past he didn’t listen to anything I taught him.’

‘He doesn’t like listening to anyone’s opinion,’ Han Ting Ting said.

Qin Yun’s face lit up. He found his kindred spirit. ‘That’s right! Song Song since a kid was too spoiled, arrogant and never bows down to anyone. I wished I found an opportunity in the past to discipline him. In the future… it’s too late. You’re the first person beside Qin Song that agrees with me! All his relatives, especially Zhang Yu give him everything he wants!’

Han Ting Ting agreed whole heartedly with everything Qin Yun said about Qin Song. She could see that Qin Yun intimidated men double his size but was scared of opposing Zhang Yu in case it made Zhang Yu sad. Even though Qin Yun knew that he should have stepped in to reign in Qin Song but Qin Yun chose not to interfere because Qin Yun listened to everything his wife said. Han Ting Ting thought if in the future she and Qin Song had a child… her heart stopped. What was she doing picturing their child?

After work Qin Song picked up Han Ting Ting from the hospital. On the way home at a traffic light close to home, Qin Song rested his head on the steering wheel.

‘Are you tired?’ Han Ting Ting asked.

Qin Song lifted his head and nodded. Then he smiled suggestively at ‘little country bun.’

‘Oh… let’s hurry home. I made a delicious meal for you,’ Han Ting Ting said to her knees instead of facing Qin Song’s burning stare.

Qin Song laughed. ‘Is that the only thing you’ll give me?’

‘Um, that’s it,’ Han Ting Ting said weakly.

Qin Song pinched Han Ting Ting’s cheek and she yelped. It woke him up.

The cars piled up behind them beeped and stuck their head out of the window to swear at Qin Song. It didn’t affect Qin Song’s good mood, he was excited to test out a new trick Rong Yan taught him to win over ‘little country bun.’

At home, Qin Song pulled Han Ting Ting onto the sofa.

‘You haven’t ate dinner yet, it’s almost nine,’ Han Ting Ting said. ‘Song Song, you’ve been overworked each night.’

‘Five minutes, give me five minutes. I want to show you a magic trick,’ Qin Song said.

Han Ting Ting played along and sat on the sofa with Qin Song. He took out a beautiful platinum chain from his trousers. He hung it on a finger and swung it back and forth in front of her.

‘Watch carefully!’ Qin Song said.

He took out his left hand that was left in his trousers. He took a deep breath and was about to open his left hand… when in a blink of an eye all the lights in the house turned off.

The last thing Han Ting Ting saw was the string in Qin Song’s hands sparkle before everything became pitch black.

‘Wow… that was magical!’ Han Ting Ting praised.

The amateur magician didn’t think it was magical.

‘Song Song… can you make the lights turn on again? I want to cook dinner for you,’ Han Ting Ting said.

‘I didn’t make the lights turn off,’ the disgruntled amateur magician said. ‘It’s a blackout.’

Han Ting Ting bit her tongue to stop from laughing.

‘Song Song… be careful,’ Han Ting Ting said.

‘Don’t move. Hold on tight,’ Qin Song said.

‘Um, slow down,’ Han Ting Ting said.

Han Ting Ting’s one hand held… a flashlight, her other hand held… a ladder. ‘Song Song, let’s wait until tomorrow for an electrician to fix it.’

‘No. I want to finish the magic trick,’ Qin Song said.

Han Ting Ting shone the flashlight at Qin Song and the fuse box. She stared up at him focused on finding the right switch to turn the lights back on. His focus was a familiar feeling… like it was what she’d been waiting to see since she was a kid.

What Han Ting Ting wanted was someone who stayed beside her, treated her well, hold her hand in the dark, hug her on stormy days, stronger than Putt Putt and gentler than her dad.

Han Ting Ting thought that someone was that person. But she was wrong. That person only gave her glimpses of joy and the rest was unrequited love. As she looked up the ladder and watched Qin Song wanting to turn the lights back on to perform a magic trick for her… her heart jumped up and down and cried out… ‘it’s him, it’s the right person.’

Qin Song looked down to ask Han Ting Ting to lift the flashlight higher. But he was distracted by her smiling up at him in a daze and the flashlight shone on her soft hair that he wanted to…

Qin Song looked away and his shaky hand turned on a switch and all the lights turned on. He exhaled gently and was about to jump down the ladder… ‘boom’ followed by a burst of sparks and everything blackened.

The thundering boom shocked Han Ting Ting, she let go of the ladder and let out a scream. The ladder was about to fall onto Han Ting Ting’s body. He jumped down and shielded her body but his left arm was unprotected.

‘Song Song!’ Han Ting Ting called in the safety of Qin Song’s chest.

‘I’m ok… are you hurt anywhere?’ Qin Song asked weakly.

‘I’m ok,’ Han Ting Ting said and ma.s.saged all over Qin Song’s body. ‘Where are you hurt?’

‘Ah, don’t move. I think my left arm is broken… sit up carefully and call the ambulance,’ Qin Song said.

Later that night the amateur magician’s left hand was wrapped in a cast at the hospital. Whilst the amateur magician’s teacher was having a relaxing bubble bath with background music.

‘Daddy!’ Rong Deng called.

‘Deng Deng, why aren’t you sleeping?’ Rong Yan asked.

‘I’m not sleepy. Daddy, you have a phone call. It’s sixth uncle,’ Rong Deng said.

‘Daddy hasn’t finished his bath yet. Give the phone to mummy,’ Rong Yan said.

‘Mummy did listen to sixth uncle then rolled on the bed laughing,’ Rong Deng said.

‘Oh? Pa.s.s the phone to daddy,’ Rong Yan said.

Rong Deng pa.s.sed the phone to Rong Yan. She didn’t forget to splash water and bubbles onto Rong Yan’s face before laughing and running out.

Rong Yan had the last laugh as his apprentice recounted how the magic trick Rong Yan taught his apprentice failed.

‘You cheater! Give me back my car!’ the disgruntled amateur magician demanded.