Come and Eat, Shan Shan Chapter 32


Shan Shan doesn‘t have many things. Moreover, a year ago she has packed once so it is extremely easy to pack now. The new rental apartment is surprisingly very tidy, and there is no need to clean up so she finishes sorting out everything very quickly.

Looking at the bright and clean little apartment, Shan Shan sits on the sofa feeling perfectly satisfied: “Being able to find such a suitable apartment is really not easy ar.”

Feng Teng also nods his head in agreement. On his list of properties, finding such a small apartment was really not easy. He sits down beside her and reminds her: “When you have time, invite your cla.s.smate and her boyfriend to have a simple meal together.”


“You live in her home for such a long time so I have to give them a treat to show my grat.i.tude.”

Why do you need to treat …… Shan Shan’s heart ripples a bit, “In that case, I will give them a treat.”

“After paying the rent, do you still have money?”

…… Oh ya.

“Then you treat la …… By the way, I don’t even have money for dinner today…… So you might as well treat me dinner also ^_^”

At night, after seeing Big Boss’s imperial chariot off, Shan Shan lies on her bed and  gives Da Hua a call. Shan Shan’s cla.s.smate Da Hua is basically a foodie. When she hears eating, she becomes rather happy.

“Good ar, good ar,  then let’s make it two days after tomorrow. Da Cao will be back by then so we can eat together. Why do you suddenly want to give us a treat, you made a fortune?”

“I lived in your home for so many days so I want to thank you ah.”

“Aiya, we are cla.s.smates, you don’t look like someone who is so formal and polite with me ah.”

“My boyfriend said that ……” Shan Shan is still not used to address Feng Teng as her boyfriend in front of others. Even though she is making a call in her own home and there is n.o.body else around, she also cannot help but buries her head into the pillow.

“Your boyfriend is also coming?!” Da Hua “Oh.” Although she had not b.u.mped into Feng Teng, Shan Shan had lived in her house for so many days, she can guess Shan Shan has a boyfriend and excitedly says, “Great, I have not met him but let’s not say thank you. This time both of you treat and next time we will return the treat la!”

“Oh.” Shan Shan answers, “Then what do you want to eat ah?”

“Oh heehee, let me choose ah. I want to eat a lot of food such as elephant-trunk clam (geoduck), grouper, shark fin and bird’s nest soup. Just order a bit of everything wow…..” When talking about eating, Da Hua‘s saliva flows like a waterfall.

“…… Wait a minute. I will take a pen to write them down.”

“Write what? I am only kidding la. We will just simply find a place to eat. The main purpose is to meet your boyfriend …… in person?”

Shan Shan has already crawled out of bed to find a pen and paper so she does not hear it ……

Then three days later, when Da Hua sees a table of culinary delicacies in front of her, she becomes completely speechless. Shan Shan is still holding her small piece of paper to check. Feng Teng takes the small piece of paper from her hands and raises his eyebrows.

“……..How come you don’t even know how to write elephant-trunk clam?”

You go so far as to use phonetic writing (pinyin)?

Shan Shan defends herself, “I do not know which three words ah …… Da Hua said and I wrote them down immediately.”

“In future, do not tell people you are my employee.”

“Oh, I am your girlfriend ma, I understand …… hey, Da Hua, eat this, it is very tasty.”

Hearing her name is mentioned, Da Hua’s line of vision moves from the culinary delicacy to the sparkling handsome man sitting on the opposite side. She remembers just now outside, she has seen the car he drove…… so she finds an excuse to get Shan Shan into the toilet.

“That is your boyfriend?”

“Yes ah.”

“He is your boss?”

” …… Yes.”

Da Hua remembers Shan Shan’s company, that is …… She cannot help twitching the corner of her mouth, “You tell me honestly, did you join some evil cult?”


“If not, you must have entered Miao tribe?” (The Miao people is one of the 56 official minority groups in China and it is widely believed they practice black magic.)

” …… ”

Da Hua walks out of the bathroom but returns in a short while, “You have not told your boyfriend I said I am going to return you the treat later?”

“Not yet.”

“Then I feel relieved.” Da Hua heaves a sigh of relief, holds onto Shan Shan’s shoulders and fixes her pair of eyes on her, “Please forget that sentence la! I still need to keep the money to support my husband!”

Feeling embarra.s.sed, Shan Shan follows Da Hua to go back to her seat. Shan Shan is shocked to see Big Boss holding chopsticks and heading for her soup bowl …… to pick out parsley?! While chatting with Da Hua’s boyfriend who is from the Faculty of Economics about the current economic condition, he casually with graceful movements helps her pick parsley. That casual and natural gesture as if he has done it thousands of times before ……

Da Hua is surprised and asks: “This parsley is not fresh?”

Feng Teng smiles, puts the soup bowl he has already finished picking the parsley back in front of Shan Shan and says: “She does not eat parsley.”

Come on! You are very good at pretending la! Obviously, she is the one who usually picks for him, okay!!! Also, when does she not eat parsley ah? The picky eater obviously is himself!

Suffering Da Hua’s “great, pretend you are picky” judgmental gaze, Shan Shan feels like crying…… However deep down inside, she feels like her heart is blooming in happiness, making her feel dreamily like the emanc.i.p.ation of a slave =  =. Emotionally stirred up, she finishes eating the bowl of soup immediately.

The next morning at work, Shan Shan clutches her painful stomach and runs quickly to the toilet for the second time. Unfortunately, the toilet is still being cleaned. Shan Shan still clutches her stomach and runs downstairs.

After using the toilet, Shan Shan finally feels relieved. It doesn’t feel like diarrhea. Thus, it is purely because she ate too much yesterday ……

She is in the midst of feeling upset, she hears the sounds of high heels outside. Two female employees chatting about cosmetics enter the toilet.

“How is the Chanel powder you have been using recently?”

“Okay ah, nothing special. Hey, I found out that xx has a new product that is quite good …..”

Shan Shan is still suffering stomach pain while listening to their chatting to distract her from the pain. She has recently started to have a little bit of interest in cosmetics. However, her natural talent is inadequate so currently she is not even sure about the steps to put on makeup. She really wants to listen to their conversation to learn something, but they change the topic and no longer talk about cosmetics.

” Hey, has the girl upstairs broken up with that person on the 22nd floor ah?”

“Probably yes, I hear she has not gone up to eat recently.” The sound of the opening of the powder container, “Anyway, you can‘t really consider them as broken up. Who knows if they even started dating.”

“You are right. Therefore, one is better to be steadfast.  Is it easy to climb high? Moreover, it is not just a little bit high.”

“Yes ah, I think the feeling of falling down is not a nice one. So many people in our company will be looking. Zhou Xiao Wei from Human Resources has become a laughingstock since last year’s New Year’s party.”

“For me, I will not be able to continue working in the company and would resign.”

A short while later, Shan Shan slowly walks out of the toilet and goes upstairs. After returning to her seat, she no longer is in the mood to work.

Well, those two colleagues did not say anything excessive. Anyone seeing her with Boss will no doubt also think like that. Although Shuang Yi encourages and supports her, sometimes she will also have a worried look in her eyes. Just that Shuang Yi is smart enough not to do something useless like telling her what to do.

What will Da Hua think? Suddenly, Shan Shan is eager to know the opinions of others. There is bound to be someone who thinks they are right for each other and sends blessings ar? She remembers Da Hua seems to have her weibo (a hybrid of Twitter and Facebook) on. Shan Shan is unable to resist secretly using her mobile phone to go online.

After finding her weibo, Da Hua really has posted something about yesterday meeting.

Da Hua: Yesterday, I ate a super expensive banquet ah, just like a dream! I ate until my stomach ached! Hey, I will disclose a certain cla.s.smate in our university is dating a sugar daddy. Young and handsome with a luxury car! Super smart, super stylish! Sprinkle lots of confetti!!!

There are already several replies.

Nine Meters: Request banquet pictures!

Da Hua: Too embarra.s.sing to take pictures la. He is too high-end orz (posture emoticon representing kneeling or bowing) so I fear I will disgrace our cla.s.smate.

Reflection of a Hand: Request to disclose that cla.s.smate.

Tiny Push: In the same city as you, which is S City. With the ability to date a sugar daddy, after much thought, I can only think of pretty girl Fei Fei. Everyone, please call me Detective Conan.

Da Hua: I want to clarify she is not Fei Fei.

Tiny Push: Do not keep us in suspense. Quickly say who she is.

Da Hua: Other people‘s privacy. Cannot say, can not say ah. When she gets married, all of you will know.

Liu Shan: Who knows if she can get married ah? Is it so easy to date a wealthy person? All of you women’s minds only think of wealthy men.

Shan Shan silently closes the webpage.

She knows Da Hua‘s “sugar daddy” is not meant to be derogatory. The term is now often being used to ridicule and joke. Moreover, she is also very careful and did not disclose who is that person. However, her unintentional two words still makes her heart feel stuffy, an indescribable feeling.

“Shan Shan, why do you look absent-minded ah? Don’t think about the train ticket incident anymore. I have already forgotten.” A Jia, who is holding a cup, walks over and skeptically says, “Could it be that there is a problem in your love relationship with the President? Do you need me to give you advice ah!?”

“I am not in a love relationship with the President.” The two words “sugar daddy” make Shan Shan a little sensitive so she reflexively blurts them out.

Obviously, the fault lies mainly with that person “Feng Teng”.

Not far behind, a tall man wearing a well-ironed suit’s footsteps comes to a halt. The group of people behind him also immediately stop. Then very quickly, he turns his footsteps and walks in another direction without changing his expression. The Chief Financial Officer and others who are accompanying him, glance at a certain direction and hurriedly keep up.

A Jia is holding a cup and leisurely drinking her tea. Suddenly, her eyes open wide, and she utters, “Oh My G.o.d” then quickly returns to her seat.

This makes Shan Shan fl.u.s.tered and unconsciously follows her line of vision. Then she sees Feng Teng’s tall and straight back view.

Her heart also starts to “pound” and feels a little panicky.

Why is he coming to the Finance Department?

A Jia lowers her voice to ask a colleague: “Why and when did President Feng Teng come down to our office ah?!”

The colleague next to her says: “More than ten minutes ago ah. How come you do not know?”

“I went to the tea room, ah. Shan Shan also does not know?”

She had gone to the toilet……

Shan Shan gazes at the brave, straight and calm back view from a distant. Her heart begins to feel uneasy. He couldn’t have heard what she had just said, right?

Fortunately, when they have dinner at night, although Feng Teng’s expression is cool, he does not look unhappy. Shan Shan puts down her dessert. Because of her guilty conscience, she starts to behave especially attentive to him.

“I’m going to the U.S. next week, probably staying for a week or so.”


“You can go with me.”

“Going abroad? But I do not have a”

Feng Teng‘s expression is still cool: “Then, forget it.”

After dinner, he sends her home. When they are going upstairs, Feng Teng suddenly calls after her.

“Xue Shan Shan.”


Shan Shan turns around and finds Feng Teng looking and staring at her for a few seconds, then says: “You go up la.”