Come and Eat, Shan Shan Chapter 29


When Mr. and Mrs. Xue come down and see Shan Shan, they start to complain about her. They complain about her causing so many troubles and spending extra money on airfare. Seeing the two big boxes, at first they are shocked. Then, they complain she wasted her money to buy so many presents. Shan Shan smiles while listening as she is used to her parents’ complaints, which is their way of showing their care and affection.

Today is Mr. Xue’s relatives turn to have family dinner in Shan Shan‘s house. Since she came back late, they did not wait for her and has begun to eat. Grandpa, grandma elder and younger uncles with their families are all here, just enough to fill a table.

Seeing Shan Shan is back, everyone puts down their chopsticks. Grandpa is so happy and smiles until  his eyes cannot be seen, “Little Shan Shan is back la.”

Shan Shan has not seen them for about six months so she runs over and hugs them, “Grandpa, Grandma.”

Shan Shan greets everyone. Grandma lovingly says: “Quickly sit down and eat. Are you tired from the plane ride? The thieves are really bad, even stealing stuff during Lunar New Year.”

Shan Shan chuckles.

After Mrs. Xue puts away the things in her hands, she quickly greets everyone: “Everyone just sit down and eat, no need to pay much attention to a kid like her.”

Once again, everyone sits down to eat and talk to Shan Shan. First, they ask about her work, wage, bonuses, etc. thoroughly. Shan Shan does not mind, just says whatever she got. As it turns out, they even praise her.

Then, they ask how was the flight ah, whether she can get used to living in a big city, etc. When they have finished asking, junior aunt jokingly says: “Shan Shan, Liu Liu already has a boyfriend so when will you have good news ah?”

Liu Liu is Shan Shan’s elder uncle’s daughter. Xue family has three grandchildren called Liu Liu, Shan Shan and younger uncle’s son called Xue Tong Tong.

“Oh, Liu Liu also …… ”

She is about to say the word “also” then quickly swallows back. Instead she says, “Liu Liu has a boyfriend ah?”

Luckily, n.o.body heard anything. Elder aunt proudly says: “Yes ah Shan Shan, next year our family’s Liu Liu is also going to work in S city. This time, our Xue family’s two girls also have the ability to go to a big city to work. Your grandfather will be even more happy.”

Elder aunt always feels that her daughter Xue Liu Liu is the most outstanding among Xue family’s three grandchildren, but in the end Xue Shan Shan went to a big city to work. All the relatives say Shan Shan has good future prospect so elder aunt has held her breath for a long time and she can only spit it all out today.

Shan Shan says frankly: “That would be nice. It just so happens that I am moving and need to rent a new place. Liu Liu can live together with me.”

As soon as she finishes talking, Mrs. Xue uses a chopstick to hit her head, “You silly child, your sister does not need to rent an apartment with you.”

Elder aunt happily says: “Yes ah, Liu Liu and Xiao Jun are going together. Xiao Jun’s family has a more than 150 square feet big apartment in S city.”

Liu Liu silently helps her mother to take some food.

Shan Shan glances at Liu Liu, silently sympathizing with her. Her cousin looks very beautiful and is also smart. Thus since young, elder aunt likes to show her off and compare her with others. However, she has a steady and low-key personality so it must be extremely painful for her. Yet, she cannot protest because she is not elder aunt’s own flesh and blood. She has been adopted at birth from her relatives who did not want a daughter.

Normally, people who adopt a child will be afraid that the child will know they are not the real parents and they will conceal that fact. In contrast, elder aunt is afraid the daughter will not be filial to her in the future so she often has told her since young that if not for her adoption, she would be living a bitter life with her real parents, etc.  Xue Liu Liu, who already has a quiet personality, having such an adopted mother, naturally becomes even more quiet.

Junior uncle’s son, who is still in school, Xue Tong Tong sits besides Shan Shan and whispers in her ear: “Sister Shan Shan,  do you know who is sister Liu Liu’s boyfriend?”


“He is her boss’ son. Initially, you were going to work there. If you had gone to work there, will he be your boyfriend ah?”

After graduation, Shan Shan actually found a job in a little well-known local company, which was a good thing. However, once elder aunt found out, she caused trouble by insisting it was grandpa who got the job for Shan Shan because that company’s personnel director was grandpa’s battle companion’s son.

She accused grandpa of practicing favouritism. He does not consider Liu Liu as his real granddaughter, etc. resulting in no peace in the family. Shan Shan wanted to give the job to Liu Liu, but work is such a big deal so Mrs. Xue would definitely not give in. Fortunately, Shan Shan quickly found a job in S city and rejected this job. Grandpa once again thickened his skin to go and seek out his battle companion’s son to give the job to Liu Liu. Only then, elder aunt calmed down.

Shan Shan is extremely embarra.s.sed by what Tong Tong said. “You are just a little boy so why are you thinking of such things?”

Tong Tong is embarra.s.sed and says: “My mother said this at home. Sister Liu Liu is okay, but elder aunt is very annoying, talking until people’s ears fall off yet does not stop.”

Shan Shan gives him some pig ears (a kind of food), “Nourishment for your ears!”

Xue Tong Tong rolls his eyeb.a.l.l.s and says: “Sister, what is inside your two big boxes? Are they presents for me ah?”

“Ah, yes, there are also presents for everyone.”

When Shan Shan remembers Feng Teng’s presents, she has lost her appet.i.te to eat her meal so she hastily finds a pair of scissors to open the boxes. Everyone is also curious to see what is in the two boxes.

Xue Shan Shan expectantly opens the boxes, then immediately she becomes stupefied. Huh , what is this?

A bag of radishes?


Everyone in the room is left speechless.

Elder aunt laughs, “Aiyo, how delicious are these radishes ah? Shan Shan, you have to bring them back from faraway.”

Everyone also laughs non-stop. Shan Shan is extremely embarra.s.sed and has to say: “This kind of radish is very delicious to eat, very sweet. I especially brought them back for everyone to eat = =”

What is Big Boss doing ah? Could it be that because she picked them so he gave them to her to bring back? Or because ……they are something worth remembering T T

Shan Shan is 100% sure, Big Boss did it intentionally.

Fortunately, below the radishes are all normal presents. However, this is probably normal in term of Boss‘s standard. Shan Shan cannot tell the cost of the presents to the elders, but the presents to the juniors, which are the latest ipad2, Shan Shan does know the price.

Thus, she is feeling a little bit scared.

Elder aunt’s face it turning sour. Although Mrs. Xue is smiling, in her heart she knows clearly how much her daughter earns. So many things, must have cost her at least several months’ wages ah. Only grandparents do not really know the market price so they are feeling the happiest. Oh, there is also Xue Tong Tong who is holding the ipad2 like he can fly.

He eagerly opens the packaging and says: “Sister Shan Shan, you robbed a bank, ah.”

Shan Shan can only react resourcefully to fabricate: “Haha, it is like this. This ipad is …… is an imitation. Although it is made to look like real, in fact it is fake la, very cheap, one thousand dollars …… do not even need …… moreover, this year the company benefit is good, the year-end bonus is quite a lot.”

Shan Shan wants to cry. Big Boss gave her a box of radishes and also said only lent her the mobile phone, resulting in people not embarra.s.sed to accept them.  Then how come he gave such expensive things to her family members?

“Our Shan Shan knows how to earn big money.” Grandma happily says, “But next time do not buy so many things. These nutritional products are really expensive, right? No matter how big is the year-end bonus, you also shouldn’t spend like this ah.”

“Nutritional products ah …… ”

Shan Shan, feeling guilty as a thief, says: “In fact, this is from a colleague’s family business so they gave me wholesale price, haha.”

While talking, she is thinking by saying Big Boss is a colleague is also true. Hence, her heart cannot help feeling juicy sweet.

Elder aunt immediately says: “So it is wholesale. Shan Shan, these are nutritional products, to be eaten into the stomach so you cannot buy wrongly.”

These words sound like words of concern, but they are insinuating Shan Shan probably bought the fake ones.

Shan Shan is not angry since she is used to her sarcastic way of talking, “Elder aunt, I a.s.sure you they are safe to be eaten because my colleague takes them daily so there is absolutely no cause for concern. Besides, nowadays the shops earn huge profits. They dare to sell a one hundred dollar item as one thousand dollar, when in fact the cost is not so high.”

“Aiya” elder aunt says, “After all, you stay in a big city so you are more astute compared to my family’s Liu Liu and Xiao Jun who only know to buy from the shops. Although they can be eaten at ease, they are really expensive.”

Everyone has tolerated her for twenty plus years, naturally they will not lose their appet.i.te over her behavior today. They finish having the Lunar New Year ‘s dinner in a lively atmosphere. The women clear the table and are getting ready to play mahjong. The two young girls stay in the kitchen to wash up and cut the fruits.

“Shan Shan, don‘t be angry with my mum.” When the elders are not around, Xue Liu Liu quietly apologizes to her.

Shan Shan says: “I am not angry la.”

Liu Liu smiles. Shan Shan, who just has a boyfriend, is particularly concerned about her, “Sister, how come you suddenly want to go to S city ah?”

Liu Liu softly says: “He said he wants to go to S city to develop as he does not want to rely on his family.”

“Oh, sister, how does your boyfriend look like? Do you like him?”

Shan Shan asks so many questions because she has not seen Liu Liu display a happy face all night. This does not look like a person in love.

Liu Liu bows her head to wash the fruits and after a while says: “Anyway, there is nothing I do not like. As long as mum is happy, it is enough.”

When they take out the fruits, the elders are already playing mahjong. Shan Shan looks for a moment then goes to Shuang Yi’s home. The winter night is cold to the bones and snowflakes are falling from the deep blue sky. While walking on the street, Shan Shan suddenly has the urge to call Feng Teng.

But ……

She has only come home for a few hours.

Restraint ah restraint. She must exercise restraint. She continues to utter these two words all the way and soon she arrives at Shuang Yi‘s home. Shuang Yi’s home is very near to her home, separated by only a street. It is a double-storey old house. The ground floor is Shuang Yi’s father’s cake shop where business has always been good.

After Shan Shan goes into Shuang Yi’s home, she greets her parents and gives them some small presents. Shuang Yi immediately drags her into her room. Once the door is shut, Shuang Yi grabs Shan Shan’s shoulders, looks seriously at her and asks:

“Xue Shan Shan, you honestly tell me, that last time you said that a powerful man made a love confession to a woman, are you that woman?”


Shan Shan immediately feels guilty.

Shuang Yi is observing Shan Shan’s gestures for clues and is excited, “Ah ah ah, really is you ah!? Later, the more I think, the more I feel there is something wrong. You are so slow. If it is not something important, you will not ask me out of the blue. Actually, it is really you ah ah ah ah. Quickly tell me, how powerful is that powerful man!? What does he do? How tall? How handsome? Do you have a photo ……?”

Shan Shan quickly surrenders, “You ask one by one. Take it slowly.”

“Okay, first of all, is he handsome?”

Shan Shan nods her head. Shuang Yi has stars in her eyes, “Let me look at the photo in the mobile phone.”

” …… No photo …… ”

“I do not believe you, give me your mobile phone, I want to see for myself.” While talking, she has already taken the mobile phone from Shan Shan’s pocket, but Shuang Yi feels something is wrong, “Hey, you changed your mobile phone?”

“…… It is his phone.”

“Ah ah ah,” Shuang Yi is even more excited, “Already reach the exchange mobile phone stage?”

……. As it turns out besides exchanging diary, there is also such a thing as exchanging mobile phone? Shan Shan says: ” No lah, I lost my mobile phone so he lent me this one.”

“Oh, oh, oh, so considerate!”

“Oh yeah.” Shan Shan remembers now, “Give me your mobile phone number. I lost my mobile phone so all the phone numbers are gone.”

“Do not change the topic. What does he do ah?”

“…… He is my boss =  =”

“Hey, your boss ah, pretty good, pretty good ~ ~ ” Although Shuang Yi does not go to work, she also knows now it is quite popular to call your immediate superior “your boss”.

“T__T A little higher than immediate superior.”

“…… How high?”


Shuang Yi starts to tremble, “Don’t tell me, don‘t tell me, he is the legendary …… CEO?”

“Yes =  =”

” …… ” Shuang Yi murmurs, “Shan Shan ah, you scared me.”

After a while, Shuang Yi regains her composure, “Aiyo, ident.i.ty is unimportant la. I will not discriminate against him because he is rich! What is important is the process of love ah! How did both of you get together ah?”

Shan Shan stares blankly at her, “Actually, I am also at a loss ……”

Shuang Yi tries to help, “There must be a turning point! Who pierces through the window, who made the love confession first?”

“Uh, can be considered him la.” Shan Shan decides to forget completely about her love confession on Lunar New Year Eve’s night!

“Wow!” Shuang Yi holds her face and fantasizes, “So how do you feel ah?”

“Feel?” Shan Shan remembers the gold card a.n.a.logy she mentioned last time, “It is like while you are walking on the road, suddenly you pick up one hundred dollars = =”

“You must be pleasantly surprised? Windfall from the sky ah!”

“That …… I would first suspect whether it is counterfeit money……”


Perhaps because she writes novels, Shuang Yi possesses a cautious nature which is inconsistent with her outward appearance. She is sensitive enough to sense what is troubling Shan Shan, “You feel that he is not serious?”

” …… Of course not, he is certainly unlikely to be that lacking in moral.” Shan Shan says, ” I just think that everything is very unreal.”

“Oh, Xue Shan Shan, the matter is like this. I know you have been hit hard by a falling diamond cake from the sky until becoming very dizzy, but there is very little outstanding men in this world, do you know that?!”

“Thus, when you meet a good one, you definitely must not think east or think west. Go all out for it first then think later!” Shuang Yi clenches her fist, her small universe is in a burning condition, “Shan Shan, go for it without any fear! I will be your love guide as well as technical support!”