Come and Eat, Shan Shan Chapter 26


“The members of our family, each of them is also very picky with food ah. I am considered the least picky. This farm was set up by my grandfather. He disliked the current overuse of chemicals on plants making them unsafe for consumption so he decided to get a piece of land and find some people to farm it. ”

After breakfast, they rest for a while to wait for Yan Qing to arrive before making their way to the farm. Miss Feng drags Shan Shan to go in a separate car, saying she wants to say something private to her.

While she is driving, she smilingly explains to Shan Shan the history of the Feng’s family farm. “When grandpa was still alive, he used to always say, with this farm our family will have a grasp on ‘land, agriculture, industry and commerce,’ all four pillars of the economy.”

Shan Shan curiously expresses her surprise. She can see that the family is involved in agriculture, commerce and industry but what about land?

Miss Feng see her doubts and takes the initiative to explain: “Our family ancestors have been scholars all along. During the Ming Dynasty, they even managed to successively take up official posts. Then during the Qing Dynasty, they only changed to doing business.” (Note: The Feng family began as scholars.  In the Ming dynasty, family members became imperial officials who owned land.  This is when the Feng family began their rise in wealth and power.  Thus, the emphasis on “land” by grandfather Feng.)

While Shan Shan is listening, she has a blank look. At first, she is under the impression that Boss’s family is just rich only, but she did not expect they have such a long history. Her train of thoughts drifts for awhile, then Shan Shan suddenly remembers something.

“Uh, Ah Yue, there’s something I want to tell you. The person who gave you a blood transfusion the second time was not me. She is another Feng Teng‘s employee.”

Shan Shan proceeds to explain the misunderstanding which happened at the company’s annual party. Miss Feng is somewhat surprised, thinks for a moment, then says: “Aiya, my brother didn’t exactly lie to me because when I asked if it was you. He did not answer me so I just took it for granted, thinking it was you la.”

She is a little angry, “He is probably afraid I’ll send food to other people.” While speaking, she glances at Shan Shan with a mischievous gleam in her eyes, “Oh, it seems that not just anybody can eat my family’s food.”

Shan Shan feels a sense of relief after explaining everything clearly. She can’t be bother to ponder over Boss’s motive since she can’t see through it . Thus, Shan Shan pretends not to hear Miss Feng‘s quip, and she asks with concern: “Didn’t you just had a blood transfusion recently, are you okay to drive?”

“It is nothing, just a false alarm la. Anyway, the farm is very near, less than half an hour drive only.”

Indeed, they did not drive long, Miss Feng already says: “We have arrived.”

Shan Shan looks out the window and sees a forest. After driving for a short period of time, she can see the farmland and pond. At the roadside, there are several blocks of double-story buildings. In front of those buildings, there are several people already waiting on a piece of empty land.

Feng Yue is surprised and says: “How come Li Shu is also here?”

After getting out of the car, a slim, tall and pretty girl with short hair approaches and smilingly says, “Ah Yue.”

Feng Yue says: “Li Shu, how come you are also here?”

Yuan Li Shu smilingly says: “Ah Yue, as you know, every year, the vegetables for my family’s Lunar New Year Eve’s dinner are from your family‘s farm so how come this year you are not willing to provide?”

Feng Yue replies: “I am only asking, nothing more. In the previous years, didn’t they get sent to your home, how come they didn’t get sent this year?”

This Feng family’s farm, beside supplying the Feng family with vegetables daily, during the Lunar New Year will also give some products to friends and relatives.

Li Shu smilingly says: “You would not let me finish eating, then come again ah? If you are not willing, I’ll have to ask from your big brother.”

She has already spotted Feng Teng, who is getting out of his car behind her, and gracefully says: “Brother Feng, long time no see.”

Feng Teng nods his head, “Li Shu.”

Shan Shan, who is standing aside, for once is sharp enough to realise: Wah, she is actually Big Boss’s admirer!

Yuan Li Shu is clearly a smooth talker as she is able to flatter Feng Teng without being obvious about it, talking about investments in the West and the like. She even manages to get a faint smile from people like Feng Teng, who is hard to please and rarely smile.

While listening, Xue Shan Shan reviews her behavior. See lah, see lah, this is truly an expert ah with an ability to sweet talk Big Boss and make him happy. In comparison, she is simply too straightforward.

Feng Yue, who is standing besides her, sees that Shan Shan looks like she is in a trance so she thinks that Shan Shan is unhappy. Since she knows brother has no interest in Li Shu, she definitely needs to explain this to Xue Shan Shan. She softly tells Xue Shan Shan: “Li Shu is the granddaughter of Grandma Li who is grandmother’s faithful servant. She spent almost her whole life in my house until my grandmother pa.s.sed away, then she went to live with her son. Li Shu and us grew up together in the old house. Big brother treats her like a sister. ”

Of course, her focus is on the last sentence, but she is unsure if Shan Shan understands or not. Then she smilingly says to Li Shu and Feng Teng: “Have both of you finished reminiscing? If you continue talking, the sky will get dark.”

Yuan Li Shu complains: “Ah Yue, you are really too much. I rarely have the opportunity to consult big brother Feng.”

While talking, she sees the fishing rod in Feng Teng‘s hand, is surprised and says: “Big brother Feng, are you fishing today? I’ve wanted to learn for a long time. Last time, I was not able to go to the sea to fish so do you mind teaching me today?”

Feng Yue sighs and knows her friend will not turn back if she doesn’t hit the brick wall. She has been interested in Feng Teng for a long time, but she used to feel her family background is just too ordinary so she does not dare to express her love for him. Now, she has probably heard about Xue Shan Shan, who has an ordinary family background, yet she is able to climb higher. Naturally, she is dissatisfied, unprecedentedly taking a more proactive att.i.tude.

Seeing that Feng Teng has already nodded his head, Feng Yue once again has a new train of thought since big brother has never been someone who procrastinates. Previously, Li Shu hid her feelings and did not say anything so there is no way to reject her. Now, she seems more direct so might as well take this opportunity to let big brother make himself clear, lest she wastes her time.

Thus, she no longer tries to obstruct her, instead says to Xue Shan Shan: “Shan Shan, let’s go and pick vegetables.”

Although it is said to personally pick vegetables, of course Miss Feng is not willing to really go to the farm. She will just go and choose some from those vegetables already picked by others.

Feng Teng says: “It is okay that you are slack, but do not lead her astray.” Then he says to Xue Shan Shan who has been standing like a log for a long time at the side: “Xue Shan Shan, come over here.”

After saying that, he and Yan Qing, holding the fishing rods, walk to the direction of the pond. Shan Shan glances at Feng Yue, and she says: “Okay, we will go together.”

Yuan Li Shu, who is walking behind the two men, seems to have noticed the presence of Shan Shan so smilingly says: “Hi, may I know your name?”

Shan Shan politely says: “h.e.l.lo! My name is Xue Shan Shan”

Li Shu also smiles and politely says: “I am Li Shu.”

She didn’t mention her surname to indicate her special and close relationship with the Feng family, then smilingly says: “Miss Xue, are you here like me to pick some vegetables?”

Xue Shan Shan says: “No, I followed them here for a visit.”

Yuan Li Shu asks: “May I know what is Miss Xue‘s occupation?”

“I work in the finance field.”

“In Feng Teng?”


Yuan Li Shu starts to smile, “Then, we can be considered in the same field, but I am not as fortunate as you to work under big brother Feng.”

Feng Yue interrupts and says: “Li Shu is engaged in financial investments. In addition, she is also my personal financial consultant. ”

Yuan Li Shu says: “Ah Yue, you are making fun of me, what personal financial consultant? It is just that you are too lazy to manage it so I am helping you out.”

She continues to chat with Feng Yue about some of the latest investments and current market conditions for awhile. Then she turns around and asks Xue Shan Shan: “Miss Xue, what is your opinion on the current market condition?”

Actually, Shan Shan did not pay much attention to what they were talking about, but it is definitely related to investment. She looks at the shadows of Feng Teng and Yan Qing in front of her, knowing they must be able to hear their conversation quite clearly. Miss Li Shu, if you want to show off, just show off lah, why involves me also.

Shan Shan shakes her head and says: “In fact, there is quite a big difference between finance and financial investment. It is good enough that I am able to survive as I don’t have any spare cash so I don’t pay much attention to investment. Otherwise, it is rather difficult to bear a head full of ideas but unable to achieve them. Maybe I will end up taking a risk out of desperation and stake all on one throw by embezzling money.”

Yuan Li Shu is unhappy. What did she mean by “a head full of ideas but unable to achieve them”, is Xue Shan Shan mocking her? “Stake all on one throw” is exactly what she is doing right now. She has underestimated her.

Feng Yue looks closely at Shan Shan and she looks all innocent, earnestly trying to explain herself. Thus, she feels that this is a case where the listener is taking a casual remark to heart.

At this time, Feng Teng, who is in the midst of a conversation with Yan Qing, smiles and turns around. Then he changes his expression to a high and mighty one, “Xue Shan Shan, you dare to mention embezzlement in front of me?”

Shan Shan is scared and quickly shakes her head, “Don’t have, don’t have, I’m just using it as an a.n.a.logy. President, I am innocent ar!”

Feng Yue shakes her head silently. Big brother, you are really evil, Shan Shan, you are really very easy to ‘eat’ and Li Shu …… you really have no chance.

While talking, the whole group has arrived at the fishing pond. Feng Teng puts down his fishing rod and asks Xue Shan Shan: “Do you know how to fish?”

Shan Shan shakes her head, “I don‘t know.”

Hearing the way Feng Teng asked, everyone also thought he is going to teach Xue Shan Shan. Yuan Li Shu’s face becomes stiff. Surprisingly, Feng Teng only nods his head, then points at the vegetable garden besides the pond and says: “Then you go pick radishes.”

Shan Shan is thunderstruck.