Come and Eat, Shan Shan Chapter 2


Did you enjoy the first part of the translation? Lidge translated it from the Vietnamese version so the translation has come a long way from Chinese to Vietnamese then English:) Shan Shan’s boss who is the male lead of the book will make his appearance in this part. Is he handsome or not, lol?


Chapter 1.2 (translated by lidge and edited by peanuts)

Drawings by: 雪魅天下 from Baidu


“Miss Xue Shan Shan, please save my wife.”

“That &h.e.l.lip;&h.e.l.lip;” Shan Shan is confused as he shakes her hands this way and that way.

Can someone explain what is happening?&h.e.l.lip;&h.e.l.lip;Also, who is this man crushing her hands in his grips?&h.e.l.lip;&h.e.l.lip;.

“Yan Qing, let her go.”

The command is soft but authoritative, making the man called Yan Qing immediately pull back his hands.

Shan Shan turns toward the voice and then her eyes look straight ahead.  Just a lone figure sitting at a slant angle, but the man emits a light that attracts and captivates everyone’s attention.  It seems he has just left a party, wearing a conventional black suit, his face showing a bit of tiredness and an innate domineering coldness.

He adjusts his shirt sleeve and stands, walking arrogantly towards Shan Shan.

“Xue Shan Shan?”

Shan Shan nods dumbly.

“Blood group AB – RH negative.”

Shan Shan nods again.

His face is still arrogant, but his eyes appear relieved.

“My sister and you have the same rare blood type.  She has just been admitted into the maternity ward waiting to give birth, but the blood bank is running low.  To prevent any mishap, please wait here in case we need your help.”

So this is what everything is about, Shan Shan finally understands.  When she had a health check in college, she knew her blood type was rare.  Because of that, she is always careful when crossing the street, afraid that an accident can cause blood loss which can lead to death.

“No problem, no problem at all.”  Shan Shan begins to sympathize with the woman in the maternity ward, agreeing without hesitation.  However &h.e.l.lip;&h.e.l.lip;

Shan Shan sheepishly wonders: “Actually &h.e.l.lip;.. Can I ask a question?”

“Go ahead.”  Although she is helping him, he repeatedly treats her as if he is the one in charge and she is his follower.  Everyone else act as if his att.i.tude is normal, giving Shan Shan a feeling that something is off.

“Umm &h.e.l.lip;&h.e.l.lip; Who are you people?”  Also, how did they know where to contact her?

He looks at Shan Shan strangely for a few seconds and then slowly says: “I’m Feng Teng.”