Chikyuu Tenseisha no Koroshikata Chapter 44


Chapter 44 – The n.o.ble’s Daughter Longs for the Wide World 7

Late at night, transformed as Kai, I waited alone on the street corner for Montavo.

That joke character b.a.s.t.a.r.d, late right on the first day of training …

But, the awaited person finally came.

With frameless on his face, he was calmy heading towards me.

He was walking towards me

I’m gonna beat you up

“Well, I apologize for being late. When you become a n.o.ble and excellent elite such as I it would take you time to get dressed. I can’t exactly go out walking dressed with whatever random thing like some commoner. My n.o.ble self carries our family name on my back, you see”

Montavo felt no shame at all.

I’m gonna kill you

“Are you sure you want to take that att.i.tude with me. — I can’t say what’s going to happen to this”

As I said that I took out the necklace — the Sacrament Cage — that I stole yesterday.

Without this Montavo would lose his magic resistance abilities and lose to his duel opponent Yuutarou in under two seconds.

“Wha!? Please don’t break my Sacrament Cage! That has been handed in my n.o.ble and amazing self’s family for generations …! If you break it Mama will yell at me!”

“You’re not just a joke character but a mother-con too… — Okay, listen up Montavo”

I grabbed him by the collar.

“From now on, you will listen to what I say, or else I will destroy your oh-so-important Sacrament Cage. Then I’ll kill you. Capisce?”

“U … uuh …”


“Y, yes sir … This n.o.ble and wonderful elite self … will do as you say for now”

Montavo reluctantly nodded.

“Incidentally, Montavo. Who allowed you to breathe?”

“Do I even need permision for that!?”


“U … uuh … please allow my n.o.ble and master elite self to breathe …”

“Good, you may breathe”

Discipline is necessary when starting to train a wild dog.

After discipline, I immediately began a strategy meeting with Montavo.

The agenda was of course, how to win the duel against Yuutarou.

“Say Montavo, what do you think ‘winning against Yuutarou’ means?”

“Winning against Yuutarou? Isn’t that a simple thing? My n.o.ble and platinum elite self will cut Yuutarou down with splendorous sword skills”

“No, you know nothing,” I shook my head.

“You see, Yuutarou is a ‘Protagonist’. Protagonists in stories don’t lose. No matter how much you put pressure on Yuutarou, once he gets into a pickle the conditions will contrive to awaken his ‘true power’ and turn the tide of the battle”

“No way …. You’re saying my n.o.ble and G.o.dly elite self had been fated to lose?”

“That’s right. First understand and accept that — You won’t win against ‘Protagonists’”

“B, but then what should …!”

Montavo’s face grew more and more pale.

“Calm down, there’s a chance to win. I’ve started several plans and because of those, Yuutarou is currently losing the G.o.ddess’ favor. — Also, he’s in a bad mental state”

The fact that Miria had been doing it with her lover had reached Yuutarou’s ears.

That was because I transformed into a gossip lady and told him myself.

How Miria likes it done to her, what part of me she licked together with Rania, what that cute little tongue of hers does, what kinds of sounds she makes — I told him all of that in excruciating detail.

Hearing that Miria was f.u.c.ked by another man right on the heels of Ruby having done the same, Yuutarou received a terrible shock.

He clattered and trembled.

To a virginity freak middle schooler, being NTRed is nothing less than a nightmare.

Miria fulfills the role of mother for Yuutarou.

To the middle schooler Yuutarou, Miria’s motherliness was exceptionally charming.

And she was taken away.

Wantoly f.u.c.ked by another man — that fact cast a deep shadow over Yuutarou’s heart.

“If you want to defeat Yuutarou, now is the time,” I declared, balling my fist.

“But how could I defeat Yuutarou …? You said a contest of strength is useless didn’t you?”

“That would be simple. In order to defeat Yuutarou — You have to become a superior ‘Protagonist’ compared to him”

I will make you into a Protagonist.