Chikyuu Tenseisha no Koroshikata Chapter 4


Chapter 4 – And Thus I Decided to Join the Orc Queen – Past 4


Demon Swordsman Kai
Twin Blade Ruruka
Healer Elf Elieya
And the Unique Magic [Mirror] user Motoki, namely me

The party of us four steadily advanced.

We defeated Demihumans like Goblins and Orcs and destroyed many of their fortresses, enlarging the Human living s.p.a.ce.

We were invincible.

“We’re unmatched aren’t we! The strongest! All we have to do now is drink!”

“Yup, just drink! Actually I don’t want to do anything but drink! If we had the time to breathe then we better fill it with booze!”

“Idiot, won’t you die if you don’t breathe~”

“I’ll drink even when I’m dead~”

Kai and Ruruka were like this every time we took down a fortress.
Surrounded by flames, they drank the booze they bought in a nearby town until morning.

“Don’t fool around … I don’t think it’s good”

The Elf Elieya seemed to be the voice of reason and muttered for Kai and Ruruka to stop, but her hands never let go of the bottle.
She’s really the one who wanted to drink the most, isn’t she?

Everyone was caught in the moment.
Well, of course they would. When it’s a good moment you can’t help but be caught in it.

However, I was having a little problem with our situation.

“What’s wrong, Motoki? You’ve been silent all the time. You feeling unhealthy  …?”

Elieya worriedly talked to me.

“No, just feeling a bit unwell. Drunk, maybe”

“Want me to cast healing …? Huh, but does healing even work on drunkenness? I guess I can try casting on your liver …?”

“No, I’m good. Can’t let you use Elven healing magic to sober up, right — I’ll go catch some air”

I made an excuse and separated from the party.
Elieya did not insist on asking any more than that.

She’s a nice girl, but basically all she thinks of was Kai.
Even when talking to me, she kept on sending glances at Kai getting along with Ruruka.

I walked along the gra.s.s and looked down from atop a cliff.

What I saw was the Goblin fort we destroyed just now.
The Goblin houses and watch towers were still thunderously ablaze.

We did this.

My party members thought nothing of taking Goblin lives, but I was having feelings of guilt about it.

It’s not that I was a nice person.
It was because I was the one who understands goblins the most.

My role in this party was infiltration and intelligence.

Using my skill Mirror, I transformed into Demihumans and before the fighting began I infiltrated into the enemy settlements.
While living alongside the Goblins and Orcs, I exposed their military scale, where their traps are, and also the food situation, and brought them back to my friends.

While living with the Demihumans, I came to understand lots of things.

I came to understand that Humans and Demihumans weren’t all that different.

On the streets, Goblins and Orcs are treated as barbarian brutes, but they had a normal society.
They had feelings, too.
Seriously, Humans and Demihumans were just the same.

Well, I’m not saying let’s all be friends and all that.
Fighting is fine.
That was a matter of course.

Fighting and having little wins and losses are healthy.

But in reality, the Humans were overwhelmingly dominant.
Humans always won.

Why was that?
Because only Humans had warriors summoned from Earth.
And they had cheat skills.

The reason why the reincarnations happen, only the Human King and his close aide the Priest knew.

Anyway, if this keeps on the Humans and their Elven allies were going to have the hegemony over the world — That creeps me somehow.

A world where even though everyone’s the same, only the Humans were king.

“That would be boring, no matter how you put it”

Ever since I became able to use the transformation skill [Mirror], I had come to love the thing called [Diversity]

It’s better to have lots of variety.
Having just one is boring.

To have the world under one justice and reasoning — That’s too boring. That’s h.e.l.l.

If only.
If the Goblins and Orcs had a way to resist reincarnators from Earth.
Then the battles would become even again.

— That way is more interesting.

“Then let’s do that, shall we”

When I made up my mind it was like an auspicious day, I decided to set off on my own.

From now on I’ll go around the leaders of the Demihumans — the Orcs, Goblins, Trolls, Ghosts, Kobolds, and tell them how to kill the reincarnators. I can easily make contact with them using Mirror.

While living with Kai’s party I had come to notice the weakness of the Earth expatriates.
If they used that well they can resist.

“Bye Kai, Ruruka, Elieya”

I whispered, and ran along the plains.

First, I’ll head to the Orc country.

Thus I transformed into an Orc and entered the demesne of the Orc Queen O’Luna.
I was able to meet with the Queen Luna.

Luna was vigilant against me at first, but after settling two or three incidents as her subordinate, she accepted me as a friend.

I wasn’t planning on staying in the Orc country for so long but — when I noticed, I had been staying in Luna’s castle for over a year.

Well, that’s because Luna’s too much of a beauty.

I heard Orcs and Elves came from the same stock, but the Elven blood seems to be strong in Luna, giving birth to a miracle woman with the build of an orc and beauty of an Elf

I fell for her at first sight.

The other day Luna made a request of me.
“Kill the Earthlings in my stead”, she said.

I didn’t want to kill my fellow Earth expatriates with my own hands, but — we came to a deal that whenever I kill a single Earthling, Luna would surrender more of herself to me.

I’ll do it then.

For now, if I killed this target, Luna would allow me to fondle her b.r.e.a.s.t.s for an entire night.


“Umm, the top-grade fruits that are my b.r.e.a.s.t.s … do … do what you like …!”