Chikyuu Tenseisha no Koroshikata Chapter 28


Chapter 28 – The Priestess Miria Only Listens to the Word of G.o.d 7


“In order to fill this deserted church with believers … hm, let’s first review the way you’ve been spreading the teachings up until now. The reason this place is deserted is in the end because you’ve been doing it wrong, Miria onee-san”

I was having a strategy meeting with Miria in the guise of the boy.

How to increase Quira’s believers, and how should we fill this church with people.

The two of us thought that over.

“My my, you’re so harsh aren’t you little lamb … so, what should I do?”

Miria listened to me seriously.

“Then, I’ll pretend I’m a visitor wandering into the church, and you try and solicit me the usual way”

“Yes, alright!”

I went out the church for a moment, and went in again.

With the mental image of a visitor coming to the church for the first time, I fidgeted as I looked around me.

Miria walked up to me with a smile.

“My my, good day to you our lost sheep. What brings you here today? No, you don’t need to answer. I completely understand. You are troubled and wish to seek relief from G.o.ddess Quira, yes, you must be! Come now, follow me over here. I will make sure you get the precious teachings of G.o.ddess Quira”

Miria rattled on and on without taking a break and dragged me to the lecture hall.

“Stop …! Onee-san STOP! This is totally no good!!”

I stopped the act.

“Huh … Where did I fail? I thought I was doing my best to hand down the teachings …”

“Well, spreading the teachings is one of the goals but that right now is …”

I took a deep breath.

“… Onee-san, for now let’s not just talk in one breath. It’s scary”

“My my … but there are a lot of things I want to say. I want to have more of Lady Quira’s teachings reach the ears of the lost sheep …”

“It’s meaningless if they won’t listen, right? — Onee-san, listen more to what people say. Let’s try not talking on your own but only answer when you’re being talked to? Speaking on your own is forbidden!”

“All right … I should do that. It’s true that Sir Silva scolded me on that point last night. But … how can I get people to talk to me … people have been keeping me at a distance ever since I was small”

“Maybe it’s your gravity that’s bad. Let’s make you feel more approachable. Can you try making a stupid grin onee-san? Like this! smile”

“A stupid grin …? Like this? … s, smile…”

Miria’s smile was stiff.

Her good upbringing was getting in the way.

“No, not like that! Make it more carefree, like this! smile”

“S, smile …!”

“That doesn’t work at all. One more time!”

“Uu … you’re being harsh today, little lamb …”

But even as Miria looked like she was about to cry, she continued her smiling practice

On top of being diligent, Miria had the mental fort.i.tude to not get discouraged.


— Three days later

“How is this, little lamb, my smile!”

Miria’s face was adorned with a refreshing smile.

“Yes, I think it’s really good!”

Her usual loving smile wasn’t actually bad, but, how can I put this, it had a sacred feel to it, making her hard to approach.

The one she had now had a warmth that you’d want to talk with.

“Say little lamb, I wonder if people will really talk to me if I put on a smile? Will I have it easier to spread Lady Quira’s teachings?”

“H—m …”

I looked over Miria’s whole body again.

It’s still hard to approach.

She’s somewhat too prim and proper.

Probably, the habit has to go.

It was a holy habit made out of very good quality cloth.

It was a one piece affair, covering Miria’s entire skin without a gap.

The embroidery it had here and there were also austere.

“I know! Say onee-san, do you have a pair of scissors?”

“Hm? Yes, I do have them but …”

I had Miria bring me the scissors.

“So, let’s cut it. This may be dangerous so don’t move”

“Eh…!? Wait, little lamb!? What are you doing!?”

Ignoring the bewildered Miria, I ran the scissors over Miria’s habit’s skirt part.

I made a cut that went from the fringe to the joints of her thighs, cutting a deep slit into her habit.

“W, what did you do to the holy habit …! Little lamb, you are a really bad child … Repent over there! I’m going to give you a sermon!”

Miria bashfully held her skirt down even as she was scolding me.

Her face was dyed in red.

I proudly smiled.

“Now with this slit, onee-san will be shy and fidgety. You’ll be cute and easy to talk to. Also, you would feel to embarra.s.sed looking like this to talk on your own, right, onee-san? We killed two birds with one stone”

“B, but … dishonoring tradition is …”

“Didn’t the holy saint who visited last night said to be flexible and change things here and there? Then don’t you suppose it’s fine to change the habit’s design, too?”

“T, that’s true … but, this is …”

An idea came to mind and I said, “I know, onee-san, take off your panties too!”

“P, panties …? W, why do I have to take off my panties!”

“Well if you take them off, you’ll feel more shy and fidgety, right? That means you’ll be more easy to talk to, right? And you’ll be less likely to talk on your own — Yep, that’s a good thing for spreading the teachings”

“B, but even if it’s for spreading the teachings, I can’t walk around outside without panties…! I can’t do that! I’m not a shameless girl!”

“Oh? So that’s the limit of your love for the teachings. What a disappointment,” I said in a cold tone.

“T, that’s not true … but, still, taking my panties off is …”

“No, it’s not too much. If you won’t take off your panties just because you’re embarra.s.sed, then that’s all that your love to Lady Quira amounts to. If you really do love Lady Quira then you will take off your panties!!”

Being pressed by me, Miria opened her eyes wide.

“Yes … you’re right. It was wrong of me to put my own shyness ahead of my love for Lady Quira. What you said is right, little lamb. — I’ll take it off!!”

“Ah, then I’ll help you out of it”

I put both my hands in the slit in Miria’s skirt.

“Eh … wa, wait a minute little lamb … noo! … w, where are you touching …!”

While using the confusion to sneak a touch at Miria’s privates, I gripped the edge of her panties.

I then slowly, deliberately, pulled her panties down.

Baring her nether regions.

Ooh, Miria … you’re smooth even at this age.

“Uu … this is embarra.s.sing, but this is for the sake of the teachings … this is for the sake of Lady Quira”

Miria shut her eyes tight, trying to bear the shame of having her panties taken off.

She was no longer able to notice that we were not doing anything related to the teachings anymore.

When the panties finally dropped from Miria’s legs, she was very much fidgeting about, worried whether her private parts could be seen from the slit on her skirt.

The aura she had when I first saw her was completely gone.

“Say, little lamb … have … have I changed …?”

“Yes! Onee-san really is amazing!!”

“I, is that so? Thank you very much little lamb. This is all thanks to you!”


Ah, s.c.r.e.w.i.n.g with dumb girls is fun.