Chikyuu Tenseisha no Koroshikata Chapter 1


Chapter 1 – The Happenings until the Reincarnation – Past 1

My name is Katou Motoki.

I was originally born on Earth as an ordinary man.
Born to a pair of parents who both worked in the city council, I was raised without want, and after graduating from university I became employed in a government office like my parents.

Until this point, my life had gone well.

However, three years after graduating, I resolved to aim for the dream of becoming, of all things, an actor. I then quit my job and joined a small theater troupe.

Now that I think back to it, that might have been a belated rebellious period.

I wanted to change from being the “Good Boy” I’ve always been and decided to become an actor.
Because actors become completely different people on stage.

Of course, my parents flew into a rage. What do you think you’re doing in your mid twenties they said.

I couldn’t stay with my parents and left home, and for the first time of my life I lived alone.

The days after that, well, they were hard.
And the underground troupe I joined, they had no money.

Even with all the members working part-time jobs, we can’t even gather money to summon a producer, and we could only perform cheap surreal dramas on stage.

Of course, there’s no way that kind of troupe can attract customers.

Our base in the undergrounds of Shinjuku was always devoid of audience.

Still, I had fun.

As someone who could only be a Good Boy up until now, I could now become completely different people on stage.
Pro baseball player roles, hoodlum roles, teacher roles — I became all kinds of people.

I was satisfied. I was happy. I thought I could continue on like this.

However, with the part time jobs and practice my sleeping hours lessened and it ate into my body.

On the final day, I collapsed flat on the stage — and came into this world.

I died, I reincarnated into another world.

When I came to, I was standing in a human town in this world, [Coura].

Seeing the medieval townscape gave me a bad shock but having read a lot of reincarnation webnovels back in my last life I easily understood, “Ah, so this is a reincarnation”.

Having realized I reincarnated, I immediately tried to check my status and skills.

It’s become a trope that when you’re reincarnated you are granted a powerful ability. I was very sure I had one as well —.

First, to check my physical strength I tried hitting some random trees and rocks, but I only hurt my fist for it and could not destroy them. Looks like it’s not a physical thing.

I tried running fast or jumping high to see if it were the case, but not those, either.

Next I tried willing fire or ice to appear out of my palms, but not even so much as a spark came out. The world itself seems to have magic, but it doesn’t look like I could use it.

I tried many other things, but it didn’t look like I was blessed with any special powers.

Oi oi, did I really reincarnate just the way I was? Are you doing your job properly G.o.ddess? I faced to the sky and swore.
Well, I wasn’t really sure that it was a G.o.ddess who reincarnated me, though.

Being depressed, I let my back lean against the wall surrounding the town, then started walking aimlessly along the street.

It had shops standing on both sides and people going to and fro.

They all looked busy but happy.

The sight of a child holding hands with his parent caught my eye.
The boy strongly gripping his father’s hand had a happy smile on his face.

“Ah, that’s nice,” I thought.
Having no worries, smiling innocently, I envy him.

I want that kind of peace of mind.
I want to be that boy —.


Right then, my body pulsated.

My body dispersed like foam — and reformed once again.

When I realized it, my body had went through a considerable change.

My palm had become smaller and my height had become lower.
Without knowing what happened, I looked at myself in a river that went through town. What I saw there was the boy that I saw walking just now.

It seems like I had transformed into the shape of that boy. The same face and the same body. Even my clothes are the same.

“Is this … My skill?”

I then did many experiments.
Watching the townspeople walk, I strongly willed “I want to be that person” like I did before.

Then, my body changed in the same way. I could transform any number of times.

“Cool …!”

I seem to have been gifted with the best skill for an actor in my previous life by the G.o.ddess.

I called this skill that allows me to become any person I want, [Mirror].

I resolved myself.
I want to master this skill and survive.
No, not just survive, but somehow become a hero!

There were only humans in this town, but I’m sure there are evil beings like Goblins and Orcs living in this world.

I’ll kill them and become the hero!

— that was what I thought that time.