Can I Not Marry Chapter 65


Chapter 65: In this world, some things, some people are doomed to be unmissable.

Du Lei Si suddenly wanted to dig a hole in the ground to hide herself.

“You should go on stage and pole dance at the next Lian Enterprise’s New Year Party.”

Tears, clearly it was Huo Yu Zhi who was pole dancing! What does it have to do with her?

“There’s nothing you wanted to say?”

She didn’t want to say anything, she just wanted to find a piece of bean curd and killed herself.

After he finished saying a few words, he no longer spoke. After a while, the soft music changed into the fast rhythm song, on the dance floor many epilepsy patients appeared.

“Do you still want to dance?” Lian Jun asked.



Du Lei Si lowered her head and desperately shook her head.

Dancing with others needed money, however dancing with the President is equivalent to wanting to take her life ah!

“Really don’t want to dance?”

“Not dancing……” She continue to lowered her head.

“Then let’s go back.”


“Wait a moment!” He suddenly called out to her, his fingers pointed to one direction, “We need to capture the snake demoness.”

Snake demoness? Du Lei Si’s vision followed the direction of his fingers and saw Huo Yu Zhi twisting like a snake in the crowd, she suddenly exclaimed: The President’s a.n.a.logy is very appropriate and vivid!

It was already the break of dawn when they managed to pull the crazy Huo Yu Zhi out of the bar.

“Why are you pulling me out? I haven’t danced enough!” Huo Yu Zhi shouted.

“It is very late, you should go home.”

On the side Du Lei Si tried to persuade Huo Yu Zhi, however she didn’t hear a single thing she (Du Lei Si) said, she kept on shouting: “I want to dance, I want to dance!” She almost strip danced in front of the bar entrance.

“Ah!” She suddenly hum a sound and collapsed on Du Lei Si. When she (Du Lei Si) looked at Lian Jun again, he acted as if nothing had happened and withdrew his hand, while lightly saying: “Knocking her unconscious is the best method.”

Du Lei Si’s mouth twitched, President, your actions are really smooth and neat, it’s simply like a murder weapon killing all so that there won’t be any eyewitness left!

Due to Huo Yu Zhi’s dizziness, Du Lei Si had search through her (Huo Yu Zhi) cell phone looking for someone to pick her up, she did not expect upon opening the cell phone to see a dozens of missed calls all from the same person, second senior brother.

A second didn’t even pa.s.s before the cell phone rang again, it was second senior brother. Du Lei Si press the answer b.u.t.ton and second senior brother’s anxious voice transmitted through: “Where are you? Why aren’t you answer my calls? If there’s anything we can discuss it slowly, don’t scare me, okay? Yu Zhi!”

A bunch of words pa.s.sed through Du Lei Si’s brain, she didn’t have the chance to interrupt, after much trouble she finally managed to stop second senior brother, weakly saying: “I am Yu Zhi’s friend.”

The person on the phone seems to be stunned for a moment, then said: “Where’s Yu Zhi? Is she refusing to answer my calls?”

Du Lei Si stared at the unconscious Huo Yu Zhi. She thought she couldn’t tell second senior brother that his girlfriend was knocked unconscious by her husband, right? Thus she told a white lie: “She’s…… she’s drunk.”

“She has been drinking again?” Second senior brother’s tone sounded like he was interrogating her.

This made Du Lei Si a little bit annoyed: “Wei! What kind of person are you ah? She only drank because of you, if you don’t scold her, would she run away from home?? What kind of moral integrity do you mens have? Do you have intentions of marrying her as a wife or you intend to accept her as a daughter ah?”

After she finished saying those words, the other end of the phone became silent. It was a long time before second senior brother’s tone soften considerably: “I know, where is she now? I will come and pick her up.”

Indeed, a good natured person is usually taken advantage of, merely changing your att.i.tude slightly will receive a different treatment. Du Lei Si told second senior brother the address, and then triumphantly to hang up the phone. At that moment, she suddenly felt a vision from the side shooting over, and her heart gave a thump.

She’s finished, she entirely forget the President was present!

“What kind of moral integrity do I have?” When Lian Jun asked this sentence, even his mouth evoked a smile, the smile was very strange.

Du Lei Si’s heart felt frightened, she lowered her head pretending not to hear what he had said. So silent for a long time, she could feel Lian Jun’s eyes remained on her, which made her heart feel extra heavy.

After silently waiting for a long time, second senior brother finally drove his Lexus, in a rash manner came to pick up his Chang’e.

Staring at the unconscious Huo Yu Zhi who rigid of alcohol, his eyes became red, tears almost overflowed the rim of his eyes .

Therefore Du Lei Si felt very guilty: “She is drunk, let her to go back to sleep…… everything should be okay.” As she said this, her forehead broke out in a cold sweat.

“En.” Second senior brother nodded, he picked up Huo Yu Zhi preparing to walk away, however he suddenly stopped and turn around facing Du Lei Si: “Thank you for scolding me before, I will reflect on my doings.”

Knocking out his girlfriend and also accepting his thanks, Du Lei Si guilt increased: “Don’t mention it…… you be nicer to her……”

“I won’t let her go ever again.” Second senior brother said, holding Huo Yu Zhi and left.

Du Lei Si stood there in a daze as she watched their figure leave, at the moment she unexpectedly felt slightly touched: Two very different people, because the fate came together, and because of the love for each other gradually change, and finally mutual kindle walking the remaining steps together.

Love is really a wonderful thing.

“Their gone?” Lian Jun asked.

Du Lei Si recover her thoughts, she immediately a mult.i.tude of feelings surge up within her heart after sneaking a peek at the person on the side: Will he change for her?? Or if he can not change then they can only let each other pa.s.s by and miss this one chance……?

Her chest suddenly began to feel congested.

“I…… will go back alone,” She said, and hurriedly walked away.

After walking for a long time she still didn’t see Lian Jun catch up. Du Lei Si couldn’t help but take a peek behind, this one glance frightened her because she saw him keeping a three meters distance, leisurely following her.

Du Lei Si quickly turned around and accelerated her pace. From time to time she would turned around to take a peek, yet he still kept the distance while following her.

Du Lei Si became anxious, she began to trot all the way home, she ran to the entrance of the house. She was already breathless trying to stabilize her breathing.

She should have gotten rid of him, right?

She looked back and almost ran out of tears.

Standing three meters away was Lian Jun with his hands in his pockets with a casual expression on his face, his leisurely appearance made one think he was on a holiday.

Du Lei Si resigned to her fate, and said: “I’m home, you can…… go back.”

Lian Jun raised his eyebrows: “Are you planning to leave me out on the streets?”

“Where’s your car……?”

“I came by train.”

“Then go to a hotel……?”

He held his empty hands in the air and said: “I have no money with me.” He gave the expression as if he was speaking the truth.

Du Lei Si gritted her teeth: “Then what do you want?”

“Pick up my wife.”

“……” She was speechless.

When she returned home with Lian Jun, Du mama who was originally sleeping suddenly called out: “You’ve returned ah?”

Du Lei Si despising glared at her mom. She is not a fool, naturally she knew the President didn’t appear in “echo” for no reason. She could only use one reason to explain it, her mom who raised her for twenty years of betrayed her for her son-in-law!

Other’s mom would help their daughter bully their son-in-law, however her mother would join hands with her son-in-law to bully her daughter, unfortunately this is the case of her family’s misfortune.

Du Lei Si sigh while taking her clothes and went into the bathroom to take a shower.

After she finished showering, she returned to her room to sleep. The atmosphere was very strange, after a while, the door of the room was opened, Lian Jun who have finished showering also came in.

Du Lei Si’s heart felt like she knocked over a five flavor[1] bottle, she didn’t know what to say to him, so she simply covered herself in the blanket pretending to be asleep.

[1] Five kinds of flavor: sweet, sour, bitter, spicy hot and salty.

And after a while, the small bed because of the increased a person’s weight issued a “squeak” sound.

It’s a tiny bed as it is, how could he squeeze in with her?

Du Lei Si secretly cried out this sentence, but her body couldn’t help but move slightly to the side.

Soon, the lights in the room went out, that person also seems to turned his body turn. In this small room Du Lei Si could obviously feel his even breathing exceptionally clear.

The bed was too small, the other’s body frame was too big thus occupying a lot of s.p.a.ce resulting in their two body sticking together.

Du Lei Si moved more towards the side, almost sleeping on the edge of the bed. Almost like when she was a child keeping a distance when she encountered a boy touching her. You move back an inch, he’ll move forward a foot. You see, Du Lei Si have retreated with no more s.p.a.ce to retreat, yet the person behind her still attached to her like glue.

She was slightly angry, and continued to move a little more, finally succeeded in falling off the bed.

Just when Du Lei Si thought that her face was about to came in contact with the floor, she felt a powerful arm to embrace her waist, pulling her back into the bed, back into his embrace.

In the darkness, a strong male scent rushed over, at this time her mind immediately emerged Lian Jun’s facial expression, he must have a grin on his face, proud to death of his achievements.

It’s like this every single time, he always holds onto the initiative, the one who’s embarra.s.sed is always her.

For no particular reason, Du Lei Si felt a bust of annoyance, she stretched out her hand to push him away, but that only made him hold on tighter. Du Lei Si’s fragile small fist hit his st.u.r.dy chest.

She become angry from embarra.s.sment, lifting her knee, she solidly kicked the top of his belly.

This single kick was very effective, a “bang” sound was heard, they both fell into the hard wooden floor. Due to Lian Jun’s rapid reaction, Du Lei Si did not directly fall on the floor. Swiftly he flipped over and pressed his body on top of hers.

“Did you know you almost murdered your husband?” The President’s voice didn’t sound too good, it was apparent he was in pain.

Du Lei Si chuckle, she suddenly had a feeling that she has eliminated a public scourge.

“I don’t know,” She simply replied.

All of a sudden a kiss sealed her lips, directly opening her jaw trying to gain entry to her tongue. She was crushed, unable to move, had no choice but to let he presumptuously claim her.

After a while, he left her lips and asked: “Now do you know?”

“……I don’t know.” She was defiant.

Once again her lips were sealed.

This continued back and forth several times, Du Lei Si quickly became breathless.

“Okay I know……” She pulled a long face, lowering her head to the evil forces.

It was only then did Lian Jun nodded with satisfaction, giving her a chance to respite.

In the dead of night, from Du Lei Si’s perspective, she saw  the scattered stars on the night sky out of the window. She saw the street lamp, the dim lights reflecting in her eyes, made her unable to see the clear expression on his face.

Bit of time flow away, they were silent, only the dim light flowed into the room creating a halo layer of haze.

“I’m sorry,” A deep voice break the silence.

Du Lei Si was startled for a while, an astonishment expression appeared on her face.

“Du Du, I’m sorry.” He added, in the dark she could see his flashing dark eyes.

Was the President apologizing to her? Du Lei Si suddenly became somewhat confused.

These days she had dreamt of their rekindle scene many times, she thought she might compromise, she thought he might resort to method to deal with her, but she never thought that he being a supercilious person would take the initiative to admit his wrongs.

For a moment, Du Lei Si didn’t know how to answer him.

“You’re right, I always want to grasp you within my hands. I want to take control of everything. I’ve never thought about your feelings. Maybe I have failed as your husband.”

“No,” Du Lei Si almost yelled out. “Don’t say that. You treat me very well. You also treat my family very well. You are very good, really. It’s me…… I am very stupid. I always feel inferior……”

“Feel inferior?”

“That day when I saw you standing on the stage with so many people watching you, I suddenly felt that I was very insignificant, I am afraid that one day you will figure that I actually don’t deserve you……” Speaking to this point, she felt her voice became softer and softer, and her eyes swelled up with tears.

Lian Jun’s heart ache as he embraced her: “You fool, why do you think so?”

“I’m afraid…… I am very afraid I will lose you like this……” She remembered the sentence Lian Anna once said: In this world, some things, some people are doomed to be unmissable.

“Du Du.” Lian Jun suddenly called her name, “do you know that in Italy, when I put the ring on your finger, what was I thinking??”


“I was thinking, in this world, some things, some people are doomed to be unmissable.”

At that moment, Du Lei Si suddenly relieved.

It turns out their were fated to met and destined to be together.

Just like they say: Not a step too earlier, not a step too later, it just so happens they were among the thousands of people to encounter each other. If it’s yours, then in the end it’ll still be yours.

Ahh final chapter is finally done, the novel may not be the best novel but I felt like it was the best medicine for laughter which everyone needs. I hope you have enjoyed this journey with me filled with plently of laughter. If the final chapter wasn’t satisfying enough, I can guarantee the epilogue will tie things nicely.