Can I Not Marry Chapter 64


Chapter 64: I want to return to my parent’s home!Opening their front door, Du mama who had just came out of the kitchen was shocked to discover her daughter standing in front their entrance: “Si Si, how come you didn’t even say a word and returned home?”Du Lei Si didn’t know how to explain the situation to her mom, she couldn’t tell her mom that she ran away from home and return to her mother’s home voluntarily, right? She pondered for a moment, and decided with the excuse: “I haven’t been home in a long time, so I just wanted to come back to see you.”This excuse sounded too far-fetched, very soon Du mama saw through the loopholes.Her daughter’s complexion was pale, her expression appeared gaunt, her eyes looked swollen, while her speech were preoccupied by some troubles.With her years of experience as a wife, needless to say, her daughter must have quarrel with her husband!Upon thinking of her daughter who lacks brain root of reinforcements, and does things dazedly, unexpectedly she would have such courage to rebut her President husband, also very naturally and unrestrained returning to their home, Du mama heart’s developed a sense of excitement. Really worthy of being her, Du Tian Xiang’s daughter. So domineering!Originally before returning, Du Lei Si was worried upon returning her mom would pestered her continuously, however she did not expect upon seeing her, not only did she (Du mama) not show any worries, she also exposed a strange smile. Du Lei Si didn’t know why, but she suddenly felt a kind of ominous sense of foreboding.“Mom, what is that smell?” Du Lei Si suddenly detected a burning smell.“Oh, my fish!!”Du mama who was deceitfully smiling yelped out a cry after regaining her senses, she rushed back to the kitchen, leaving Du Lei Si at the door with black lines running down her face.Really worthy of being her own mother, reaction is just as slow as hers!Du Lei Si reluctantly shook her head, whilst taking off her shoes by the door.Because she didn’t sleep well last night, plus taking the morning train, she currently had little strength left, she heavily slump to the sofa by the door, completely without taking into account the differences between her parental home’s wooden sofa and the luxurious leather sofa back at the mansion.With a bang, her a.s.s busted opened like a flower.“Ouch!” She cried out loudly, feeling the pain in her a.s.s as she gritted her teeth.However, because of this is a pain she gathered up her spirits, she was no longer sleepy, her weariness also reduced, sitting on the sofa Du Lei Si began to stare at her home’s furnishings in a daze.Her parental’s home is indeed old, even the vase’s position did not change, it gave off an unspeakable cordial vibe.Du Lei Si looked at her surrounding and suddenly remembered she haven’t been back to her parental’s home for more than three months, now that she has return she felt that the issue was more complicated than it seems, however she also didn’t have the energy to think further. And secondly, based on the President’s possessive desire, several times he even insist on returning to her paternal home with her. She was afraid and wanted to avoid confrontation so she thought if she didn’t need to return home (parental) then she would avoid it as much as possible.Thinking to this point, naturally she also thought of Lian Jun, unavoidably her heart felt a sense of loneliness.Last night, she laid in bed for a long time before she finally decided to return to her parental home.She knew that these contradiction were not only based on the matter that happened at the employee meeting at the company, the greater problem were themselves. Before they met, they were two people from completely different worlds, their life, work, social circle, even values were very different. In the past she always thought that after two people interacted for a long time, they will slowly get used to each other. However, until yesterday did she only discover that the longer they interacted, it will only expose more and more contradictions between them.Their marriage came too suddenly, to tell you the truth, from the beginning to the end she still didn’t come to understand this man’s true inner thoughts, he views on family, his views on love, his past, his present and his future. Besides what he was willing to tell her, the rest Du Lei Si was completely clueless.He always like a G.o.d from above, controlling everything around them, he never stopped to consider her ideas. This man doesn’t understand, a woman like her didn’t need her man to walk in front of her, she needed a man who was willing to stop and wait for her, walk besides her like a companion.Perhaps in Lian Jun’s eyes, she was not smart enough, some even may say she’s silly, however on the stage of love, a woman’s sensitivity is far greater than a man’s, their intuition may be too impulsive, however it is their true thoughts and feelings.After one night of thinking, Du Lei Si was determined, they all needed to be calm and think about the true value of their marriage. She’s not an intelligent woman, but regarding love, she is never one to wading in mud and water.So she got up early the next morning and left a note before leaving, she considered for a long time before writing down the words: “I’m returning to my parents for a few days to cool down, when I have thought things through I shall return. Don’t come and find me. Du du”Du Lei Si thought about the issue a lot, however she didn’t take into account that one person can never resolved the contradictions between two people, if they did not expression their ideas and thoughts, how will they solve their contradictions?So, during her three-day stay in her parent’s home, in addition to turning herself into a scornful woman, she couldn’t come up with a solution to their crises.Finally, even Du papa who didn’t like meddling in his child’s family matters found it unbearable.“My wife, it’s not right for our daughter to continue like this.”Du Tian Xiang who was busy watching a Hong Kong drama impatiently glared at her husband: “What’s wrong with it, I think it quite right!”“No it’s not right, she been home for three days already, yet our son-in-law has not come for her, these two…… could a major problem have occurred?”Du Tian Xiang fixed her glazes at the television screen, casually she asked a sentence: “What major problem could occurred?”Du papa pondered for a moment and said: “For example, a third-party?”“My husband, do you think you’re watching a TV drama, where in the world would there be so many mistresses?” Du Tian Xiang smiled.Du papa: “My wife, you’ve met a good husband, it does not mean that your daughter will encounter a good husband, all right? You see our son-in-law, he has money, power and appearance, it’s very normal for him to veer off path.”“That could also happen,” Du Tian Xiang nodded. “You didn’t have the money, power nor looks, naturally you couldn’t veer off path.”“……” Du papa’s mouth twitched upon hearing this.“Okay la! I was joking with you!!” Du Tian Xiang recovered a smile, her facial expression suddenly became serious, “Si Si is my daughter, I know what kind of person she is, she absolutely will not let herself suffer by accepting a man who doesn’t love her. So if Ah Jun is really that kind of person, then it’s not a pity if they separate. If he’s not that kind of person, even if Si Si is temporarily confused, I believe based on Ah Jun’s personality, he will not so easily let her go.”“Yes even though you say it like this, but I still dread our daughter tormenting herself further, she will ruined her health……”This you should rest a.s.sured, you look at when your daughter was studying mathematics during school, wasn’t she also hiding in her room for three entire days? Based on her temper ah, it can only be maintained for three days!”Du papa was suddenly enlightened: “My wife, I just discovered the things you say makes a lot of sense!”“Of course! What kind of person I, Du Tian Xiang is?! If I had been born a few hundred years earlier, Commander Mu Guiying‘s position would have been mine!”Poof! Dad papa sprayed out his saliva.Wife, how can you be you be Mu Guiying, clearly you’re Wu Ze Tian!>_____Du Tian Xiang really understand her own daughter, sure enough that night, Du Lei Si was lying in her little bed, she suddenly came to her sense while staring at the ceiling.Oh my G.o.d! What is she so entangled about?How could the President be so free and easy? Not a single phone call within these three days, yet here she was complaining like a tortoise, physically and mentally abusing herself?The legs of the toads were hard to find, could a two-legged man is also hard to come by? Why must women tyrannize themselves?Oh that’s right! Time to eat dinner!So, Du Lei Si the tortoise has become a ninja turtle, she was alive and kicking defeating small monsters.After Du Lei Si figured out what to do, her head no longer ached, her waist was no longer sore, in one breath she ate two bowls of rice. Therefore Du mama was particularly pleased: Good daughter, she’s indeed fertile ah!So like this a few days pa.s.sed, Lian Jun still was nowhere to be seen, and not even a phone call was received. Du Lei Si’s heart could not help but feel somewhat depressed.After dinner that night, she took out her cell phone and stared blankly at it.Although in her note she stated that the President should not come looking for her, however did he have to follow her instructions to the T, right? After all, she is a girl, she couldn’t return to him, that’s too unpretentiousness!Surely it doesn’t mean that…… Du Lei Si’s head suddenly flashed the scene of their he cold war, Lian Jun and his beautiful secretary talking and laughing as they walked past the reception area, her nerve’s were suddenly alerted.Could it be, without her this red flag at home, many coloured flags have started to float around the President? He was indulged in pleasure and forget to return home?As she was making blind and disorderly conjectures, her cell phone suddenly rang.Du Lei Si stared at the phone in a daze before quickly answered the phone without even looking the ID caller’s name on the screen.“h.e.l.lo?”“h.e.l.lo……” Unfortunately, it was a woman’s voice, a hoa.r.s.e voice, with a very heavy tw.a.n.g.It can’t be one of those “coloured flags” looking for her the “red flag”, right? Du Lei Si was little nervous before asking with caution: “Who are you?”“It was me ah!! Alice!” An energetic voice intermittent through, as if that person have cried for a long time, her tone was slightly modified, but Du Lei Si finally recognized it was Huo Yu Zhi.“Do you have time? Come out and accompany me.” Huo Yu Zhi said.Du Lei Si was in a daze before hesitatingly replied: “Yes I’m free.”“I will be at fifth street’s ‘echo’ waiting for you, quickly come! Huhuhu……”Du Lei Si developed goose b.u.mps upon hearing her cries: “You wait there, I’ll come right away!” After she said this, she picked up her outer coat ready to head out.“Si Si, it’s so late where are you going?” Du mama asked.“My friend asked me to go to the bar,” Du Lei Si replied.“Go to the bar at night. It’s not safe, right?”“It’s okay, my friend is waiting for me to save her so I’m leaving,” After saying this, she put on her shoes and rushed out of the house.“Oh, wait a minute! Which bar?” Du mama shouted at the door.A far response sounded: “Echo!”Fifth street’s “echo” is a relatively well-known bar in A city, although Du Lei Si have never been, however it didn’t take her much effort to find the place.She seldom go to such entertainment venues, upon entering the place she felt a little bit nervous, however her nervousness vanished once she spotted Huo Yu Zhi sitting in the corner like a pear blossom bathed in the rain[1].[1] 梨花带雨 lí huā dài yǔ is an idiom which means a weeping beauty“Yu Zhi, what’s wrong?” She hurriedly moved her way over.“Alice, my second senior brother doesn’t want me any more!” After saying this, she made a “WA” sound before crying.Second senior brother? Du Lei Si thought for a long time before she could react, Huo Yu Zhi’s online “a beast in human clothing” friend she accompanied her to meet!“What’s the matter? Don’t cry, slowly explain it to me.” Du Lei Si tried comforted her.Huo Yu Zhi sniffed her nose, and intermittently told her the whole situation. So it turns out that this second senior brother’s actual name is Liu Tian Yang, his old father is an XX Managing Director, he was considered a child of high-ranking cadres. Originally after the two met, they both had very good impression of each other, Huo Yu Zhi also felt that this man was mature and trustworthy. So only after a month of meeting, their relationship developed to the extent where their parents met, their future could be described as very bright and promising.Two days ago, the two officially started to live together, Huo Yu Zhi’s original nature is playful, however once she found Liu Tian Yang didn’t like much of her going out everywhere, she has convergence herself a lot. But she couldn’t just completely cut off contact with her former friends just because of this. After receiving a few old friends calls the previous evening, she went to the bar pulling an all nighter.After returning, because of this incident, Liu Tian Yang fired off at her, saying the two were unsuitable for each other, upon hearing this Huo Yu Zhi left.After coming out, she did not dare to find her friends, she afraid she would bring disgrace to herself if they knew, she pondered for a moment before thinking of Du Lei Si.Huo Yu Zhi in front of her, really did not know how to be polite at all, Du Lei Si felt somewhat frustrated, said: “What are you going to do?”After expressing all her words, Huo Yu Zhi’s mood calm tremendously, wiping dry the tears in her eyes, she said: “I don’t know, anyway I will not to abandon my own lifestyle because of him, if he really can not accept me being like way, then it can’t help. He wants to break up then break up!” She sounded very firm, but her bitten lips exposed her unwillingness to give up.That moment, Du Lei Si suddenly thought of herself.These days, she has not dared to face her own problems, if the President wasn’t willing to change for her, then what should she do?Divorce, just the thought of this word, her heart felt a tugging ache.At this time, Huo Yu Zhi suddenly smacked the table: “I, Huo Yu Zhi lived more than 20 years, unexpectedly would be like this because of a man, I have lived in vain!”Du Lei Si thought her next sentence would have been ‘I may as well die’, she hurriedly wanted to comfort her, however she didn’t think Huo Yu Zhi’s words would make such a sharp turn, she resolutely said: “I have decided, he doesn’t like me going out and having fun? I’ll do exactly that. He doesn’t like me pulling an all nighter outside? I’ll pull an all nighter for him to see! The person I married should be a husband , not a father! Why must I listen to his words? Alice, today we are not leaving until we’re drunk! Waiter, please give me a box of beer, two bottles of wine, a bottle of……”“That’s enough, enough!” Du Lei Si quickly interrupted her.This Huo Yu Zhi is sufficiently crazy, a girl in a bar drinking so much wine, what if she gets drunk? Ghost knows what will happen? Du Lei Si may be impulsive, but she always had a sense vigilance to guard her body. Abandoned by a man have been bad enough, why would you also want to spend our own money to getting drunk? What if you encounter bad guys while you’re drunk? Then wouldn’t you have lost your heart, money and body, that’s simply too deficit!Although Du Lei Si tried to stop Huo Yu Zhi, however she still continued to consume a lot of wine, after drinking for a while her face began to redden.“Why aren’t you drinking? Drink ah!” Huo Yu Zhi shouted at her.“I am drinking……”“Who are you trying to fool? A cup of wine you have put five cubes of ice in it, it has taken you half an hour yet you haven’t finished it, you think I’m muddled because I’m drunk?”Du Lei Si didn’t expect Huo Yu Zhi to so keenly observed her actions, she was even clear how many ice cubes she had placed in her cup, very good, very powerful!“In fact…… I’m not very good at drinking.” She tried to explain.“If you don’t know how to drink, then you should drink more! Come, let’s make a toast!”“Che…… Cheers.” Du Lei Si made a bitter expression as she tried to skull down the alcohol that has been sitting there for half an hour in one gulp. Sure enough, the alcohol have turned into pale white drinking water.>_____“Let’s go! Let’s go dancing!” Huo Yu Zhi suddenly stood up.“I don’t know how to……”The bar sound was too noisy, even though Du Lei Si refused, Huo Yu Zhi have already pulled her onto the dance floor. A woman’s strength is sure stronger after the consummation of alcohol. Du Lei Si was pulled into the crowd, immediately she couldn’t differentiate where north was. Seeing the body’s of female and males moving to the fast-paced music, frantically twisting their body to the beat. Under the flashing lights they were like a group of epilepsy patients.Du Lei Si ran out of tears, KAO! How is this dancing? Clearly they were performing a dance to the G.o.ds!Huo Yu Zhi was obviously a frequent visitor here, quickly she danced within the crowd, neatly twisting her waist and dancing to the rhythm, she was more many times crazier than the group of epilepsy patients. She jumped up, casually taking off her jacket, revealing a leopard printed halter neck top, paired with denim shorts, in the psychedelic lights she appear particularly s.e.xy.At any time, a beauty is always compelling, not to mention dressed s.e.xy, a dancing s.e.xual beauty. Soon, she caught many people’s attention, some even whistled.Isn’t this too high-profile? Du Lei Si wanted to pull her back, however Huo Yu Zhi jumped on the steel pole of the circular table and began to dance in the middle of the table.Suddenly, the whole bar was boiling, continuous cheers were heard one after another.Du Lei Si simply don’t know what’s her (Huo Yu Zhi) addiction, she simply wanted to leave. However she was afraid something dangerous might happen to Huo Yu Zhi as she has consumed too much alcohol, she can only helplessly stared at her with worries. At that moment, Huo Yu Zhi who was dancing on the stage suddenly jumped down, twisting her way towards Du Lei Si.Du Lei Si wanted to escape, behind her were full of spectators. She had no way out, thus she could only helplessly watch Huo Yu Zhi walk towards her, Huo Yu Zhi enthusiastically pulled her hand, shouting: “Alice, let’s dance together!”She didn’t have the chance to refuse when Huo Yu Zhi have already pulled her to the middle of the stage.Heaven, earth ah, I don’t want to dance, I prefer being an epilepsy patient!Du Lei Si has never been this distress, this was 10000 times more embarra.s.sing than the time the President deceived her to go on stage during the staff meeting. Under the watchful eyes of those in the bar, she could only twist to the beat once or twice. She didn’t expect everyone’s to give her some face and enthusiastically cheering her on.Forget it, she has nothing to lose, later she’ll just wear a face mask when she goes out to avoid being recognized.Hardening her heart, she began to dance with the music.In fact, it’s not that Du Lei Si didn’t know how to dance, during college she even represented the cla.s.s and partic.i.p.ated in the dance contest, There were twenty girls in the cla.s.s, however only nineteen performance, since one girl broke her leg. Their performance scored them an award, even though the award was an encouragement one.>_____Actually dancing in the bar originally is to seek happiness, the atmosphere was great coupled by Huo Yu Zhi a.s.sisting on the side, Du Lei Si unexpectedly danced very well. The next song sounded out and they began to ecstasy twist again.At this time Du Lei Si has been infected by the lively atmosphere, her moves were no longer stiff, her body also began to involuntarily with twist and turn to the music, she felt carefree.All the depressing mood she felt recently all been to released, she suddenly understood why so many people were obsessed with bars, because on the dance floor, one’s ident.i.ty, status, fame and fortune all does not exist, one only needs to remember the music, dance and themselves.After the fast rhythm music ended, the DJ on the stage moved his disc and suddenly the music become soft and slow.The originally macabre dance floor suddenly became a place for couples to cuddle together, swinging their body slowly.Du Lei Si didn’t have time to react, Huo Yu Zhi have already squeeze her two chest b.a.l.l.s onto her. Du Lei Si almost sprayed out her saliva.Oh my G.o.d, they were both women, why is the difference so great? As she’s feeling sorry for herself, suddenly an unknown handsome guy walked over, giving Huo Yu Zhi a seductive look, sensing the hint Huo Yu Zhi immediately got rid of Du Lei Si, following the handsome guy, leaving Du Lei Si who was still immersed in choppy soft emotions.This woman, very good, very good!“Miss, can I have a dance?” A hand suddenly stretched out in front of her.Du Lei Si was in a daze for a while before she discovered a handsome guy on the side.Prior her marriage, she thought no men wanted her, however she never thought that after her marriage she would be in such high demand, first there’s Xiao Yin’s love confession, now there’s a handsome guy trying to hit on her.,the speed of peach blossom propagation is. .h.i.tting the ceiling!Du Lei Si very exciting stretch out her hands, wanting to grab on the handsome guy’s hand, however she was suddenly seized by another hand pulling her over.Du Lei Si gave a soft cry before falling into a strong embrace, immediately she recognized this familiar smell, it was like a net like entangled on her body, she all of a sudden felt a bust of suffocation.Him! It’s him!Du Lei Si did not dare to raise her head, she wanted to break free however he used his strength to hold her down, so she had no other choice but to close her eyes and pretend to be dead.He was in no hurry as he held onto to her, slowly swaying to the music, the two of them didn’t look like a normal couple on the dance floor.Du Lei Si hid herself in Lian Jun’s embrace, not daring to look up, her face was flushed. The feeling she felt was like waiting to be drowned after being caught in a infidelity, every minute every second felt very long, it was very difficult to endure.After a while, there was a slightly irreverent voice: “I didn’t expect you could dance, it was such an experience.”