Can I Not Marry Chapter 54


Chapter 54: Oh my G.o.d! That was too dangerous!

Although Du Lei Si was slow, but regarding her resignation, she still did it a resolute manner. The next day after returning from her honeymoon, she went straight to see Zhu Da Fu and handed in her letter of resignation.

Accepting Du Lei Si’s letter of resignation, Zhu Da Fu was filled with heartache and headache.

“Xiao Du ah, do need time to think things through? I’ll give you a bonus!”

Du Lei Si slightly withdraw: “Thank you Zhu Manager for your kind intentions, however I have made up my mind.” I’m praying you don’t give me coupons and condoms! I’m begging you!

Seeing Du Lei Si firm and resolute, Zhu Da Fu also felt it was useless to persuade her, he could only regrettable shake his head, while muttering: “Such a talented sales person it’s such a pity, what a pity…… Otherwise, why don’t you claim another bonus instead?”

Once his voice fell, Du Lei Si’s shadow before him have already fled and long gone.

Coming out from Zhu Da Fu’s office, Du Lei Si felt it was necessary to inform her colleagues that she have gotten along with during her time here, although the period she’s been hasn’t been long, however they got along very well. Since she have received their warmth and hospitality she should at least say goodbye.

Arriving at the sales counter, upon seeing Du Lei Si, everyone surrounded her.

Jewellery counter’s Da Zhao said: “Xiao Du, you’ve finally returned! It’s been such a long time, if other’s didn’t know they would have thought you have run away and eloped!”

Elope? Da Zhao how can your guesses be so correct?!

Then cosmetics counter’s Sister Mei said: “Xiao Du, you move in and out with wizardly elusiveness ah! Do you know what nickname everyone came up with while you were absent??”

Du Lei Si was thoroughly embarra.s.sed: “What?”

“Everyone’s Hong Qigong, Du Qigong!”

“……” What kind of nickname is this?

“That’s right Xiao Du, can you not leave again?”

Uh…… Du Lei Si said with embarra.s.sment: “I have resigned……”

“What?” Jie Mo Shuang cried out, “Xiao Du, you want to quit? No way! You leave me to carry all the counter’s alone ah? Xiao Du, your heart is so malicious ah!” Her voice was enough to sing a Beijing opera.

Du Lei Si was cruelly frightened by Jie Mo Shuang’s posture: “I…… I didn’t do it intentionally. As a matter of fact……” She thought of informing her of the things regarding the President. After all, they have interacted for than a month, hiding such things from her wasn’t good.

Unexpectedly, Jie Mo Shuang was one step ahead of her: “Don’t tell me you’re pregnant?”

“Puff——” Du Lei Si almost choked on her own saliva, Sister Mo Shuang! Your imagination is too rich!

On the side, because of Jie Mo Shuang’s “pregnant” word, the group of women have exploded in the pot.

“It can’t be? Xiao Du, you’re too careless!”

“Didn’t Zhu Manager Zhu give you a lot of bonuses? Why didn’t you use them?”

“Oh, what bonuses ah! There’s all expired! Zhu Manager is a cheapa.s.s ah,  he even suggested using condoms that expired six years as balloons decoration……”

“That’s right ah! That’s right! During the National day even the cosmetics he gave out were also expired! And during the Spring Festival……”

So like this, the topic went from Du Lei Si resigning to the discussion of her belly, then from her body to the discussion of Zhu Da Fu’s degree of stinginess. As for Du Lei Si, she have been completely forgotten in the corner.

Du Lei Si sigh a sigh of relief, at the same time she felt that a women’s imagination was infinite, she secretly slipped out.

Walking towards the exit, her cell phone rang, it was an unknown number.

“h.e.l.lo?” She pressed the answer b.u.t.ton.

“h.e.l.lo? Yes it is Alice?”

Alice? Du Lei Si was slightly startled.

“Do you remember me, I am Huo Yu Zhi ah!”

Huo Yu Zhi? Du Lei Si rapidly jolted her memory and finally recalled three beautiful faces, she was suddenly enlightened.

“Are you free today?” Huo Yu Zhi asked.

“Me?” Du Lei Si turned around to looked at the group women who was still busy gossiping, and she replied, “Yes I’m free.”

“If you are free, come out and have a cup of tea with me at Xin Yi shopping centre B block, there’s a restaurant called ‘Hong Kong Tea’,” After Huo Yu Zhi finished speaking, she didn’t wait for Du Lei Si and hung up.

Du Lei Si stared at her cell phone in a daze.

Zhu Yao Fei, Zhu Yao Fei, there’s someone else who acts more like a Queen than you!

Following the address Hu Yu Zhi gave her, Du Lei Si arrived at the Hong Kong Tea restaurant half an hour later. As she walked through the door, she heard a person shout towards her: “Over here!”

Du Lei Si followed the direction of the voice since she couldn’t see the silhouette.

“Here!” The voice shouted again..

This time, Du Lei Si recognized the person. There’s really a huge difference between a women who wore heavy smokey make up and a women who applies minimal make up. The last time Du Lei Si saw her, she thought she (Huo Yu Zhi) looked like a panda, this time she looked more like a polar bear. She doesn’t even need to mention this to know Huo Yu Zhi looks much better like this!

Du Lei Si walked over and said h.e.l.lo before sitting down.

Huo Yu Zhi was also very clear and went straight to the point: “It must be very strange that I’ve suddenly invited you out.”

Du Lei Si awkwardly nodded. “It’s a bit strange.”

“In fact, it’s nothing really, I just wanted your help in regards to something.”

“What do you need help with?”

“In a moment I’m meeting some friends that I’ve met online.”

Meeting online friends? Miss mighty oh Huo would also met friends from online? Du Lei Si suddenly wanted to laugh.

“What do you know?” Huo Yu Zhi gave her a glare, “This sister is not seeing an online friend, it’s loneliness!”

Du Lei Si suddenly choked, trying to put a serious expression: “Er…… since you’re seeing an online friend, what do you need me to help you with ah?”

“What else?” Huo Yu Zhi eyed Du Lei Si up and down, “you make other’s feel a sense of security.”

A…… a sense of security? Du Lei Si was embarra.s.sed.

“Then what can I do for you?”

“It’s like this, when my online friend comes, he’ll also be bringing a friend along. If they end up being two frogs, then you can use an excuse saying your stomach aches and pull me away. If one frog, you have to find a way to drag this frog dragged away. If they ain’t frogs, then you leave. Do you understand what I’m implying?”

Du Lei Si listened until she felt like she was going to faint, why does it sound like such a tongue twister?

“Did you understand or not?”

“I seem to get the glitz of things.……”

“Oh they’re coming, they’re here,” Huo Yu Zhi said, “I’m counting on you! If I catch a handsome guy, then I’ll owe you one.”

Du Lei Si wanted to ask, if you encounter a frog and are you going to settle things with her afterwards?

She didn’t have the chance to ask this when the two men have already arrived, Du Lei Si wanted to make sure how many frogs there were, when she lifted her head to look, she was completely shocked.

How can she be so unlucky ah!


When Xiao Yin saw Du Lei Si, he was equally as shocked, then his glazes became ingenious.

“Why is it you?” Huo Yu Zhi was also shocked as she asked, “You are ‘Second Senior Brother’?”


Du Lei Si choking on her saliva, if he is Second Senior Brother, then are you younger sister Chang’e?

Xiao Yin looked at Du Lei Si, pointed toward the side of him, “Young sister Chang’e, you’re Second Senior Brother is here.”

So she’s (Huo Yu Zhi) really younger sister Chang’e ah. Presumably Second Senior Brother also didn’t think younger sister Chang’e had so many heads.

A normal meeting of friends have encounter many misfortunes for no reason, a Second Senior Brother, and a s.e.xy version of the moon G.o.ddess Chang’e, it was no longer a film of Journey to the West!

When Du Lei Si’s brain was planning the plot of Journey to the West, Huo Yu Zhi suddenly hit her.

What? Du Lie Si looked up and saw Huo Yu Zhi winking at her, mouthing something.

What? Green…… what ah! She finally remembered her ultimate mission, and quickly observed the number of frogs in front of her.

Her eyes landed on Xiao Yin, it also happened that he was looking at her, his glaze made her develop goose b.u.mps. Fortunately, Du Lei Si have been trained by the President to have the body of King Kong, these small tricks couldn’t surpa.s.s her good eyesight!

Du Lei Si focus her attention and began to a.s.sess whether Xiao Yin is considered a frog or not.

Speaking with a conscience, Xiao Yin really couldn’t be considered a frog, if he is considered one than it’s estimated all the swan will come running to eat this frog meat.

It’s best if she also a.s.sess Second Senior Brother as well.

Du Lei Si’s eyes also moved towards the legendary Second Senior Brother, oh heavens! So it turns out this is not ‘Second Senior Brother from《A Chinese Odyssey》, it’s Second Senior Brother from 《Saiyuki》!

Wearing a pair of gold-rimmed, coupled with a plaid shirt, Du Lei Si didn’t know why but she suddenly thought of a phrase—— A refined rascal.

Only younger sister Chang’e would like this refined rascal type, his pair of bead peering eyes staring at others, the two of them flirting, sending silent and endearing messages with their bewitching eyes, the only difference is they haven’t rushed to tear off each other’s clothing..

Speaking to this point, it means she can retire from political life after winning tremendous successes, right?

Thus Du Lei Si stood up and said, “I have something to attend so I’ll be off first.”

“Well, you be careful on the road then.” Huo Yu Zhi waved.

KAO! This l.u.s.tful girl unexpectedly didn’t even turn around to take a glance at her, what’s the meaning of this?!

“Wait a minute,” Xiao Yin called out to her.

“It just so happens that I also have something as well.” He said, also standing up.

This was exactly what Second Senior Brother and younger sister Chang’e had in mind: “Walk slowly, we won’t be sending you off.” They spoke in unison, both having a mutual understanding of each other.

The two of them had no obstacle, whatever they wanted to do, they’ll get it done. Du Lei Si miserably carried her handbag, quickly walking ahead, while the person behind her leisurely followed, and he always maintain two or three meters distance.

Finally, Du Lei Si was angry, she stopped her footsteps and turned around.

“Stop following me, will you?”

“Who’s following you?” Xiao Yin said as he came closer to her with an innocent expression, “It just so happens I need to take the same path as well, can only you can walk on this road, and others can’t?”

“You!” Du Lei Si was so angry that she could not speak, however suddenly she was enlightened and turned towards the female toilet.

Hehe! Certainly he can’t walk this way as well!

Unexpectedly, when Du Lei Si came out of the toilet, Xiao Yin unexpectedly was wandering in the front of the female toilet door with his thick skin, he didn’t even blink his eyes. This time, Du Lei Si felt really hopeless.

“What the h.e.l.l do you want?” She asked.

“Nothing,” Xiao Yin shrugged.

“If it’s nothing, then why are you following me?”

“How do you know I’m following you?” Xiao Yin suddenly leaned over and whispered into her ears, “I know, you’ve been secretly paying attention to me, right?”

“…….” Student Xiao, isn’t your sense of self feeling slightly overbearing?

Regarding this guy who came from another planet, there’s a language barrier, Du Lei Si had chosen to deal with the situation by remaining silent, she wanted to turn around and walk away when she suddenly heard a familiar voice.

“Du Lei Si?”

Who? Who was calling her name?

She looked left and right, when she finally saw the face of her ex boyfriend she hasn’t seen in months—— Zheng Xu Xu.

Du Lei Si was a slightly embarra.s.sed, because she obviously felt Xiao Yin’s pent-up smile from behind.

“What a coincidence.” She greeted Zheng Xu Xu with a smile.

Zheng Xu enthusiastically asked: “Lei Si, your complexion doesn’t look very well, are you sick?”

Sick your head! If you dare to call me Lei Si again, I will make you sick instead! Even though she was cursing him in her heart, however she continued to plaster a smile while confronting him: “No, it’s nothing, I didn’t sleep well yesterday.”

“So it’s like this, that’s right, this is your……” Zheng Xu Xu finally noticed Xiao Yin who was behind her.

“I don’t know him,” Du Lei Si quickly replied.

“Darling, I know I was wrong, don’t be angry with me.” Xiao Yin suppressed a smile as he step forward and stretch his hands out to pull Du Lei Si onto his arms.

Du Lei Si glared at him, she wanted to trample him, however she was interrupted by Zheng Xu Xu: “Lei Si, turns out you already have a boyfriend ah? What a pity, it seems that I won’t have a second chance then……” He regrettably shook his head.

What? Du Lei Si was angry, although she doesn’t have any sentiment towards Zheng Xu Xu any more, however when they were dating she did pour a lot effort into the relationship, she didn’t expect to be given the hot and cold treatment, then mercilessly dumped after three months. Now, this son of a b.i.t.c.h actually put on an att.i.tude as if she’s wronged him? She wanted to pull his hair out ah!

Du Lei Si was so angry, she simply take advantage of being in Xiao Yin’s embrace and used a very disgusted tone to reply him: “Mr. Zheng must be joking, someone like you with such great criteria, which beauty wouldn’t want to pursuit you ah! Oh that’s right, do you have an appropriate candidate now? If you, its best if you quickly hold a wedding banquet, how does this girl look like ah? How old is she ah? Her name must sound really nice ey?”

Zheng Xu Xu’s face turned pale as he said: “I…… I have an emergency, I’ll…… leave first.”

“Don’t go Mr. Zheng! You haven’t told me the date of your wedding yet!”

As she asked, Zheng Xu Xu have quickly disappeared in her line of sight.

“Hump!” To take this revenge it felt really good! Du Lei Si suddenly found out she had the potential to be really black belly. Just as she felt proud of herself she suddenly found the atmosphere felt strange, when she turned around she found Xiao Yin was holding his stomach while laughing uncontrollably, his shoulders were shaking like a mother hen hatching eggs.

“Du…… Du Lei Si……. Hahahaha! That’s too funny!”

“Laugh! What are you laughing about?” Being laughed at made her hate Zheng Xu Xu!

“You……. Are you sure this is your real name? Why aren’t you called Ansell [1]? Hahaha”

[1] Ansell another condom brand.

Du Lei Si grit her teeth in anger: “Laugh, laugh all you want! Laugh until you die!” After she finished cursing, she turned around to leave.

“Du Du, don’t leave!” Xiao Yin hurriedly caught up from behind, he stretched out his hands and placed it over her shoulders.

You’re a condom, your entire family are condoms!

Du Lei Si suddenly wanted to cry, the kind that filled the face with streaks of tears.

At this time, her cell phone suddenly rang, she took it out and saw the President’s name on the screen.

Du Lei Si remembered that day when they b.u.mped into Xiao Yin on the plane, recalling the President’s iceberg expression she suddenly tense up because if he knew she was currently with Xiao Yin, would he……

She hurriedly twisted Xiao Yin’s arm, he yelped in pain and let go of her: “I’m only joking, you don’t need to be so ruthless!”

“You dare to utter a sound, I will kill you!” Du Lei Si viciously threaten Xiao Yin with this sentence before answering the President’s call.

“Why did you answer my call so late?” Lian Jun asked.

Du Lei Si guiltily replied: “……There were too many people in the mall, I couldn’t hear it.”

“Have you handed in the resignation letter yet?”

“En, I have…… handed it in.”

“Where are you now?”

“I’m…… in the mall!”

“By yourself?”

“Yes, on my own.”

The phone was silent for a moment: “Would you like me to pick you up?”

Du Lei Si was already sweating all over: “That’s alright, you do what you need to do…… hahaha……”

“Du Du, your voice sounds very guilty.”

Du Lei Si’s heart beat rapidly.

“Hubby, I received your phone call so I’m too happy! Hubby, I miss you so much. Hubby~~~”

Upon hearing the way Du Lei Si called him hubby, Lian Jun slightly choked: “If you have nothing else, you should return home earlier.” Don’t run around scaring others.

Du Lei Si sweetly replied: “Okay~~~”

With that she hung up the call.

Hearing the beeping sound coming from the phone, Du Lei Si let out a sigh of relief: Oh my G.o.d! That was too dangerous!