Can I Not Marry Chapter 5


Chapter 5 – The President’s nestOur home???The President didn’t say “my home”, he also didn’t say “your home”, he said “our home”. This made Du Lei Si slightly confused.At this time, the President has got out of the car, stood near the car window and stared her condescendingly.He didn’t even bother to open the door! What a gentleman!Du Lei Si thought, she angrily walked out from the limousine and slammed the door.Lian Jun glanced at her and did not speak.At this moment Du Lei Si the urban bourgeois petty mind was fully exposed.She thought: Since she meet the President till now it has been the President who held her by the nose, having the opportunity to slam the President’s door, Du Lei Si’s image suddenly became tall and mighty, she felt that she no longer the one who’s been oppressed.Her psychological naturally changes to walking upright and strode arrogantly.With her nose tilted towards the sky she followed the President into the house, being careless she fell on the ground.Du Lei Si was like a tortoise like lying on the ground, turning around she felt embarra.s.sed!The grand entrance threshold was as high as a palm, no wonder people say that the rich and powerful are difficult to enter! This time Du Lei Si personally experienced it.Looking at the President in the distance staring at her, his eyes flashed a gloating look.Du Lei Si suddenly felt that the President must be deliberately not remind her of the threshold, who asked her to break the President’s car door? Letting such a person as her fall was considered to be very lenient.A capitalists will not let themselves suffer any losses.After understanding this truth, Du Lei Si decided from now on she must be a little low-key in front of the President, to achieve victory does not depend on the strength, but the perseverance and fighting strength.Following the President to his nest, Du Lei Si’s little heart was immediately shocked to luxurious decoration.Looking at the paintings, she didn’t understand them at all! She couldn’t a.s.sess the certain value of the painting. Then looking at the sculpture, it was carved well, staring at the glittering it felt quite smooth to touch……At that moment a person behind asked: “What are you doing?”Du Lei Si nervously turned around and realised the President has walked in front of her, she didn’t know when he stood behind frowning at her.Du Lei Si felt tense and hurriedly said: “I think this sculpture is carved a very well, you see the lion’s mouth it’s so bold and impressive! Simply just…… just like you!” After she said this, she was startled by her own attempt of currying favour.The President choked, and slowly said, “This is garbage can.”A crushed sound was heard, Du Lei Si was broken into pieces.She was inexperienced and thought the garbage can was a work of art, the important thing was her mouth, why did she compare it with the President? Oh great! The President has turned into a garbage can!Indeed as expected, the President face was black as he said to the housekeeper next to him: “Old Yu, tomorrow replace the garbage can.”“Yes, master!” The old housekeeper nodded, and asked, “What kind does young master want to change to?”“Replace it with something as cute as Miss Du.”>oThese brutal fact made Du Lei Si realized the President’s vindictive personality, she decided to remain silence, silence, and silence……After a long silence, he couldn’t stand it any more.The President brought her into the house and did not speak to her. What exactly did he want to do?So Du Lei Su ventured up and said: “President Lian?”Lian Jun who was holding a newspaper, glanced at her, and said with displeasure in his voice: “What?”Once glance at the President’s glaze, Du Lei Si finally managed to gather up her shattered courage and softly said: “I…… I want to ask…… can I…… can I go home……?” Du Lei Si thought there’s was nothing else to do with the President so it is better to return home earlier, and escape for the day.But the President’s murderous eyes came: “Aren’t you already home?”Ah?!Du Lei Si who was like a quail and whispered, “I was referring to my own home.”The President placed the newspaper down and said, “This is your home.”Du Lei Si was almost choked by her own saliva. Here? The President’s home? The President’s intentions are…… he also wants her to live here?Seeing Du Lei Si’s face of hesitation, the President was not happy: “You don’t think this place is good enough?”“No, that’s not it!” Du Lei Si quickly waved her hands, “In fact, it’s because it’s too good here, there’s a saying ‘there is no place like home’, I think I’m more suitable for living in the nest……”“The nest?”Like a chicken pecking it’s rice Du Lei Si nodded.The President frowned: “So you’re saying you want me to stay with you in your nest?”“…… That’s not what I meant, what I’m saying is… I can go back and live on my own.”“So are you saying I don’t deserve to live with you?”“……”In the end, Du Lei Si had to bow to the evil forces again —— she was going to live with the President.Within a day, she got marriage, but is also cohabiting, next the President wouldn’t ask her to…… share the same room, right?Thinking of this, Du Lei Si was nervous.Marriage is a small matter, but loosing her virginity is a big disgrace! Although, as a woman in twenty-first Century, she should not be bound by virtues, but to be suddenly naked in front of a strange man she has met no more than a day, and then doing……Du Lei Si did not dare to think further, her face was flushed red.With this notion of idea, a rich dinner also failed to arouse the interest of student Du Lei Si, her head was filled with constant emerging images of the President without clothes, her face was like a traffic light, changing from green, amber to red and staying red.When she recovered her emotions, dinner was taken away, the President who stood on the stairs called out to her: “Come up with me.”It can’t be this quick?Du Lei Si was surprised, she was trembling as she followed the President upstairs.“That…… Where are we going now?”“Your room.” The President replied without turning around.She’s done! Indeed they needed to cohabit! Du Lei Si’s face suddenly burned up, she wanted to turned and run, but on second thought she personally signed the marriage certificate, it’s too late regret to it now?This should be a famous saying: “A single slip can ruin an old virgin!”As she was making blind and disorderly conjectures again she suddenly heard a “bang” sound and into the President.Lian Jun frown: “What are you doing?”Du Lei Si also immersed in regret, she dizzyly raised her head and answered: “Enter the room……” Then she walked towards the President’s room.Suddenly, Lian Jun stood in front of her.“What’s wrong?” Du Lei Si dispiritly raised her head.“This is my room.” Lian Jun said, then pointed to the side, “That’s yours.”“Really?!” Suddenly, Du Lei Si seems to be hit by a strong stimulant, her eyes were wided open, “You mean, I do not have to sleep with you?”Lian Jun who was startled, suddenly narrowed his eyes: “Do you want to sleep with me?”“I don’t want to! Don’t want to!” A certain person who was apathetic a moment ago, was suddenly full of joy rushed into the room next door leaving behind the startled and stunned President, she was just missing beating the drums cheerfully as a lark.After a brief shock, the President’s expression sank and walked to his room.