Can I Not Marry Chapter 47


Chapter 47: Madame, you are a married woman now.

Since ancient times such words as “Elopement” couldn’t come to light, however it was used confidently by the President.

So Du Lei Si also took the word “Elopement” that said Lian Jun as a joke, however she didn’t expect the next day he would urgently take her to get a After signing the paperwork, they hurriedly pack their luggage, they were extremely busy.

This made Du Lei Si wonder whether the President is actually going to elope with her and run away? It was entirely like a honeymoon!


These words flashed in Du Lei Si’s mind, this idea shocked her. The President wouldn’t use elopement as an excuse to take her on a honeymoon, right? Thinking to this point, her heart couldn’t help but develop some nervousness and excitement.

You cab’t blame Du Lei Si to have such a reaction, ever since she married the President, the steps they have taken haven’t been many, although they did the steps in reverse order accordance with marriage, dating, confession, but at least they didn’t miss any, right? However regarding the honeymoon thing. She really haven’t thought about it before.

Which girl didn’t like to daydream? When Du Lei Si finished school and started working, she would also fantasized about the day she would get married, and go on sightseeing tour with her husband. Her request is not high, being able to go to Guilin‘s Pan River, or go see Xilin Gol‘s gra.s.sland is sufficient enough. Who would have thought a few years later a day like this would come, her daydream turned into reality, and they were going to a much bigger slice of the continent —— they’re going to Italy!

Once thinking about it, Du Lei Si couldn’t help but sigh: The President’s decision is indeed not a simple ah, she haven’t even taken a stroll around the country, yet she directly followed the President out of the country to explore the world! This feeling is simply too cool!

Before departure, Du Lei Si made a phone call to report to her mother.

“Mom, tomorrow I’m going to Italy with the President!”

“What President, he is your husband!” Du mama couldn’t help but feel sorrow for her daughter who lack s.e.x appeal.

“Oh, tomorrow I’m going to Italy with my husband.” Why does it sound so strange?

“What are you going to do in Italy?”



“No, I said we’re going on a holiday……” It’s all the President’s fault, he can even say such an old word such elopement using her to be infected as well.

“Going on a holiday is good ah! Ever since your wedding, you still haven’t been on your honeymoon? Take advantage of this opportunity to enhance your feelings for each other, that way I can have my grandson as soon as possible, go with the wind……  Blah blah……”

“Mom!” Du Lei Si’s head had three black lines, she fears that if her mother continue to say the plan how to make grandson and buy the soy sauce, “Since I’m going to Italy, do you have anything you would like to me to buy?”

“What good thing would there be at such a place ah? It’s not like you’re going to Jinhua, I can still ask you to bring me back a ham or two. Oh, that’s right! Whenever you go to Jinhua, can you buy a ham or two for your dad? Your dad loves ham…… Blah blah……”


“Okay, I’m not going to joke with you! In fact, as long as you bring me back a grandson, it doesn’t matter what form or shape it is, when you return to the country you can slowly grow……”

Du Lei Si: -_-|||

After she finished the call with her mother, the next day everything was ready, Du Lei Su finally abroad the flights to Italy, taking her first step toward the world.

On the plane, Du Lei Si felt very excited, her two eyes explore non-stop.

On the side Lian Jun smiled while reminding her: “Sit still, we’re about to take off.”

“Oh.” Du Lei Si poke her tongue out and quiet down.

However not long after, she started to become restless again.

“What’s wrong?” Lian Jun turned to the side and saw Du Lei Si using her fingers to knead his arm.

Du Lei Si had a thief like expression as she said: “Have you noticed that the flight attendant keeps on staying besides us?”

Lian Jun raised his eyebrows: “She has?”

Yes! Absolutely! She has observed for a long time, not only did the flight attendant wander around, also from time to time she would diligently ask if the President needed this or that.

“Could it be you’re jealous?”

“……” President, why must you use such words to speak every single time?

Whether she’s jealous or not Du Lei Si doesn’t know, however she is not pleased with the flight attendant’s att.i.tude she used while servicing them. Whatever the outcome is she also bought a plane ticket, earning a person money, yet also wanting to take advantage of the person? Even when you want to go into a theatre you must purchase a ticket, this flight attendant wants to perv on the President free of charge? No way!

For this reason, Du Lei Si decided she would try again, she would surely kill the flight attendant with her eyes!

Unfortunately, the flight attendants who came a few times have been rebuffed by Lian Jun’s words. The flight attendant was also born with some intelligence, after being rejected two or three times she only peaked at the doorway a couple of times. Although the piece of meat was a fat one, however it was too raw, eating it can easily cause diarrhoea! As a new era women, before making an investment one must estimate the risks, if the risk is too big with little revenue, you’ll suffer huge losses!

Thereupon, for the longest time Du Lei Si’s staring has been useless, after staring for a while, she had trouble keeping her eyes open.

You can’t blame her for being so excited last night, she was constantly thinking of what to pack, incidentally she came across an article《Roman Holiday》, it’s a Chinese version of “Audrey Hepburn” thus she end up reading it all night. As a result, currently she is seriously lacking sleep.

During Du Lei Si’s sleepy state, occasionally her consciousness gradually dim when suddenly a graceful voice penetrated into her ear: “Excuse me sir, would you like something to drink?”

It was that flight attendant again!

Du Lei Si was suddenly regain some of her consciousness, originally she intended to shoot some glares over until she heard another sound came through: “Hot coffee.”  This voice wasn’t Lian Jun, but it sound somewhat familiar. A moment later Du Lei Si was fully woken by this, because the voice behind added, “I have to trouble you then, beautiful.”

Addressing any one as beautiful, this extremely overwhelm feeling, Du Lei Si could only think of two people, one is Xia Kun, while the other is Xiao Yin.

Just as Xiao Yin was appreciating the beautiful girl’s sawying figure, he suddenly felt an eye shoot over towards him, turning to the side he was confronted with two blood streaks, her panda like eyes jump with fright, then, he suddenly felt his lower body aching.

This feeling was hard to forget!

He wrinkled his eyebrow while staring at Du Lei Si: “Darling, do you know what is called serendipity?”

For no particular reason, Du Lei Si felt a burst of nausea.

“Why is it you?” At this time Lian Jun also discovered Xiao Yin’s presence, he couldn’t help but frowned slightly.

Xiao Yin wasn’t in a hurry nor appear panicked as he said: “Don’t wrinkled your eyebrows at me, I am not a tiger.” It’s hard not wanting to eat your wife.

Lian Chun snorted at Xiao Yin’s remarks.

Du Lei Si found the atmosphere was not quite right, although last time she got drunk she still didn’t know what happened that day, however she faintly felt she could have miss some things that happened, why else later would the President repeatedly give her the cold face and avoided her questions?

In order to resolve the embarra.s.sment, Du Lei Si awkwardly laughed and asked Xiao Yin: “Are you also travelling to Italy?”

Xiao Yin gave her a wink and replied, “What do you think?”

Think your head ah! If you’re not going to to Italy, then are you ready to jump midway off the plan? Du Lei Si wanted to scold, but on second thought, she thought the question itself was very boring.

“Why don’t you ask why I’m travelling there?”

“Well…… why are you travelling there?”

“I’m not telling you!”

A flock of crows flew over from her head……

At this time, the flight attendant came over with the coffee, she swayed her hips as she made her way over, staring at Xiao Yin, she enthusiastically smiled: “Sir, your coffee ~ ~ ~”

“So sweet!” Xiao Yin enchanted a breathe of air, unapologetically he praised her, “this cup of coffee is a beautiful and as fragrant as you.”

*Feeling nausea——

Du Lei Si almost spit out the dinner she ate last night.

However the beautiful flight attendant sister accepted his flirting methods, she laughed like a blossoming flower. You couldn’t blame her, the guy was also a handsome man, being rejected by Lian Jun a few times, it felt good to receive special attention from a flower boy beauty. Comparing the two, the difference was even more obvious.

Once the beauty is pleased, she’ll be like a Orioles modulating: “Sir, is there anything else you would like?”

“Please give this lady a piece of cake and a gla.s.s of juice.”

“This young lady on the side?” Why is she pointing towards me? Du Lei Si glanced at Xiao Yin, it seems that he is indeed referring to her.

“Also that young lady is already a married woman.” Lian Jun suddenly rather baffling added.

Du Lei Si was stunned for a moment, before firing up: “What married woman? You are an uncle! This girl here is eighteen year after year, I’m an unmarried young woman!”

As just she finished speaking, Du Lei Si felt Lian Jun’s extremely distorted expression from three metres away, he appeared to  have a pair of placid appearance, and lightly reminded her: “Wifey, you are already married women.”

President, euphemism is a virtue, didn’t the teacher teach you that?


“Miss, your dessert.” When the flight attendant placed the strawberry cake and pineapple juice in front of Du Lei Si, Du Lei Si obviously felt that the flight attendant actually wanted to shout “married women” instead.

But this is not important, regardless if it’s unmarried young women or married women, that is all meaningless! The piece of cake and a cup of juice is the real deal!

Du Lei Si couldn’t help lit her eyes, ready to dig in.


A double cough interrupted her appet.i.te, Du Lei Si turned her to head to look at the President’s threatening eyes, his eyes are clearly saying—— if she dare to eat it then she’s dead!

This one stare abruptly forced Du Lei Si’s aroused appet.i.te to disappear, she could only shout in her mind: Let go of the cake and juice, they are only children.

“Darling, is the food not to your liking?” Xiao Yin aske.

Du Lei Si embarra.s.singly smiled: “During breakfast…… I ate too much……”

Being in front of the two things and not eating them is simply not giving Xiao Yin any face, so Du Lei Si could only stare at the food in a daze, after staring for a while, she suddenly realized something.

Strawberry Cake? Pineapple juice?

Strawberry, pineapple, strawberry, pineapple, strawberry, pineapple……

Oh my G.o.d! Simply too wicked.