Can I Not Marry Chapter 42


Chapter 42: The President’s … … love confession (⊙o⊙)~

This kind of thing such as dating, it’s not that Du Lei Si haven’t done it before, that year when her colleagues introduced her to her boyfriend Zheng Ming Ming, this person the biggest hobby was shopping in the supermarkets, and his greatest interest was tasting variety of free samples of new products. So Du Lei Si been on countless of supermarket free tasting dates with him.

At that time, Du Lei Si simply felt that since they were dating, of course, they should accommodate each other, so even if she felt free tasting was very shameful, she tried to maintain a clam mentality.

But today’s situation is completely different!

She’s dating the President, such vast aura is incomparable with Zheng Ming Ming, even merely holding hands as they strolled, Du Lei Si felt the feeling of tight tension in her heart.

Coupled with the President born with extraordinary outward appearance, simply strolling down the street would attract countless female and several gay men’s admiring eyes. So walking on such a road, Du Lei Si couldn’t help but sigh in her heart: Mom, where have my date gone ah, this is simply parading through the streets!

Du Lei Si’s mood was written all over her face, naturally this also couldn’t escape Lian Jun’s sharp eyes, he couldn’t help but wanting to tease her: “Du Du, could it be you’re very nervous?”

Well, President you know the truth!

Du Lei Si’s face turned red. “No… no….”

Her sentence was left unfinished as her waist was embraced and gently pulled into his arms. Lowering his head, his breathing was like an orchid: “It’s simply just a kiss, you don’t need to be so nervous.”

It was best if he didn’t mention that kiss, however once mentioning it, Du Lei Si’s face redden like a monkey’s bottom.

In the midst being very embarra.s.sed, he suddenly lowered his head, like a raging swift thunder brushing pa.s.s her ear lobes, and gently kissed her on the lips, “See, this kind of thing is very normal in foreign countries.”


President, the problem is we’re not in a foreign country! Can you please make a contribution to a harmonious society!

Although Du Lei Si’s brain is not efficient at making sharp turns, but she has a strong premonition if she doesn’t say something to change the subject it won’t be long until the President turn the streets into a 18+ rated drama scene.

“That…. were you and Fei Fei once proposed marriage partners?”

Lian Jun was slightly stunned, he could not help but laugh, this girl really knows change the subject, if he was to continue teasing her then he estimated she really would cry.

“En,” He nodded, and loosen his grip on her waist.

Hu…. in Du Lei Si’s heart she let out a long sigh of relief, and continued to ask: “Then why didn’t you continue to develop further?”

A wife asking her husband why he didn’t have thoughts of further develop feelings with another woman, this kind of question only Du Lei Si the monad would dare to ask.

Lian Jun was somewhat helpless and shrugged his shoulders: “There was no feelings.”

“Why ah? But Fei Fei is our school Medical Faculty’s beauty.” That year due to the school dormitory allocation problem, she had no choice to share a bedroom with the medical students. Therefore, she became acquaintances with the legendary Zhu Yao Fei. From Du Lei Si’s point of view, as long as Zhu Yao Fei convergence some of her strange temper, with a casual wave of her hands, a truckload of men would grovel beneath her feet.

Hearing her inquisition, Lian Jun lightly replied: “I don’t like a woman too intelligent.”

“Isn’t having an intelligent woman a good thing?” Du Lei Si murmured, she suddenly noticed something was amiss, she jerked his head and blurted out: “You saying I’m stupid?”

Her reaction is generally not slow, Lian Jun curved his lips into a smile: “You said it yourself.”


President, why must you make such insinuations!

In this world the most painful thing is hearing another person saying your stupid, Du Lei Si also imperceptibly nodding in agreement, at this point she could only use grief and indignation to describe her current mood.

However, Lian Jun slightly stared at her with profound eyes, his eyes seemingly hidden another meaning.

What is it? Du Lei Si couldn’t see through them.

Lian Jun gave a sigh: “Du Du, you are really stupid.”

It was the second time he has called her stupid, Du Lei Si was finally annoyed: “Where am I stupid? I’m…..” having said this, she suddenly realized that something and her mouth froze in place.

First of all the President mentioned he doesn’t like too intelligent women…. then he said she was stupid…. could it be he wanted to say: He…. he likes her? ….like.

These words like a washing machine flipping in her mind, Du Lei Si regain her senses.

The President has just made a love confession!!!

Du Lei Si swallowed her saliva, hoping she could get confirmation from Lian Jun’s eyes, but he did not speak, merely smiled.

This smile suddenly made Du Lei Si’s little heart palpitate. She really wanted to ask, but she was afraid he would deny it and she imagine that her love hasn’t been reciprocated. However if she didn’t ask, her heart-felt slightly panicked. Oh, this feeling is really too complex!

At this time, Lian Jun pulled her hand and continued to walked.

Du Lei Si slavishly followed, her current mood is completely different. She felt the heat from his hands, it was hotter than the summer weather, she could feel her palm continuously sweat and moist.

Even though her palm finally cooled down, however Du Lei Si have finally gone insane.

Lian Jun raised her hands to his lips and gently blowed until the sweat on her hands dried….

Sitting on the park bench, Du Lei Si was distrait.

She didn’t know how long she’s been suffering since the President profess his love for her and his extremely bare teasing actions, her fragile little heart finally overload and collapse.

“Here.” Lian Jun returned and gave her an ice cream.

Du Lei Si did not dare to look into his eyes, she only lowered her head and licked the ice cream. The coldness rushed to her brain, then the numbing feeling quickly rushed to the palm of her hand.

Heaven, earth, please just let her faint!


“It is delicious?” Lian Jun naturally sat down closely besides her.

Du Lei Si mechanically nodded, her eyes were lifeless: “En.”

“I want to try as well….”

“Oh….” Du Lei Si made a sound and suddenly felt something amiss, just when she wanted to refuse her lips has already been sealed, and this time it was full of pa.s.sion, not letting the slightest gap between them, he extended his palms into her thin clothing, touching her bare waist.

Obviously, someone haven’t eaten his full and now wanted to devour with interest.

Just one kiss, Lian Jun licked his lips, appearing fully satisfied and content he said: “En, very sweet.”

Staring at Du Lei Si again, her eyes were blurred, her pink lips was slightly swollen, her hair was a mess, she was not properly dressed.

That moment, Du Lei Si suddenly realized that she have entered the quail mode, the more she huddled, the more insatiable the President became, going on like this, she this quail is likely to be eaten R rated!

No, she had to revolt!

“You don’t….”

Her sentence was half spoken when the President’s killer eyes came, Du Lei Si swallowed the rest of her sentence down her throat and mockingly smiled: “There’s a drought ah.”

Lian Jun earnestly said: “Du Du, it’s currently summer.”

It can’t be dry during summer? Why else would there be so many accidental sparks of fire?


The Summer afternoon in the park, a lush verdant scene.

This city’s rainy season, this morning after rain still remained on the turf, droplets of water shimmer in the sunlight, from afar like hidden treasures in the gra.s.s.

Du Lei Si looked at the front piece of gra.s.s in a daze, she recalled the thrilling experiences from today, she couldn’t help but blush.

Sure enough, being with the President one still needs a strong heart ah!

At this time, all of a sudden a white pug leaped into her field of vision, its white ball of hair on the green lawn jumping up and down, very lovely and cute.

Du Lei Si’s eyes lit up, she reached out to greet the little dog.

“Be obedient, come, come, come…”

As if the dog understood her words, it twisted its a.s.s and happily ran over, walking in front of them it reached out its tongue to lick Du Lei Si’s fingers.

“Oh, so cute ah!” She couldn’t help but exclaim admiringly, completely forgotten the embarra.s.sed situation.

Lian Jun lifted his eyebrow at her and the puppy bundled together and asked: “You like it?”

“Of course,” Du Lei Si’s fixed her eyes on the little dog, “Don’t you think it’s like a little child? So cute and loveable…”

Little child? Lian Jun laugh, and slowly said: “Du Du, you can actually give birth to one….”

“Hey, it’s a dog though!” Du Lei Si angrily stared at him, when she suddenly felt that the atmosphere was somewhat unusual, could it be the President is actually hinting something…. In fact, they have one of their own…

Her just faded blush face suddenly redden up once again.

“Hateful!” She blushed and shyly said.

Lian Jun was so amused that he wanted to laugh, but at that moment, the corners of his lips froze.

“Du Du, let’s go,” His voice sounded amiss.

Du Lei Si asked, “Where are we going?”

“To the hospital,” He replied, with a pale face.

With a red face, Du Lei Si pulled on her clothes: “Hateful! I… I’m not even pregnant yet. Why we need to go to the hospital….. Hateful… hateful…. hateful….”

“Du Du.” Lian Jun reluctantly interrupted her thoughts, he forced out a smile: “We’re not going to the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, I need to go to the Department of Gastroenterology.”

By the looks of things, Lian Jun is suffering the after effects of Du Lei Si’s unintentional chilli abuse.