Can I Not Marry Chapter 40


Chapter 40: The Legend of Zhu Yao Fei and Xia Kun.

On, the weather was just right, there is a gentle breeze in the air, very fresh.

Only Du Lei Si who’s walking on this road with a gloomy expression.

A few days ago, she and her good friend Zhu Yao Fei arranged to eat at a new restaurant, originally this is a very common thing. However she never thought that the President would suddenly appear in the doorway dressed casually, half an hour before she was ready to leave. He insisted on accompanying her and she could tell from his att.i.tude she couldn’t reject his offer.

That moment, Du Lei Si was stupefied and shocked.


As a matter of fact, ever since they got married, she still haven’t introduced the President to anyone. Precisely it should be said she had no intentions of introducing the President to her friends. The reason is very simple, sooner or later their marriage would end in divorce, rather than let others worry about her after the divorce, she rather not let anyone have acknowledgement of her marriage to begin with.

But today’s circ.u.mstances are different from the past, according to the current situation, temporarily such things as divorce isn’t likely to happen to her, and speaking from her heart, she is also reluctant to leave the President. Although this man slightly overbearing, slightly parsimonious and intentions are a little bad, but being with him she felt complete rea.s.surance, even if the sky crumbles there’s someone brave enough to stand in front of her…

Wait stop thinking! Why is she thinking of his goods?

Du Lei Si regain her conscious and stared at the President quicken his footsteps ahead of her, she couldn’t help but become angry.

He must be planned long ago that he would be accompanying her? He intentionally waited for this to emerge so she would be taken by surprise, her prepared mind didn’t have the heart of Bodhisattva to introduced him to Zhu Yao Fei and Xia Kun. When the time comes how is she supposed to them that she is now a married woman? He clearly is deliberately trying to embarra.s.s her.

Odious! Extremely odious!

With such a thought, she couldn’t help but lower her head as she quickly walked away.

Suddenly, a hand was on her shoulders.

“Why are you walking so fast?” The certain person’s face was relaxed, completely inconsiderate towards her current depressed mood.

Du Lei Si lowered her head and did not speak.

“You wouldn’t be angry with me, right?”

“Of course——” Saying to this point she paused and suddenly noticed the President’s dangerous narrowed eyes, a faint smile hung on the corners of his lips

“Of course I couldn’t be more happy!” Du Lei Si said with a wry smile, in her heart she despise herself one hundred times. Forget it, she’ll just think of it as taking a dog out for a walk!

Wu… when has there been a dog holding onto their master’s shoulders?…

When they arrived at the restaurant, it was half past ten in the morning, according to Zhu Yao Fei’s message, she and Xia Kun booked a private room, they were already waiting inside.

Following the hostess to the private room, the door opened suddenly from the inside and a person came to greet Du Lei Si with an open arm bear hug.

“Condom, did you miss me?”

This charming voice, so outspoken character, needless to say, there’s no doubt this person is Xia Kun.

“Dead fox, you better stay farther away from me!” Du Lei Si was about to push him away, when a hand was one step ahead of her and captured Xia Kun’s arm, and ruthlessly stood in the middle of them.

Du Lei Si was surprised, Xia Kun was also surprised.

After he recovered his shocks, he seem to understand the situation and deliberately put a pair of distressed appearance: “This gentleman, you do not need to be so impulsive, I really did not have that kind of special interests….”

Lian Jun loosen his hands and said with a straight face: “Previously I did not, furthermore in the future there wouldn’t be any.”


On the side, Du Lei Si sprayed out her saliva.

At first glance, this sentence the President said seems like nothing, but a closer look, it was clearly informing Xia Kun, after their encountered he would never had any illusions about his h.o.m.os.e.xuality.

There’s only one word to explain this—— poisonous!

Xia Kun had an awkward expression, at this time Zhu Yao Fei who has been sitting inside the private room also came out, today she was wear a white vest black dress collocation, her body always looked great. Her curly dark hair was held up by sterling silver hairpins and on the bridge of her nose there was a pair of black frame which exude full of intellectuality. At first glance, one wouldn’t really a.s.sociate it with her Queen and stingy personality.

Just as Du Lei Si was ready to greet her, but Zhu Yao Fei stared at Lian Jun she was taken back: “Why is it you?”

“It’s you?” Lian Jun’s tone was also slightly surprised.

This scene caused Du Lei Si become ignore and slowly asked: “Do you know each other?”

“En.” Zhu Yao Fei nodded, and glanced at Lian Jun, after determining she knew this person, she generously said. “I’ve been on a blind date with him before.”

Du Lei Si had to admit that she suffered from a very hard mine explosion.

While they studied together, Zhu Yao Fei was famously known for going on blind dates, her blind dates range were staggering, once she thought of Zhu Yao Fei and the President going on a blind date, she really had this kind of….. indescribable joy feeling.

One was black belly, while the other was a Queen.

How did their matchmaking date end? She was very curious, filled with curiosity!

While Du Lei Si’s brain was constantly simulating the date scene of the two, the dish has served up as usual, all these dishes must be chosen by Zhao Yao Fei, although the price are not cheap, but the dishes are absolutely the best of the best!

The first dish was a plate of sizzling beef. The rich aroma pulled Du Lei Si back from her thoughts, seeing the hot beef sputtering on the silver foil, she couldn’t help but lick her chopsticks.

Who cares how they dated, the most important thing right now is to fill her stomach!

As she stretched out her chopsticks to get the most rich piece of beef, Lian Jun who was sitting on the side was one step ahead of her, s.n.a.t.c.hing the piece of beef away.

Wu…. Beef G.o.d!

Du Lei Si suddenly felt very angry, sadly glanced at the President, she was completely stunned. Because she saw him holding the piece of beef toward her, then placing it into her plate.

“Eat more, you’re too skinny.”


After a moment of silence, a villain in Du Lei Si’s heart began to roll out, awwww! She was so happy! She was filled with happiness!

“Wifey, I also got some for you to eat.” Xia Kun  said placing a piece of beef in Zhu Yao Fei’s plate.

“Who is your wife?” Zhu Yao Fei didn’t spare him any feelings, then rudely interrupted Du Lei Si and Beef G.o.d’s isologue, “Si Si, how come you’re with him?” This ‘him’ she’s referring to is naturally the President.

Moving her glaze away from Beef G.o.d, Du Lei Si didn’t know how to explain to Zhu Yao Fei how and why they are together, then she heard the President speak, he had no intention of hiding the facts: “We’ve been married for more than three months.”

Zhu Yao Fei was almost choked to death on the piece of beef in her mouth.

“No it can’t be true! When you told me you married into the wealthy and influential, it was the truth?”

Dammit it how could Zhu Yao Fei vulgarly say the words ‘married into the wealthy and influential’ so easily?? Du Lei Si was little bit embarra.s.sed, she weakly nodded and swept her glance at the President.

He had a smile, not one ounce of angry was detected on his face.

“Condom, aren’t you a rich woman now?” Xia Kun seized the opportunity to add this sentence.

The word ‘rich woman’ was even more vulgarize than ‘married into the wealthy and influential’! These two individuals couldn’t be more tactful while describing it? Du Lei Si secretly glanced over at the President, his expression remain the same.

According to Du Lei Si’s experience, if the President does not speak it does not mean he is not angry, perhaps in his mind now he is thinking about how deal with her.

No! In a moment she must put her flattery skills to use!

Speaking of flattery, her chance has arrived.

Just when Du Lei Si was worrying how she could flatter the President, a signature dish from the restaurant arrived——Pickled cabbage fish!

This pickled chinese fish dish is famous for its tenderness and deliciousness, coupled with its spicy flavors. Although she does not eat spicy so she doesn’t know how it tastes, since it is a signature dish, it shouldn’t taste too bad. Du Lei Si decided to use this to flatter him!

So she eagerly placed a piece of fish into the President’s bowl, while suggesting: “You should try this signature pickled cabbage fish dish, it tastes very good ah!”

Lian Jun stared at the piece of fish covered with chilli in his bowl and didn’t move.

It can’t be? The President seems really angry! Du Lei Si’s heart tensed up, she stared at him with yearning and hopeful eyes, in her mind she kept on pleading: Quickly eat! Quickly eat!

Facing such yearning eyes, Lian Jun stiffly picked up his chopsticks and clipped the piece of fish.

He picked it up and ate it, the joy left his eyes and was replaced by a frown.

Of course, a certain idiot did not pay attention to these details, she only thought that her flattery have finally succeeded today, thus she must double up her efforts and continue to flatter him!

Hence she placed a second piece of fish into the President’s bowl and continued to eagerly stare at him….

Just like this, Lian Jun who lived for nearly thirty years, for the first time ate pickled cabbage fish, spicy chicken wings, kung pao chicken and spicy crawfish.

Later, even Zhu Yao Fei could not help but exclaim: “Si Si, your husband really knows how to eat spicy food!”

“Of course, he is my husband!” Du Lei Si smile like a flower and picked up another piece of Sautéed Crab in Hot Spicy Sauce, “Here, try this!”

Lian Jun: “….”