Can I Not Marry Chapter 35


Chapter 35: This matter wouldn’t be related to that matter, right?

A summer afternoon, it had just rained, the fresh air in the pleasantly cool summer wind, originally this is a good weather to go out. Unfortunately, Du Lei Si was sitting at home drawing circles.

Why you may ask?

Because she’s bored!

With a plaster leg, staying at home all day, even if her foot is fine, the person who’s trapped at home is almost suffocated to death!

For this reason, Du Lei Si is very depressed.

A depressed person always wanted to find someone to talk to, but as luck would have it, unfortunately Aunty Wu has accompanied Liang Liang to cram school, while Old Yu has gone to the hospital to take care of the old Madame, even Xiao Fang who usually wash the cars have gone on a blind date, such a huge house… there was only her left, the emptiness made her somewhat depressed.

Du Lei Si took out her cell phone and started to go through her phone book.

Zhu Yao Fei? This morning she have already called her, if she calls again isn’t she seeking to be scold?! Not calling!

Jie Mo Shuang? She has been absent for so many days, although there’s the President to support her, but if people ask how should she answer their questions? Forget it.

Mom? No, she absolutely can not let her mom know about her fracture, she would be worried to death, she definitely can not call!

So she scrolled down her phone book and finally landed on a number—— the President.

Seeing these words, Du Lei Si’s mood became more depressed.

The situation is like this, ever since she rested at home due to her fracture, clearly she spends more time at home, however she felt that she has seen much less of the President.

Usually the President always return home from work around five or six o’clock, they would have a meal together, after dinner, sometimes he would look over a file or two while the two of them would watched TV together. Roughly around eleven o’clock they would get ready for bed, sleeping until seven o’clock the next day they’ll get up, they would eat breakfast together, and then he’ll go to work, their life was very regular.

She didn’t know why, but lately he seems to be extremely busy.

In the evening, he would return home around eight or nine o’clock. There were a few days when she has fallen asleep he still haven’t returned. In the morning when she woke up, the person besides was long gone, when she came downstairs, often there’s only her share of breakfast left on the dinning table. Also, the amount of time the two saw each other decreased, the topic they spoke of also decreased, often when they were together, the two of them hardly talked about anything.

Such days like these lasted for about a week, Du Lei Si’s obtuse heart finally developed a strange trace. Although its understandable that the President would be busy, but why does her heart always have the feeling of being ignored….?

When Du Lei Si regain her conscious, the cell phone within her hands displayed a familiar phone number on the screen, her fingers slightly trembled on the call b.u.t.ton, she hesitated whether she should press down or not.

Forget it! She should just call and ask…. Have you had lunch yet?

Once her head heated up, she pressed call.

The phone rang a few times before someone answered, Lian Jun’s m.u.f.fled voice came through: “h.e.l.lo?”

Hearing his voice, all the words Du Lei Si have carefully thought of was completely forgotten, she held onto the cell phone in a daze.

“What’s wrong? What’s the matter?” His voice was low without any feelings attached.


She hesitated to finish her sentence when he impatiently interrupted her: “If it’s nothing then I’m hanging up.” He paused before adding, “I’m currently in a meeting.”

“Ah! Terribly… terribly sorry to bother you.”After Du Lei Si said this, she hastily hung up the phone call.

After hanging up the phone call, she was distracted for a while, after a few seconds she was in a dreamy state.

Why did she naively called the President? Anyone was stupid enough to know he must be working around this time, there’s no doubt he’ll have a lot of things to… she rather baffling decided to disturb him, who would be a good mood? Du Lei Si ah Du Lei Si, you’ve been living for 20 years as a human, how can you so be gullible?

In her heart she laughed at herself, she embarra.s.sedly smiled, her heart-felt congested.

Du Lei Si shook her head, blaming the d.a.m.n bone fractures causing her to idle at home and start indulging in fantasies. As the old saying goes one making various fancies and conjectures will lead to baldness, it best if she finds a movie to watch instead!

Thinking about this, she began search through the DVD’s on the shelf.

Action movie? It’s too exciting, next one!

Horror movie? A person alone watching a horror film? It’s too sinful!

An artist romance movie? Too sour….

So, she went through the pile for half a days and finally she landed on a comedy movie, and her eyes brighten! Why don’t she watch a comedy to cure her boredom?

So filled with antic.i.p.ation, Du Lei Si put the disc into the DVD player.

The movie tells the story of an older man going on a blind date those younger than him, during his dates he encounters all kinds of circ.u.mstances such as h.o.m.os.e.xuality, unmarried mother, a share crazy sea flowers and even a cemeteries sales person. A group of weird people caused the male lead who originally had bald head to luminously shine brightly.

The cheerfulness lasted for half a day, another blind date appear, a woman whose husband recently pa.s.sed away, she was a good-looking lady, at first their conversation were quite sensible until a more mature topic was arised.

The female lead asked with a serious expression: “Do you think the foundation of love is based on s.e.x?”

The male lead touched his shiny head: “Not entirely, however if there isn’t any then it certainly cannot be called love, at most it’s called friendship.”

Watching to this point, Du Lei Si began to think, between her and the President’s relationship is it romance or friendship??

The problem is too deep, she didn’t want to understand it, the movie’s dialogue continued.

The female lead argued: “What if there isn’t any? Even if there isn’t…. one can still be together until old age ah!” She thought she was absolutely on point and added: “I mean it doesn’t mean s.e.x can not entirely exist, it just won’t occur too often!”

The male lead: “Then how long one must wait to be affectionate that it’s considered not as frequent?”

The female lead stretched out one finger.

The male lead was in a painful state: “Once a month?”

“Once a year!”

“…..” After a moment of silence, the male lead decisively said,” I disagree, I finally understand why your husband hardly returns home, even if you want to marry, you will not find out where I’m living!”

Finally an infinite melancholy music started playing, the female lead said sarcastically: “Unfortunately…. is that thing really that interesting?”

The male lead replied: “Yes….”

While listening to the infinite music, Du Lei Si suddenly realized something.

It’s been almost a month since they’ve XXOO, right?

Recently the President doesn’t seem to want to return home….

If you were to ask her where the President is right now, she really couldn’t give you an answer.

Surely it doesn’t mean that——

Du Lei Si swallowed her saliva and recall the several attempts the President tried to do ‘the thing’, and recall how she used several reasons to shirk away from doing ‘the thing’, when that ‘thing’ didn’t happen…. the President appeared very unhappy….

She’s finished! Could it be this matter wouldn’t be related to that matter?

With this idea, Du Lei Si began to feel uneasy.

In fact, she didn’t intentionally evade the President when he wanted to do ‘that thing’, who told her relatives to arrive unannounced? And now she is still disabled person ah, even disabled people do that thing? 555555…. she didn’t want to think about it any more…..

Du Lei Si worries were once again confirmed when the President returned home that night.

That evening, Lian Jun returned around eleven o’clock, when he came into the room it was already twelve o’clock.

Du Lei Si was lying in bed, she haven’t fallen asleep, when the door open her nerves became more tense, after the door opened, the lights lit momentary before it fell into darkness and the sound of water rushing was heard from the bathroom.

Once the water stop, Lian Jun walked out of the bathroom.

His movement is extremely minimal, apparently afraid of disturbing her sleep, Du Lei Si hesitated for a long time, finally she couldn’t help but to turn over her body, pretending she have just woken up, sleepy rubbing her she asked: “You’ve come back?”

“Hmm.” Lian Jun nodded, “Did I wake you up?

Du Lei Si felt slightly guilty and shook her head, but she didn’t know what to say.

After a moment of silence, Lian Jun turned off the lights and jumped into bed, he also not saying anything.

“That…. you’re very tired today?” Du Lei Si attempted to ask.

“Hmm.” A low hum sounded, after a while, a deep voice also sounded, “Today when you called I was in a meeting.”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to disturb you.”

“That’s all right.”

“I…I will not do it again….”


“…if you’re tired, why don’t I help you ma.s.sage?”

Just when she wanted to stretch out her paws, the quilt on her chest was pulled up, “You are injured, you should go to bed early…” After Lian Jun said this he turned to the side.

After that, there was no longer any noise.

A quiet night, in sharp contrast with a certain person’s naive and silly mind, the more she thought the more she became superfluous and confused… and the more she concluded this thing is really related to that matter!

This problem fully tortured Du Lei Si for two entire weeks. Two weeks later, her feet small fragile bones finally healed as a result of Aunty Wu’s daily pig bone soup, pig bone porridge and pig bone beef tendon stew!

Aunty Wu accompany her to the hospital to remove her plaster cast as the President was simply too busy, he only made a phone call telling her to be careful on the road.

Originally the President was supposed to accompanied her to remove the plaster cast, however when the time came for her to remove it, there was too many work related matters that required him to personally attend. Du Lei Si’s heart-felt unbearably suffocated, she wouldn’t release it and felt troubled.

The old doctor upon seeing Du Lei Si again, naturedly joked, she stretched out her pinky finger and gestured: “See how much more quickly you recovered? I said it was only a little tiny, tiny tiny fracture?”

After the joke, Du Lei Si was still frowning with a bitter melon face.

The old doctor seemingly could see through her and tried to say: “Child, could it be you and your husband haven’t been affectionate?”

Yi! Even the doctors could see it? Du Lei Si blink and didn’t speak.

The doctor is really indeed a doctor, besides having knowledge in treating bone fractures, she also knowledgeable with mental illness.

“In fact, it’s completely normal for couples occasionally quarrel, there’s a popular saying lovers’ quarrels are soon mended and besides when a husband and wife have minor conflicts it promotes them to deepen their feelings and understand of each other.” After she said this, she observed Du Lei Si, it seems Du Lei Si have not been moved by her words, so she immediately added, “Even shouting is considered a solution! Recalling that year when my husband and I quarrel ah….”

Then, the doctor began to talk about her own experiences, she talked for a long time yet Du Lei Si still didn’t seem to get the point, she was still frowning.

This time, the old doctor was not happy.

She wasted so much saliva, not even requesting any consultation fees, yet this girl here couldn’t cooperate with her and at least nod to express she agrees and understood.

Once the old doctor was angry, her tone wasn’t kind: “Quarrel! What’s so good about quarrelling? As long as it isn’t s.e.xual apathy, then divorce is avoidable!”

Once she said this, Du Lei Si’s facial expression collapse.

Doctor ah! It is s.e.xual apathy!

The old doctor’s words woke Du Lei Si up, upon returning home, she hurriedly went to the Internet to check. In Baidu, she search “s.e.xual apathy” and “divorce”, the two words alone seized up 131000 entries, 75 full-pages.

This frightened Du Lei Si!

To tell the truth, although she still holding onto the idea of divorcing one day, but as the days pa.s.s even she has become somewhat reluctant. The meals Aunty Wu cooked was so delicious, she didn’t know whether are leaving this marriage would she still be able to eat it? Old Yu’s smile was very kind, once they divorce she probably wouldn’t have the chance to see it again, right? And the President’s soft bed, after they divorce she definitely wouldn’t be able to sleep on it either….

Pondering about this issue, Du Lei Si suddenly found she has unconsciously been a.s.similated by the capitalist! She couldn’t help but feel sadness welling up, while her mind wandered.

That night, Lian Jun unexpectedly has no returned all the night, when he called housekeeper Yu answered. After Housekeeper Yu received the call, he informed Du Lei Si that the President is currently out-of-town and will return the following morning, however once he returns he will directly go the company so told them they also don’t have to wait for him to eat breakfast.

This sudden situation made Du Lei Si more certain of her ideas, it seems this time the President have harden his heart and wants a divorce!

After being tortured by that initial issue for nearly half a month, once again Du Lei Si was tortured by the divorce issue for the whole night so she didn’t sleep well, on the second day she had two pandas eyes coming down the stairs.

Aunty Wu was the first one to notice that something was a miss with Du Lei Si.

“Madame, your vitality doesn’t seem to be very good recently.”

“Hmm.” Du Lei Si was like a dead fish.

“Madame, would you like to go out for a walk?”

The dead fish silently shook her head.

“In fact, today’s weather is good, why don’t I accompany you to go shopping?”

The dead fish shook her head again with no life in her eyes, causing one’s heart to slightly ache upon seeing it.

Aunty Wu was troubled, recently what’s going on with Madame and her young master? Did they have an argument? It doesn’t appear so. Her young master obviously instructed her to stew pig bone soup for Madame to consume daily, the way she sees it, he is very caring towards Madame ah!

Aunty Wu pondered for a long time, suddenly she had a bright idea.

“Madame, the weather is so good, how don’t you go to young master’s company?”

The dead fish blinked a few times and actually came back half alive: “Go… go to his company?”

“Yes! You’ve been married to our young master for so long, yet you have not been to young master’s office, it is better to take advantage of the opportunity to experience and see for yourself?” Aunty Wu suggested.

The idea sounds very good, Du Lei Si was a little tempted, after a while she felt didn’t feel right: “I probably shouldn’t… he is very busy….” Last time, just a phone call the President don’t seem to be happy, this time if she hurriedly rush there unannounced, wouldn’t the President be even more unhappy?

“No matter how busy one is, one still have to eat, right? You’re only bringing lunch for our young master, he has not returned home for one day, the things outside certainly can not compare to the delicious and nutritious home meals, if you personally bring him lunch, he will be very happy!”

The half-dead fish was finally brought back to life.

Oh that’s right!

(* o *)

She’ll bring lunch!