Can I Not Marry Chapter 11


Chapter 11 – Golden turtle uncle

And so, on the third day after the wedding, Du Lei Si returned to her bridal home with the President.

In the President’s car, Du Lei Si felt uneasy, she thought for a very long time before turning to the President and asked: “Why don’t we take a bus?”

However, the President replied her with his eyes: The President never takes the bus.

Du Lei Si also suggested: “Otherwise…… we take the train back?”


The President was not happy: “Are you tired of sitting in my car?”

“No, no!” Du Lei Si shook her head like a rattle. To be fair, the President’s driving skills and his car is the best of the best. His driving was smooth and safe, she who often suffers from car motion sickness didn’t feel dizzy at all. And the dignified President personally driving, it’s a rare opportunity to come by.

But the problem is, such a luxurious car driving in a rural district will only gather people’s gossip!

Du Lei Si’s home is an old town house, there are plenty of aunties who gather downstairs to gossip all day, if they saw the President’s car, they will definitely ask her many questions. By then even the granny downstairs with her one month old grandson will also know that she married into the rich and powerful. Wouldn’t she be humiliated after the divorce?

Just the thought of this, Du Lei Si felt it was unsuitable to return home in the President’s car.

She rolled her eyes, her mind came up with a strategy: “I can’t travel in the car for long rides, I’ll get carsick!”

“Motion sickness?” Lian Jun frowned, “I never heard you mention this?”

“That’s because…… Because before the time wasn’t too long, so…… so it’s okay……” She felt guilty saying this statement, even though she knew it was a lie, but the President believed her!

“All right.” Lian Jun nodded.

Du Lei Si suddenly felt so excited, the President actually has some humanity!

“We’ll go by plane then.”


A certain person startled and stunned, from A city to J town, it takes less than two hours by train, if they were to travel by plane……

So, Du Lei Si took her first and most shortest flight of her life. They only just boarded the plane ten minutes ago, and now they were preparing for landing, it was too embarra.s.sing.

However, more embarra.s.sing things were yet to come, once the plane landed, a more swagger red sport compares the President’s white sports car was parked in front of them.

This time Du Lei Si recognized the brand—— Ferrari!

Sitting in the Ferrari to return to her home not only the area’s aunties, even Ma aunty’s dogs and cats surrounded them, staring at the car there were many discussions.

Ma aunty A: “Quick! Come look! I’ve seen this car on my TV before, it cost more than a million!”

Ma aunty B: “Not even! How I see it, it should be at least 10 million!”

Ma aunty C: “You guys are all wrong, this type of car is in the billions!”

Dog: “warf warf warf”

Cat: “meow——”

With countless onlookers envious eyes, Du Lei Si lowered her head and go out of the car.

Now she extremely regretted, why didn’t she wear a hat before? Right, and also a pair of! If there was a mask, it would be better……

With such thoughts, Du Lei Si couldn’t help but steal a glance at the President. She saw him casually get out of the car, using his hands to shut the door, and then he casually straighten the suit on his body, and calmly said to Du Lei Si who almost invisibly hangs her head: “Let’s go, which level is your home?”

Not a Ferrari but the car is red LOL

At that moment, Du Lei Si suddenly understood a truth: In the The President’s eyes, everything is vague and insubstantial.

When Du Lei Si walked upstairs with Lian Jun, they into Zhang aunty who lived a level above them, she was on her way downstairs while holding her granddaughter.

Upon seeing Du Lei Si, Zhang aunty rushed up: “Du Du, you finally came back!”

“What happened?” Du Lei Si asked.

“Your aunties, they have been waiting for you for one day!”

“My aunties came?” Du Lei Si suddenly had an ominous feeling.

“Not only is your aunties, also your uncles……”[1]

[1] This sentence was explaining all her aunties and uncles from both her mom and dad side have come.

Zhang aunty reported an entire list of things, which made Du Lei Si’s heart sink, so much that she wanted to retreat and escape: “We…… should go back……”

But Lian Jun stopped her: “We’re already here, you want to escape?”

“But……” Du Lei Si’s mind instantly flashed images of them being surrounded by her aunties and uncles, it was too scary!

However, Lian Jun didn’t wait for her speak, he has taken the first step up the stairs.

“Wait a minute!” Zhang aunty stopped them, and then placed her granddaughter before the President: “President, can you hold our Ni Ni?”

The President was speechless, the little girl had reached out her hands and milky said: “Tortoise uncle hug hug!”

Uncle tortoise? Du Lei Si felt uncomfortable and embarra.s.sed.

Zhang aunty busily smile and said: “Little kids are ignorant, don’t be offended……” And then she stared at her granddaughter, “What tortoise? It’s golden turtle!”[2]

[2] 金龟 (婿)  jīn guī: Rich husband; In ancient China’s Tang Dynasty, only certain high-ranking officials could carry the “golden turtle pouch” as a rank symbol, hence a “golden turtle husband” as the Chinese term literally translates, was used to refer to a husband with a very high social status. But today, it only means a rich husband.

The little girl was startled before she started to laugh and cheerfully extending her hands out: “Golden turtle uncle hug hug!”

Du Lei Si: “……”

Du Lei Si originally thought that the President will be angry, unexpectedly he only hesitated for a moment, before he actually reaching out to take Ni Ni off Zhang aunty’s hands.

Once the President carried her, the little girl was happy, she clapped and began to shout: “Golden turtle, golden turtle…… in the future Ni Ni also wants to fish for a golden turtle……”

Du Lei Si was really dumbfounded: Zhang aunty, young children has to be educated!

After an arduous journey, Du Lei Si finally made it upstairs with her “golden turtle.”

They didn’t even have the chance to ring the doorbell, when the door opened. Then, not surprisingly, a group of her aunties surrounded and trapped the President.

“President, I heard that this year the Lian Enterprise stock will be very good, is it really true ah? Can I buy it?” Third Aunty asked first.

Lian Jun nodded: “Yes, you be rest a.s.sured and buy them.”

“Great, very good, I need to buy a little more than!” Third Aunty was very contented and went off to call her husband.

Second Aunty didn’t idle either: “Lian President, I heard the Lian Enterprise just launched a cheap family insurance which is quite a good deal, is it true? I’m planning to buy one each for my family members!”

“Yes, you can directly contact our company’s manager, say that I recommended you.”

“Really? Thank you so much!” Second aunty was full of joy and went to buy her insurances.

“Grandson-in-law, your Lian Enterprise real estate just release new property, can there a slight discount in the prices ah?” Fourth great-uncle was who ready to buy a house for his son came up and asked.

“No problem, the price can be negotiated, I’ll let my a.s.sistant contact you directly.”

“That’s great!” Fourth great-uncle stroked his beard and joyfully delivered the great news to his son.

Once Fourth great-uncle left, third sister-in-law up: “Lian President, that insurance you just mentioned……”


So, according Du Lei Si’s rough statistics, that afternoon, the President has sold two houses, a dozen copies of insurance, some stocks, even her stingy Second uncle applied for an Lian Enterprise’s commercial bank credit card for his entire family!

On the side Du Lei Si’s eyes were full of admiration for the President’s business mind, he even can make so many business transactions using the back door, very good! Very strong!

But the thing that made Du Lei Si the most surprised was that she didn’t expect the Lian Enterprise to developed further in other fields, no wonder before downstairs Ni Ni wanted the “golden turtle” President to carry her. What kind of “golden turtle” is the President? He is simply the “Real South Africa Turtle”!