Can I Not Marry Chapter 0


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In the past when someone mentions getting married, Du Lei Si (Durex) will certainly feel fearful enough to flee.

What is so good about getting married? Organizing a wedding ceremony is akin to spending money like running water. After giving birth, you must also raise the child. If you don’t maintain yourself well, you will get out of shape. As a result, maybe a vixen will grab your husband and take away your baby.

Not getting married! Definitely not getting married!

However, fate is like this. Whatever you are afraid of, unfortunately it will give to you.

I was walking on the street, minding my own business. Yet, it is also possible to encounter a stranger proposing marriage. He placed a dazzling diamond ring right in front of me. This handsome guy kneels down with one leg and looked at me with such sincere expression, “Miss, would you please marry me?”

This, this is like which drama?

After pondering over it, this surely must be a stunt from whichever television station’s new program. Invite a celebrity to pretend to be a pa.s.ser-by to propose marriage. This year with the economic crisis, being a producer is not easy.

Thus, out of kindness, I accepted the diamond ring. Only to find out that all these are actually real! The diamond ring is really and truly genuine diamond from South Africa. Moreover, the groom is also a genuine rich man!

Actually, this is just like the legend of marrying into a rich and powerful family? I always feel in front there is the belly black President who is like a ruthless wolf watching me attentively, and if I am not careful, he will tear me apart and shallow me into his belly. Whereas behind there is the crowd who does not know the truth, standing in a circle and watching as the drama unfolds. I still have not explained clearly, but Mrs. President’s fame has already spread quickly from mouth to mouth.

This time, Du Lei Si really feels regret.

Who can tell me, can I not marry ah?

(Credit: this part is translated by Peanuts on bookshushengbar)